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Currently reading: The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons. Very thought provoking book on the new generation of Christians that's already impacting our country.

Also loved Stronger by Brian "Head"Welch. He was the former guitarist in the band Korn. It's a like a devotional based on transformation from the rock & roll lifestyle.

Chasing Culture Vs. Leading Culture | Scott Herrold Check out his blog | SOS Radio

Are we chasing culture or are we setting culture? Here's a profound article on why we need to get in front of it! Click here for a real challenge.


Christian Radio Impacts My Own Kids... | Scott Herrold News sports rants and theology | SOS Radio

My wife sent me a video of our 2 year old Naomi sitting in her booster chair eating cut up waffles. She was grooving and singing along with Mandisa's latest song, "Stronger" on the radio in the background.

It's so cool to see how Christian music is already getting into Naomi's head! We take Christian radio for granted sometimes! I wish we had Christian radio when I grew up in Michigan!

That's why it's so important to financially support SOS Radio each month!

Switchfoot - What Making a Living Really Means | Interview pic | SOS Radio







Jon Foreman from Switchfoot talks about where he fit in high school & some wisdom regarding what making a living should really be about. This should challenge you!




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Is This Water Safe??

We're at Kalapua Sri (Boy's home) in Sri Lanka


As I just put my son to bed the other night, I prayed "Lord please cast our any rebellion that might be inside Gavin…" and he immediately puked all over me! How crazy is that!

On the show today I shared an article from Relevant Magazine about Why Cohabitation Doesn't Work. It's pretty profound. Click here for the story. Here's the discussion from our morning show.


Brenda Warner is a mother of seven, a registered nurse, a Marine and wife of NFL MVP Kurt Warner. She was a single mom before she met Kurt. Click her for her tough life story! It will encourage you.


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