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Amy & I talked about this cool new service called Spotify. It's free. And Amy listened to the whole new Casting Crown's cd "Come To The Well for free on Spotify.

You can even sync it up with your Facebook.

Check it out


There’s a large contingency of people proposing that they add a 5th President’s face to Mount Rushmore along side Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, & Lincoln.

The face they want to add? Ronald Reagan.

They’re saying he was the most successful President of the 20th Century and the most beloved. Congress rejected the idea 12 years ago…but there’s new life being breathed into the idea.

Amy's MomSaver

Amy's Momsaver today could save your kids' & YOUR lives. When was the last time you considered getting fire-escape ladders for your home?

Find more at Amy's Blog.


The Bible says "A Merry Heart Is Like Medicine."

The Doctor Is In The House.

This is a re-post of an interview Amy & I did a few months back. I needed a laugh today. So here he is again...

Christian Comic...Michael Jr!!! Click here to get to his website!

Listen to the funny interview by clicking on the orange arrow below.


So, this truck hauling 25 million bees overturned in southern Utah and authorities are trying to capture the swarming insects.

It happened on Interstate 15 near St. George Sunday evening.

The drivers are in the hospital.

The whoe story is here.



Smith's Food & Drug announced a recall of certain bagged salads today.

The grocery store is recalling Fresh Selection Bagged Salads because of Salmonella.

Full story is here

Sometimes cleaning your ceiling fans is REALLY messy. Here's a quick, easy way to use a pillow case to clean them and keep everything from getting dusty. Find more time & energy saving tips at


Clean Your Fan Easy



I don't know about you, but I love true Romance. This story is one like that.

An Iowa couple married 72 years died one hour apart in the hospital while holding hands.

They tied the knot in 1939.

"Staying together for 72 years is good, I'd say that's exceptional," said one of their kids.

They said their dad was the life of the party, while mom kept everything together.

They hardly left each other's side for 72 years.

"Last Wednesday they left home to go into town. Somehow there was an accident," said one of their children.


Did ya see the news story about the person who went to Canada and forgot to turn off their roaming?


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