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Someone was trashing talking Gary behind his back. No Joke here. Listen to how Gary felt above


It's Turkey Season...not in the your grocery store.


Amy's Blog here.


My Dog is angry. He wrote me a letter. Listen above.


...or so he thinks.



There's a small movement amongst parents who want to avoid the Chicken Pox Vaccine for their kids to have someone mail them an infected lolipop for their kids to lick. This way, the kids get the natural antibodies and don't have to get the vaccine. Yeah, they come down with the chicken pox. But they avoid the percieved harmful effects of the vaccine, which they say hasn't been tested enough. The authorities say it's illegal to knowingly mail someone a live virus. Hear the rest here.


Amy's MomSaver today share with you info on how to get CASH back for the Holidays!!!



This is not a joke. An Amish CULT is actually terrorizing Amish communities.



You've gotta hear this.



Amy's got the MomSaver to save you time & money. But I wanted my own segment. So here's Gary's Dadsaver.

Got some great uses for Duct Tape. Although, Amy may disagree.

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