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I love William Shatner and fried turkeys. Check out these fires! This is crazy. Happy thanksgiving :)




Barna Research just released a 5 year study on why young people leave the church and here are 4 myths that have been proven false.

Myth 1. Most Americans lose their faith when they leave high school.
Myth 2. Twenty somethings are Biblically illiterate
Myth 3. College education pulls people away from their faith.

Myth 4. Young people will come back to church once they get settled and have families.


teen crowd picToday we talked about how Middle School can be a defining point in our lives, but we often don't realize it at the time. (Social pecking order/fear/friends/peer pressure.)

We talked to some middle school students who honestly shared where they struggle. You may be surprised what they say! Listen to this! It might be a great conversation starter for your family. SHARE & LIKE on Facebook!


business men picI had a friend share a story about how one wrong view of "a real man" changed his world view as a child. We had a great discussion of what a "real man" really is on the morning show. Check this out and share your comments below!


kids pic in mine carHad a very thought provoking discussion on the morning show about how to correct when your kids bite others.

You may find this polarizing, but please listen all the way through! I think it may help you! It's a very interesting discussion about discipline. Feel free to leave a comment below or share on Facebook/Twitter.


Christian Netcast is asking you to vote for your favorite Christian radio station in the People's Choice Awards.


sun stands still picIn the book of Joshua, God made the sun stand still for an extra day to give the Israelites victory in battle. Here's stories from our listeners telling how God made the sun stand still against all odds to provide for them. This will encourage you!

Click here for the audio on mp3!


b heath picBrandon Heath talks about how his parents divorce changed his view of marriage, he shares about innocence and restoration and his passions. He also talks about Thanksgiving with his family and his worst date ever!

  This is deepo!        This is deep!


The Victor Valley Rescue Mission's Director, Ron Wilson was on my show this week sharing the mission's heart for the needy in Victorville.

Click here for the mp3 interview.

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