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Sanctus Real Concert Canceled

Sanctus Real Concert Canceled  |  | SOS Radio







Press Release from Lighthouse Church in Twin Falls ID.

Dear friends,

it is with heavy hearts we must inform those of you in the Twin Falls area
that we will have to cancel the Concert with Sanctus Real Scheduled for
Saturday July 21st at Lighthouse Church in Twin Falls ID

There has been much prayer and consideration, and this decision was not
made lightly.

As a ministry, we have made Walking in Integrity our highest priority.
Because of this, we could not in good conscience wait for the band to
arrive Saturday to tell them that because we had only sold 175 tickets, we
would not have enough money to pay them.

This is particularly difficult for us because we have NEVER cancelled a
show, no matter how bleak the circumstances seemed, we have always trusted
God to provide.

While we still trust Him to provide, we have also made seeking HIS WILL the
priority in our decision making, although it wasn't the easiest choice, we
felt it was the right one.

But don't despair! :)

God willing, we will be doing many more concerts in the Southern Idaho area
and look forward to the wonderful things God has in store in the future.

One more thing that has us particularly impressed with Sanctus Real and
their Manager (probably one of the sweetest people we have dealt with in
this industry as of yet)...

They offered to ship out (overnight) enough CDs for us to give to each
person who purchased a ticket for the Twin Falls Concert.

Incredibly generous.


Ian & Jon


If you purchased you Tickets on, simply return there to
receive your refund.

For those of you who purchased tickets either at Lighthouse or at the
Sidewalk Prophets concert Monday, simply visit Lighthouse in Twin Falls.
They will be exchanging tickets for refunds there.

Please be honest though if you did not purchase the ticket for the full
amount (for example, group pricing or pre-sale discounts etc.)


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