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Today, Gary talked about the "National No Call List." Call 888-382-1222 to get on it and eliminate some of those telemarkeerts!

Afraid To Try Something New? Check This Out. Encouragement To Try |  | SOS Radio

I heard this quote today and it really encouraged me. I've been struggling with the courage to do something I know God's been wanting me to do. Check this out:

By janice harris.

"Defeated is the man sitting down afraid to get up and take a step; it's better to stay sitting down and defeated than try to get up and walk. The winner is the man jumping up to run even though he will trip and fall. He keeps getting up to run. One day he will cross that finish line and stand in victory at the end. The winner is the man not afraid to try and try and try."

~Janice Harris

Amy & I talked about an easy way to form a fire evacuation plan for your family at Home Fire Drill Dot Org. 

Learning safety can be fun!


If you have your spouse on fb and you have acknowledged your marriage relationship with them on fb, guess what?? FB has created a new joint profile for you & your spouse! See yours at FACEBOOK.COM/US

SOS Radio's Amy Thompson knows the guy in charge of casting for "American Bible Challenge."

If you're a Bible Head and want to be on the show. Here's how to apply!

E-mail  for info on the show. Or go to And all the best to you!



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