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There's this new product from Rustoleum called "Never wet" that repells all liquids from anything. YOu can even spray your clothes with it and you'll never have stains again!

Check it out HERE. 


A major pet food company announced a recall.

Natura Pet Products issued a pet food recall after the FDA found salmonella in one of their products.


Gary & Amy gave the secret to never having your lemonade or iced tea be watered down!


SOS Radio

Amy & I talked about fire ladders today on the Momsaver.

Tears Of Joy - Returning Soldiers Surprise Family's.  | Tears | SOS Radio









If you need a good cry, Go to "Welcome Home Blog." It's a whole blog dedicated to soldiers returning home from war surprising their families. 

Don't go to the site without a tissue. I lost my man card on this site. 

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