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Is This Water Safe??

We're at Kalapua Sri (Boy's home) in Sri Lanka


As I just put my son to bed the other night, I prayed "Lord please cast our any rebellion that might be inside Gavin…" and he immediately puked all over me! How crazy is that!

On the show today I shared an article from Relevant Magazine about Why Cohabitation Doesn't Work. It's pretty profound. Click here for the story. Here's the discussion from our morning show.


Brenda Warner is a mother of seven, a registered nurse, a Marine and wife of NFL MVP Kurt Warner. She was a single mom before she met Kurt. Click her for her tough life story! It will encourage you.


This morning we were talking about pulling the plug on cable/satellite TV and saving some cash since the shows are mostly re-runs in the summer.

We had tons of calls about Mr Antenna and how you can get free HD TV service on 40 channels in Vegas. He said the HD is actually better on an antenna because the satellite & cable companies compress it. (Blue Ray quality on an HD TV) Here's the info!

The guys from Rush of Fools talk about all the tornadoes in Alabama where they live and planting a church there with David Nasser.

Click here for the story from our morning show interview!


New Movie Reviews! Super 8 & Judy Moody |  | SOS Radio

Bob From talks about the new movies: Super 8 & Judy Moody And The Not So Bummer Summer! We talk to him every Friday morning at 6:35 & 8:35 Pacific Time/7:35 & 9:35 Mountain Time.

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