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My former home state, Colorado, has been through a lot this summer. Too much.

Last night, a person with evil in him shot 71 people at a movie theater in the Denver area. You've probably heard all about it.

Few of us know what to say, other than that we are of course praying for everyone touched by last night's maddening act of violence.

This morning, I heard somebody say the shooter is "somebody 'the Church' didn't reach. Satan did instead."


Free Toby Mac song!

Free Toby Mac song! | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio

So a bunch of our listeners and SOS Radio DJ's got together to create this really awesome remix of the new Toby Mac song, "Me Without You."

Grab it here if ya want it!


For me Sharathon is a great way to invest in my kids! They are 2 & 3 years old and they already LOVE Christian music. They already know the words to these songs. I don’t have to be embarrassed about what kinds of content are coming on the radio with my kids in the car. I didn’t have a Christian radio station where I grew up. There’s so many kids that haven’t even been exposed to Christian music that speaks into their hearts and promotes Godly values. Different generations have given to put SOS Radio on the air and now it’s our turn to invest in it for this NEXT generation. Call and give 1-800-804-5452 with your Sharathon gift!

Talk About People On Your Radio Show. They Might Be Listening!

Scott Herrold was talking about crazy things we did that our parents never knew about.

Scott's mom was listening on The SOS iPhone app in Detroit & called! BUSTED! Share this! Hilarious!


Is Ice Age: Continental Drift Good For The Kids? | Movie Review | SOS Radio

We gave it a 4.5 out of 5 for family friendliness! (that's GOOD!)

Listen - Laughing With Christian Comedian Ken Davis! |  | SOS Radio

Christian Comedian Ken Davis makes ya laugh & cry on SOS. Take a listen!

Listen - Amy's MomSaver - FREE BOOKS On Your Smartphone! |  | SOS Radio

Gary & Amy discussed the FREE books you can find on your smartphone with the free Kindle Ap.

Keeping Up with a Kardashian |  | SOS Radio
This was on Kim Kardashian's Twitter page this morning:

"God, thank you for my life. I find comfort in knowing you are always here on my good days, and my bad days. You are my strength."

Yes, THE Kim Kardashian. Never doubt what God can do INSIDE somebody, despite what you may think of them from outside.
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