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SOS Radio is an Oasis. 
That's how God has used it in my life. Our family moved to Vegas a few years ago from a place where our marriage had gone through some rough times. We were on the mend. But SOS Radio Network has been a place to bring that healing to a fuller realization. The staff & management here are motivated by love. It shows when you listen to the station. Everything is done in love. Every decision made is made in great prayer. 
And that's why it's so hard for us to leave SOS Radio. SOS is unique. I've never worked ANY place like it. I've worked some great places. But SOS has a flavor of Grace all it's own.

Family life put this article up recently. I thought it was a great idea starter for us guys. Kinda cool. 

Read Here



Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammy's the other night. Read more here. 



So there's a Velveeta shortage. But never fear! You can make your own. Check out the story here. 



Did you see the cell phone video of Plumb falling off stage in concert this past weekend? It's ok. Someone caught her. But WOW. Scary. Here's the video


Here's what she said on TWITTER:

We had a conversation about imaginary friends on the show yesterday. And Mike Tyson called in!



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