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Certain flowers say "I Love You." Others say "I hate you." Find out which ones by listening above. Or click Here.

No doubt, the biggest complaint that I have received during my reign of the 1p-4p PT time on SOS Radio is that I don't do enough to help serve those who are single.  To be fair, there's some truth to that.  I'm a married dude!  But I'll try harder.  I promise.

This post is for you, single listener, you!

The single Christian Score Card.  Jon Acuff is hilarious and I hope his writing brings you a good chuckle this Valentine's Day!

I don't know what it is about free coffee, but it always tastes better than it's pricier counterpart.  From Godiva chocolates, coffee from Dunkin, and pastries from Panera, to tea from Gevalia, and appetizers from TGI Fridays, this list has a ton of cool free stuff that I imagine you'll want to sign-up for right away.

Check out the list from RealSimple by clicking here

Tenth Ave North Talks About Struggles & Performance | scott herrolds blog page 2012 | SOS Radio

Jason from Tenth Avenue North checked in to share about how his band wrestles with leading worship vs performing and entertaining.

Pretty interesting perspective that you don't hear from Christian musicians about the behind the scene struggle. Click here for the mp3! Feel free to share this on Facebook/Twitter/Google+

Herrold pics


Took some family pics down in the Nelson, Nevada mining town. Probably the coolest place for pictures that I have ever been too. just a suggestion for your family if you want something unique!










They have a really cool mine tour in Nelson where they take you down into one of the deepest gold mines in North America. You can find more info here.


There ARE ways to keep the cost of eating healthy down.


See them all HERE.

A Call to the Broken

A Call to the Broken | Sun | SOS Radio

1.)  The steadfast love of the lord never ceases

2.)  His mercies never come to an end
3.)  They are new every morning
4.)  Great is thy faithfulness
5.)  The Lord is my portion
Lam. 21:24 RSV
Having A Church Super Bowl Party?...... Rules To Follow So You Don't Get Sacked.  |  | SOS Radio

The biggest game of the year.... The Super Bowl. Millions of people around the world will gather to watch. The NFL, sometimes called the No Fun League, has strict rules for Super Bowl viewing parties at church. 

Bacon Explosion Recipe for the Big Game |  | SOS Radio

My favorite big game snack. The Bacon Explosion. 

Bacon, cheese and more bacon!

Check out this recipe! It's like bacon sushi!

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