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Colorado is on Fire

Colorado is on Fire | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio







If you have not heard, it feels like a good half of Colorado is on fire. The picture below was taken in daylight, in Colorado Springs. The company I worked for prior to joining SOS Radio is headquartered there, and they have been told to evacuate.

Waldo Canyon Fire


In fact, tens of thousands of people (to put it lightly) have also been evacuated. Tonight, they'll search for a place to rest their heads. They'll wonder if they will ever see their home again. Their family. Their friends. (My wife's uncle and cousin are among the many who have been told to leave their homes behind.)

If you're anything like me, it's easy to become numb to this kind of stuff in the news. Happens to somebody else, somewhere else, all the time. This time it's different. For me at least, because I just moved out of Colorado not even two weeks ago. My Facebook feed is filled with friends crying out to God for rain, and to the world for prayer.

This is how dire things are in Colorado right now: Imagine starting a drive on the freeway (I-25) that goes north-south through Colorado Springs. While you're still an hour away, you'll smell the smoke and see the dark sky. As you continue north into town, it will feel light night time in the middle of the day. Keep going north towards Denver. With the Waldo Canyon/Colorado Springs fire behind you, at least two more significant fires await you to the northwest. You'll have to drive almost all the way to the Wyoming state line before you're done inhaling the ash-filed air. That's no less than three hours on the road with smoke and flames as your constant companion.

One of my friends put it like this: "It's like hell opened up and is swallowing us...Sadly, they say it will burn for at least a month. Even with nearly 1000 firefighters, it's at 5% containment, and no rain in sight."

Next time you speak with God, please pray for Colorado. For rain, for safety, for healing. And if you're willing, encourage your Facebook/Twitter/real life friends and family to pray as well. Share this page and these pictures too if you'd like.

Waldo Canyon Fire



Waldo Canyon Fire





If you feel led to help the victims, here are some links:


Care & Share:

American Red Cross:



Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this story & the photos. It is all so terrifying and almost unreal. But, unfortunately, it IS real. It's one of those things one cannot imagine, unless they've been through it. I shared this story/photos on my facebook and am encouraging my friends to read it and to pray. Please keep us posted as you can.
God's Blessings!


/I am wild land ff for

/I am wild land ff for Umatilla, OR if you have any idea how if a dept cn pay me to get there and activate me, PLEASE let e know or pass my name and email on. [email protected] Thank you.


They seemed a bit encouraged

They seemed a bit encouraged and stated 15% contained on some news I saw today. I'm so sorry for all and praying. It is a special area to me personally. My brother and other family are in Denver area, and friends in Aurora and other areas. I lived there as a child and was saved at a camp in the foothills across the highway from the AFAC there in 1971. One of my favorite places of all.


My prayers go out to all my

My prayers go out to all my family and friends in Colorado Springs. Here in NM we pray we at not following the same path.

Dear Lord, please send rain.

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