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What are you KNOWN for? | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio

I'm typing this not even knowing if I am going to hit "save" so that you'll read this. It's kinda touchy, and I like my job.

You may have heard that Dan Cathy, president of Chick Fil A (please PLEASE expand to Las Vegas!!) has been taking heat for his stance on gay marriage. (Here's the transcript.)

Why does it seem like 90% of the time an "outspoken Christian" is in the news, it's for something deemed "unpopular," or "out of touch" or racist/homophobic/etc.?

Best. Husband. EVER!

Best. Husband. EVER! | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio

I can. NOT. Stop. Laughing.

Nearly spit out my Captain Crunch when I saw this earlier today.

I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did!


It's Not About Us. Peace. | sos radio's scott herrold | SOS Radio

We all wish our circumstances turned out a little different. There’s always going to be times when we work our hardest. We put our blood sweat & tears into our work and the harvest falls short of what we hope for. We’re always going to feel inadequate cause there is no possible way we can have the skillet to be God! We are not God and we never will be.

Pastor Kevin Odor Challenges Leaders! |  | SOS Radio

Pastor Kevin Odor from Canyon Ridge Christian Church was on the show to talk about leadership!

We talked about administration vs leadership.

We talked about discovering the spiritual gifts that come with leadership.

We talked about falling short as a leader and bouncing back.


gavin sos radio

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Sanctus Real Concert Canceled  |  | SOS Radio







Press Release from Lighthouse Church in Twin Falls ID.

Mike Couchman SOS Radio

My former home state, Colorado, has been through a lot this summer. Too much.

Last night, a person with evil in him shot 71 people at a movie theater in the Denver area. You've probably heard all about it.

Few of us know what to say, other than that we are of course praying for everyone touched by last night's maddening act of violence.

This morning, I heard somebody say the shooter is "somebody 'the Church' didn't reach. Satan did instead."


Free Toby Mac song!

Free Toby Mac song! | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio

So a bunch of our listeners and SOS Radio DJ's got together to create this really awesome remix of the new Toby Mac song, "Me Without You."

Grab it here if ya want it!


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