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The Hunger Games - Plugged In Movie Review |  | SOS Radio

Scott, from the morning show talked to Bob from Plugged In about "Hunger Games."

Get the review HERE.





Gary & Amy Talked about how to get your taxes done for free this year! Click Here To Find Out


Gary & Amy Talked about online safety with the kids. Listen below. Or go to Thoughts Of That Mom.

Can I bring food to the Rock N' Worship Road Show? Can I record?

These & other questions answered HERE.

Heavy Metals In Your Makeup? |  | SOS Radio

Last week, a study came out saying that over 90 of lipsticks have dangerous levels of lead. Now, a related study reveals that an alarming percentage of makeup has unhealthily levels of heavy metals.



Read the full story HERE.

Check this out.  A new study shows that high levels of lead have been found in many leading brands of lipstick.




Read the story here.

Certain flowers say "I Love You." Others say "I hate you." Find out which ones by listening above. Or click Here.

There ARE ways to keep the cost of eating healthy down.


See them all HERE.

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