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My former home state, Colorado, has been through a lot this summer. Too much.

Last night, a person with evil in him shot 71 people at a movie theater in the Denver area. You've probably heard all about it.

Few of us know what to say, other than that we are of course praying for everyone touched by last night's maddening act of violence.

This morning, I heard somebody say the shooter is "somebody 'the Church' didn't reach. Satan did instead."


Free Toby Mac song!

Free Toby Mac song! | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio

So a bunch of our listeners and SOS Radio DJ's got together to create this really awesome remix of the new Toby Mac song, "Me Without You."

Grab it here if ya want it!


Keeping Up with a Kardashian |  | SOS Radio
This was on Kim Kardashian's Twitter page this morning:

"God, thank you for my life. I find comfort in knowing you are always here on my good days, and my bad days. You are my strength."

Yes, THE Kim Kardashian. Never doubt what God can do INSIDE somebody, despite what you may think of them from outside.

Colorado is on Fire

Colorado is on Fire | Mike Couchman SOS Radio | SOS Radio







If you have not heard, it feels like a good half of Colorado is on fire. The picture below was taken in daylight, in Colorado Springs. The company I worked for prior to joining SOS Radio is headquartered there, and they have been told to evacuate.

Waldo Canyon Fire


In fact, tens of thousands of people (to put it lightly) have also been evacuated. Tonight, they'll search for a place to rest their heads. They'll wonder if they will ever see their home again. Their family. Their friends. (My wife's uncle and cousin are among the many who have been told to leave their homes behind.)

Doing stuff with Dad

Doing stuff with Dad | Mike Couchman on SOS Radio | SOS Radio







I'm not really into "Hallmark Holidays" like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or National Karaoke Week. OR, Father's Day. My family has been told repeated not to get me anything this year. Unless it's a hammock. But we don't have a yard big enough for one, so to my wife Jennifer: I am not dropping a hint. Not this time, anyhow.


How to talk 2 God

How to talk 2 God | Mike Couchman on SOS Radio | SOS Radio







I have been living the "glamorous life" these past few weeks since rejoining the SOS Radio team. (Backstory: I joined SOS in 2008, but tried another job out in 2010. Now I am back. :)


I have been flying from Colorado to SOS every Sunday night, then flying back home on Fridays to spend weekends with my wife and kids in Colorado. Once we landed a new home close to SOS, the Jet Fueled Commutes would cease.


Stop Procrastinating! (Eventually?)







So who among us does NOT procrastinate?




I am a chief offender, unless procrastinating will cost me an opportunity to eat unhealthy, free food. In those cases, I am whatever the opposite of a procrastinator is.


Because you can likely relate, here's some help:


7 strategies to stop procrastinating by David Murray


Sanctus Real's Bus Fire SOS Radio














A few nights ago, the tour bus our friends in the band Sanctus Real have lived in for the past three years caught on fire, and was burned to a crisp.


Amazingly, all the Sanctus guys AND their families AND the driver got out, uninjured.


Chris from Sanctus Real was on my show today with the story of what exactly happened on that hot night on the Pennsylvania turnpike.


My First Day Back At SOS! | Mike's SOS Radio Page | SOS Radio

Almost exactly two years ago, like down to the day, my family moved from SOS Radio to a group of stations based in Colorado. It was the "career opportunity of a lifetime." We never expected to leave Vegas/SOS Radio after not even being here two years, but this other thing was the kind of job that was hard to turn down.


And they treated me great. Had a lot of fun there. Watched God do some amazing things through some amazing people.


Passion: White Flag video | Love This Song - Passion White Flag | SOS Radio

I had a chance to be part of this back in January. Wow.


Chris Tomlin - White Flag (Official Music Video) Passion 2012 from chris-tomlin on GodTube.

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