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Veterans Day is coming up Friday November 11th and Applebee's want's to show their appreciation. On Veterans Day, Veterans and those currently serving will be able to eat a free meal at participating Applebee's restaurants. For all the details click here!






( Photo by Paul A. Valentine )


There’s a large contingency of people proposing that they add a 5th President’s face to Mount Rushmore along side Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, & Lincoln.

The face they want to add? Ronald Reagan.

They’re saying he was the most successful President of the 20th Century and the most beloved. Congress rejected the idea 12 years ago…but there’s new life being breathed into the idea.

double bypass burger pic

So my brother & I are foodies. We'll admit it. We love to check out new places to eat. We heard about this new restaurant on Fremont Street in Vegas called The Heart Attack Grill. Their Quadruple Bypass Burger is rumored to have over 5000 calories. Their fries are cooked in pure lard & the milkshakes have the world's highest butter fat content you can find! The waitresses are dressed like nurses and the cooks are dressed like doctors. 

Andy & I walked in and they suited us up in hospital gowns before they sat us.

This burger attacked me!It had a LOT of bacon on it.

Daddy's in charge...... Brownies for Breakfast!

FULL DISCLAIMER:  I typed this blog while drinking a cup of coffee.

A new study on coffee consumption has come to an interesting conclusion, the conclusion being that heavy coffee drinkers are less likely to go to church.

Now, I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking the same thing.  Obviously those behind this study didn't visit my church.

Amy's MomSaver

Amy's Momsaver today could save your kids' & YOUR lives. When was the last time you considered getting fire-escape ladders for your home?

Find more at Amy's Blog.

From Place to Place Being a Foster Parent has been quite the ride over the past 5 years.  Last night I had the opportunity to attend a screening of a documentary on the Foster Care System. This film is not, I repeat not family friendly ( language and other items not suitable for those under 18 ) but it is real.

This film gives a first person look at what it would be like to age out of the foster care system. Can you imagine not having any family? Not having a place to call home? Turning 18 and being told you have two weeks to find your own place? This is a reality for some of the over 30,000 kids that age out every year. 

Add a Caption pic

Add A Caption below! The funniest answers win a Brad Stine Comedy DVD!


The Bible says "A Merry Heart Is Like Medicine."

The Doctor Is In The House.

This is a re-post of an interview Amy & I did a few months back. I needed a laugh today. So here he is again...

Christian Comic...Michael Jr!!! Click here to get to his website!

Listen to the funny interview by clicking on the orange arrow below.

One of the features of the new SOS Radio website that is quickly becoming one of the most "clicked on" is the Prayer Request center.  From requests pertaining to ones health and finances to prayer for forgiveness from a spouse, the requests that have been submitted thus far have been so raw and real.

One prayer request that came in this morning and ironically, an article from the blog "Start Marriage Right" that was featured in my Google Reader touched on this issue.  I'm curious how you would respond to this person:

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