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I Honestly Believe in Child Sponsorship!

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I REALLY believe in child sponsorship through Compassion International. Kristine and I have sponsored two children. Brayan from El Salvador & Omar from Kenya. We write letters and they write back. Their teachers report their grades, their spiritual growth and progress in school. Here's the coolest thing- Compassion sent us a note that Brayan's family situation had improved so much that he & his siblings have graduated out of the program! His parents were able to start a bakery business and it's really taken off in El Salvador! I love seeing how our simple $38 a month gifts can bloom into something that can help break the cycle of poverty for an entire family!

I've been to Honduras, Mexico & Sri Lanka and I've personally visited dozens of child sponsorship projects & schools. I've been with friends who actually met the children they sponsor! There was so much hugging & crying! The whole family came out to meet us because they are so appreciative of all the the sponsors give! The children brought all the letters & pictures with them!

I'd encourage you to join us this week on SOS Radio and look at  these pictures and stories and choose one precious child to sponsor for only $38 per month! It can change the life of that child for eternity!


One Act 2013 from Compassion International on Vimeo.


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