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On the morning show recently we talked about Operation Hope for Prisoners. It's an organization in Las Vegas that helps former inmates get back into the working world. They teach job skills, interviewing, they do counseling and job placement too! The program is all about restoring the dignity of former inmates, respecting their gifts and talents and empowering them to rebuild their lives.


Matthew West PicMatthew West talks about teaching his kids about living generously by getting them involved in Operation Christmas Child.

He also talks about a crazy trek through Panama to deliver these shoe boxes to children.

Click here and listen to the interview. Feel free to share it on Facebook & Twitter!


Mat Kearney providing a little in-flight entertainment!

Silver city picOur radio station in Silver City, New Mexico has been having some tech problems over the last week.

New equipment is being ordered this week and we should be back on the air in the next 2 weeks! So please keep checking back for SOS Radio!


So, this truck hauling 25 million bees overturned in southern Utah and authorities are trying to capture the swarming insects.

It happened on Interstate 15 near St. George Sunday evening.

The drivers are in the hospital.

The whoe story is here.

Matthew west imageLast year, Matthew West invited fans to send in their personal stories to inspire his new CD. He took those stories and wrote songs about their lives.

More than 10,000 stories of hope, perseverance, struggle and redemption came in! After he wrote the songs for the CD -The Story of Your Life, he shared the other stories with his friend Angela Thomas.

Together they wrote a book about many of the other stories. Matthew is also releasing a companion DVD in time for Christmas too. It's all about HOPE!


You can check out the book here.

plugged in movie review logo

When your kids ask to see Paranormal Activity 3, Johnny English Reborn or The Might Macs you will have an answer if you listen to this podcast mp3! We talk with Bob from every Friday at 6:35am and 8:35am pacific.

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Smith's Food & Drug announced a recall of certain bagged salads today.

The grocery store is recalling Fresh Selection Bagged Salads because of Salmonella.

Full story is here

Sometimes cleaning your ceiling fans is REALLY messy. Here's a quick, easy way to use a pillow case to clean them and keep everything from getting dusty. Find more time & energy saving tips at


Clean Your Fan Easy

When you're sick, there's nothing better than a big bowl of soup.

When Sarah and I lived in Chicago, we used to frequent this restaurant called the Soup Box.  In fact, it's one of the restaurants that I miss the most.  Everyday, you could count on them to have ten to twenty different kettles going of some amazing homemade soups.  Best of all, they would let you mix and match.  The Signature Lobster Bisque went great with the Signature Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice.  Yum!  On a cold winter day, there was no place that I would rather be than at a window seat at The Soup Box looking out onto the busy downtown street!

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