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Mat Kearney providing a little in-flight entertainment!

In September my oldest child was 6, fast forward a month and now our oldest foster child is now 15. That's right, 6 to teenager in just a couple days. After the shock passed, I started seeking advice on parenting a teen. Your responses from Facebook, Twitter and Email have been helpful and humorous:

1. Pray harder!? Don't always assume they are up to something bad.- Shannon

We raised five teenage daughters! PRAY HARDER!!!- Larry

Listen! Keep open communication. Don't be quick to react to what they say. Literally bite your lip if you need to!- Debbie


A Wedding Proposal

Judge not; the thoughts of his mind And of his heart you can not see; What to your eyes looks like a stain, In God's pure light may only be A scar, brought from some battle... where we would only faint and give up.

The Baby Name Debate

My wife and I are at odds.... So I'm bringing the debate to the people!! Which name do you like for our daughter when we adopt her.

1. Audrey Grace Smith or
2. Audrey Hope Smith?

Email or comment below!

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