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Charles Stanley & Scott Herrold talk about finding God's will and how repentance is actually something that helps us and brings benefit to our life.



Here Dr Stanley explains what Jesus meant when he said, "Don't judge or your will be judged." (It's only a minute long.)


If You're Not Founded On Something, You'll Believe Anything. | Scott Herrold Blog | SOS Radio

Living by conviction is centering our life on God’s Word. That’s the bar that God set for us. It's supposed to challenge us to live by a higher standard! If you listen to my show on a regular basis, I hope you hear the challenge that I've been throwing your way: Make God's Word your moral foundation if you want a break through.

The Bible might make us uncomfortable sometimes, but it was written to bring out the best in us!

I've been reading a lot about John The Baptist & the prophet Isaiah. They both spent a lot of time challenging people around them to repent and come back to a relationship with God. Repentance is a word that some people may falsely align with judgment, but it's really about freedom.

Democracy Isn't A Bible Translation |  | SOS Radio

Jesus said, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things will be given to you as well! Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

The Bible was written with a kingdom mindset behind it. As we interpret God's Word though our filter of democracy & capitalism, we naturally want more choices and personal liberty.  That's not how the Hebrews and early Christians interpreted God's Word.

As Chris followers, we're part of the "kingdom of God." Our American mindset has a hard time comprehending what absolute power looks like when it is completely just, pure and honest.  

Mandisa & Toby Mac were on Good Morning America this morning! You can click this link to watch the performance and hear Mandisa talk about her weight loss album. There are 4 different videos you can find halfway down this page.

How to be GOD'S kind of Man | Mike Couchman Trip Lee SOS Radio | SOS Radio

I'll be honest with you. When it comes to being a Godly man...a good husband...a role-model dad, I feel like I fall short. I feel like I am walking through a furniture filled room, blindfolded.

I was raised by a single mom. How she pulled that off without losing her mind I will never know. My father lived nearly 2,000 miles away. I saw him, very infrequently. Hence my insecurity about my own "manly" abilities. If "man cards" were real, mine would have been likely repossessed long ago.

All that to say: praise God for the men out there who are toughing it out. Doing what they can to be Godly influences. I'm grateful to watch you and to learn from you.

Here's some top notch advice for anybody you know who'd like to learn more about what being a Godly Man means:

My First Teacher Really Liked Cats. Really. | scott herrold | SOS Radio

Remember your very first teacher. I'm not sure what she taught me, but I remember she really liked cats. She REALLY liked them.


Click Here to contact Women's Resource Medical Center. 

Making Our Office A Better Place To Work

Last week I attended the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit simulcast over at Canyon Ridge. Craig Groeshel from shared about bridging the gap between the older & younger generation.

Silence Is Golden. Unless You Have A Toddler! | silence is golden | SOS Radio

Silence is golden, unless you have a toddler! Then silence is suspicious!

Share your story about that time you heard "silence" from your child, only to find….

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