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The Rock and Worship Roadshow is coming back to Las Vegas in February. Check out what Mercy Me, Jars Of Clay, Matt Maher, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Afters & Lecrae do during their downtime on the tour. 

kids pic in mine carHad a very thought provoking discussion on the morning show about how to correct when your kids bite others.

You may find this polarizing, but please listen all the way through! I think it may help you! It's a very interesting discussion about discipline. Feel free to leave a comment below or share on Facebook/Twitter.

My Dog is angry. He wrote me a letter. Listen above.


...or so he thinks.



Christian Netcast is asking you to vote for your favorite Christian radio station in the People's Choice Awards.


sun stands still picIn the book of Joshua, God made the sun stand still for an extra day to give the Israelites victory in battle. Here's stories from our listeners telling how God made the sun stand still against all odds to provide for them. This will encourage you!

Click here for the audio on mp3!


Veterans Day is coming up this Friday. SOS listener Rebecca sent me an email about this awesome organization. 


There's a small movement amongst parents who want to avoid the Chicken Pox Vaccine for their kids to have someone mail them an infected lolipop for their kids to lick. This way, the kids get the natural antibodies and don't have to get the vaccine. Yeah, they come down with the chicken pox. But they avoid the percieved harmful effects of the vaccine, which they say hasn't been tested enough. The authorities say it's illegal to knowingly mail someone a live virus. Hear the rest here.

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