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 annie meadows picAnnie Meadows was on the morning show today! She shared a powerful story regarding how she lived as a practicing witch and how God changed her life.  She also talks to parents  She 

She also shares what parents need to look for when they see darkness tempting their kids.

Annie Meadows has a huge Christmas concert this Saturday at The Loews Resort at Lake Las Vegas.

No Child Left Behind


Imagine hundreds of children in line waiting for Christmas gifts at a Compassion International school in Latin America. The teachers & pastors have been passing out gifts to everyone in line all morning - but when they get halfway through the line, they run out of gifts! They have to tell the remaining children who have been waiting, that they just don't have enough presents to give them one. 

We're hoping to meet the need of every child in line today!

Here are some links to help you. Or, if you want to help...follow these as well.


Amy's MomSaver!!!


Some help if you're traveling this Christmas!


You too could bring home a Christmas Tree like Charlie Brown did in "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Target, among other retailers, are selling a small 18 inch Christmas tree this year.  I'm thinking about picking one of these up for my daughter's room.

Click here to check it out.

(Photo source:  Jmrubino)

A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn't air on TV because CBS Executives thought the Bible reading would anger Americans! Check out this story!

If you read through Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 you’ll see pages of prophecy about who the coming Messiah would be. These books told exactly who Jesus was 700-750 years before he was ever born.


Amy saw a mother potentially endangering her baby at a store the other day.

Should she intervene? Listen to see what happened.


Occupy Wall Street is saying they're going to occupy Walmart on Black Friday.

What you need to know to stay safe & within your boundaries.

Listen Here:

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