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When your kids ask to see Paranormal Activity 3, Johnny English Reborn or The Might Macs you will have an answer if you listen to this podcast mp3! We talk with Bob from every Friday at 6:35am and 8:35am pacific.

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Smith's Food & Drug announced a recall of certain bagged salads today.

The grocery store is recalling Fresh Selection Bagged Salads because of Salmonella.

Full story is here

Sometimes cleaning your ceiling fans is REALLY messy. Here's a quick, easy way to use a pillow case to clean them and keep everything from getting dusty. Find more time & energy saving tips at


Clean Your Fan Easy

When you're sick, there's nothing better than a big bowl of soup.

When Sarah and I lived in Chicago, we used to frequent this restaurant called the Soup Box.  In fact, it's one of the restaurants that I miss the most.  Everyday, you could count on them to have ten to twenty different kettles going of some amazing homemade soups.  Best of all, they would let you mix and match.  The Signature Lobster Bisque went great with the Signature Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice.  Yum!  On a cold winter day, there was no place that I would rather be than at a window seat at The Soup Box looking out onto the busy downtown street!

If you've have trouble finding work this year, HELP of Southern Nevada is a free resource you can connect with! They help you write 7 revise resumes to showcase your potential. They also help with cover letters, interviewing/networking skills and they show you better ways & places to find jobs online. If you feel like your resume isn't cutting through, contact


Recently on my show we were talking about this book - 168 Hours. I was shocked by these statistics from page 18...

"Full time working Moms spend only 11 minutes per day playing or doing hobbies with their kids (25 minutes if the kids are 6 or younger.) But Moms who work part-time ONLY bump that up to 21 minutes a day. Mom's who opt out of the workforce entirely barely top half an hour a day! BUT... Americans in general spend between 18-23 hours per week watching TV."

Here's one of the BEST pumpkin recipes I have found yet! Leave it to Paula Deen to invent it :) 

In September my oldest child was 6, fast forward a month and now our oldest foster child is now 15. That's right, 6 to teenager in just a couple days. After the shock passed, I started seeking advice on parenting a teen. Your responses from Facebook, Twitter and Email have been helpful and humorous:

1. Pray harder!? Don't always assume they are up to something bad.- Shannon

We raised five teenage daughters! PRAY HARDER!!!- Larry

Listen! Keep open communication. Don't be quick to react to what they say. Literally bite your lip if you need to!- Debbie




I don't know about you, but I love true Romance. This story is one like that.

An Iowa couple married 72 years died one hour apart in the hospital while holding hands.

They tied the knot in 1939.

"Staying together for 72 years is good, I'd say that's exceptional," said one of their kids.

They said their dad was the life of the party, while mom kept everything together.

They hardly left each other's side for 72 years.

"Last Wednesday they left home to go into town. Somehow there was an accident," said one of their children.


Did ya see the news story about the person who went to Canada and forgot to turn off their roaming?


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