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I Believe God Can Heal Any Marriage...


One of my new favorite songs is Luminate: God Can Heal This Home. I really believe that He can! I’ve seen it in some crazy circumstances. One of the keys is to shift our view of what’s best for ME… to what can God do through US?

It’s that idea that maybe marriage isn’t just about making us happy, but more about making us holy.



Just wanted to drop you a

Just wanted to drop you a note to mention this song and story. If you haven’t seen and considered playing this song, you might want to. I can’t remember the last time I saw such an amazing testament of love and marriage whether the world realizes it or not.


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Sorry I do not believe this

Sorry I do not believe this at all. Because sometimes you have to accept things the way they are. You marry a person because you think you can live them. If you realize the true inner nature and if it is bad for you then it is better to break that relationship rather than holding on to it. It is good for both parties. It is my opinion. The below link really helped me a lot, check out yourself.
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