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b heath picBrandon Heath talks about how his parents divorce changed his view of marriage, he shares about innocence and restoration and his passions. He also talks about Thanksgiving with his family and his worst date ever!

  This is deepo!        This is deep!


The Victor Valley Rescue Mission's Director, Ron Wilson was on my show this week sharing the mission's heart for the needy in Victorville.

Click here for the mp3 interview.


We would love to hear your thoughts on Christmas music. We'll be listening to new Christmas songs over the next few weeks. Do you want SOS Radio to play 100% Christmas music? 50% Christmas music? 30% Christmas music? 0% Christmas music? Share your comments below! 

Wedding photo

Sometimes I think we miss the real point of marriage. Tim Keller has a new book that addresses the "freedom" that actually comes with the covenant of marriage.

double bypass burger pic

So my brother & I are foodies. We'll admit it. We love to check out new places to eat. We heard about this new restaurant on Fremont Street in Vegas called The Heart Attack Grill. Their Quadruple Bypass Burger is rumored to have over 5000 calories. Their fries are cooked in pure lard & the milkshakes have the world's highest butter fat content you can find! The waitresses are dressed like nurses and the cooks are dressed like doctors. 

Andy & I walked in and they suited us up in hospital gowns before they sat us.

This burger attacked me!It had a LOT of bacon on it.

Add a Caption pic

Add A Caption below! The funniest answers win a Brad Stine Comedy DVD!

Inmate picture

On the morning show recently we talked about Operation Hope for Prisoners. It's an organization in Las Vegas that helps former inmates get back into the working world. They teach job skills, interviewing, they do counseling and job placement too! The program is all about restoring the dignity of former inmates, respecting their gifts and talents and empowering them to rebuild their lives.


Matthew West PicMatthew West talks about teaching his kids about living generously by getting them involved in Operation Christmas Child.

He also talks about a crazy trek through Panama to deliver these shoe boxes to children.

Click here and listen to the interview. Feel free to share it on Facebook & Twitter!


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