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There's a small movement amongst parents who want to avoid the Chicken Pox Vaccine for their kids to have someone mail them an infected lolipop for their kids to lick. This way, the kids get the natural antibodies and don't have to get the vaccine. Yeah, they come down with the chicken pox. But they avoid the percieved harmful effects of the vaccine, which they say hasn't been tested enough. The authorities say it's illegal to knowingly mail someone a live virus. Hear the rest here.

b heath picBrandon Heath talks about how his parents divorce changed his view of marriage, he shares about innocence and restoration and his passions. He also talks about Thanksgiving with his family and his worst date ever!

  This is deepo!        This is deep!

At Winter Jam I made some new friends..... Bob and Larry! I also scored some cool points with my kids and you can do the same by checking out the VeggieTales' Thanksgiving Sale!


The Victor Valley Rescue Mission's Director, Ron Wilson was on my show this week sharing the mission's heart for the needy in Victorville.

Click here for the mp3 interview.


Amy's MomSaver today share with you info on how to get CASH back for the Holidays!!!



Since this month is National Adoption Month, I wanted to showcase some SOS listeners that have experienced adoption first hand. I would like to introduce you to the Souza family. 


We would love to hear your thoughts on Christmas music. We'll be listening to new Christmas songs over the next few weeks. Do you want SOS Radio to play 100% Christmas music? 50% Christmas music? 30% Christmas music? 0% Christmas music? Share your comments below! 

Wedding photo

Sometimes I think we miss the real point of marriage. Tim Keller has a new book that addresses the "freedom" that actually comes with the covenant of marriage.

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