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facebook picAm I the only one who’s getting more bored with Facebook every time they make a change to it?

There’s another big change coming - they are going to start putting ads in between your friends updates on Facebook. They are trying to make them look like status updates, but they are paid for. Call me with your thoughts! 702-732-9102 . . .

Will this ruin Facebook for you?


cell phone picRadio Shack is trying to beat the Black Friday sales so they are selling 25 different smart phones for FREE with a 2 year activation. They have some sweet 4G phones in this list for all carriers!

kids pic

According to Nielsen Research - the kids want an Ipad, Ipod touch, Iphone and a laptop this year.

Here's a list of the most wanted Christmas gifts for kids 6-12. 

I didn't get my first cell phone until I was in college! Times have changed huh?

I love William Shatner and fried turkeys. Check out these fires! This is crazy. Happy thanksgiving :)




Barna Research just released a 5 year study on why young people leave the church and here are 4 myths that have been proven false.

Myth 1. Most Americans lose their faith when they leave high school.
Myth 2. Twenty somethings are Biblically illiterate
Myth 3. College education pulls people away from their faith.

Myth 4. Young people will come back to church once they get settled and have families.


Copyright:  Nino Munoz / FOXIn my ideal world, every child would grow up in a safe and loving home, but we know this world isn't ideal. For the last 5 years my wife and I have been Foster Parents in Southern Nevada. In that time we have met children who've faced things that I couldn't have imagined in my worst nightmares. But, it is truly amazing how a safe place and love can free a child from their past.

My wife and I have been watching X-Factor since the show debut this past fall. One of our favorites from the beginning has been Rachel Crow. This little girl is a ball of sunshine, watching her on stage you just have to believe there is something special about her....... and there is.

teen crowd picToday we talked about how Middle School can be a defining point in our lives, but we often don't realize it at the time. (Social pecking order/fear/friends/peer pressure.)

We talked to some middle school students who honestly shared where they struggle. You may be surprised what they say! Listen to this! It might be a great conversation starter for your family. SHARE & LIKE on Facebook!


Someone was trashing talking Gary behind his back. No Joke here. Listen to how Gary felt above

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