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We mentioned today when Switchfoot was in studio that awhile back they were doing an after show in the parking lot of a concert venue. And the COPS showed up and forecfully removed him!


See the video here.


Amy discussed a great site called Retail Me Not. On this site, you can get coupon codes for LOADS of different places! Check it out!


Today, a baby Giraffe was born at a zoo in Florida. Here are some pics. 


Mini-Wheats Recall


Kellogg’s is recalling nearly three million boxes of its Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size cereal and its Unfrosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size cereal because of fears they may contain metal fragments.

On Wednesday the company announced there was an issue with a manufacturing part and it’s possible, but unlikely, that fragments of metal mesh may be inside the cereal.

Larry The Cucumber On SOS Radio! - Listen Here |  | SOS Radio


Larry Sat down with Gary and talked about what it's like to have no hands, and whether or not Veggies eat their Veggies.


Larry The Cucumber, Veggie Tales

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