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  • 1st Annual Toy Drive Car and Bike Show "Touching The Heart Of Jesus" Mat 25:35   11 weeks 22 hours ago

    Can me and my sons help out?

  • Father/Son Pizza and Paintball   11 weeks 22 hours ago

    How much? what's the address?

  • Papas backs hurts   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Thank you God bless

  • Papas backs hurts   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Thank a lot
    God blees you

  • prayers needed for my friend   11 weeks 2 days ago

    I need healing from my pain as I struggle to continue to work.. Thank you Jesus for EVERYTHING..

  • Patricia Jean Conrad RIP   11 weeks 2 days ago

    I miss her so much

  • prayers needed for my friend   11 weeks 4 days ago

    I will pray every single day for your friend every day.

  • What Does ISIS Really Want?   11 weeks 4 days ago

    He stated that ISLAM is the religion of Muslims but most Muslims would reject it. I would love to ask the question why are you a Muslim? Would you not want a believe system that you could grab a hold of?

  • Prayers for strength and hope   12 weeks 7 hours ago

    I just want to pray for you that you and your family will Be blanketed in peace that God lift you from this dark place.I pray God's mercy over you, Pray God's peace over you, His wisdom, blessing and favor for your family. I pray that God will lift you up and bless you to know your worth and your value. I pray that as you walk through the valley of the shadow that those around you and the Spirit of God will help build you up by seeing the blessings in this storm. my heart breaks for you and our Father will carry you. Please trust Him even when you don't know how to see Him. Father, please enrich my sibling. In Jesus' name.

  • Mercy   13 weeks 1 day ago

    Beauty is truly GOD living and loving through us. Never be ashamed of what's on the outside as you said it's the outer shell. Derma Blend covers scars and men also use it people who stare must be insecure SO PLEASE KNOW GOD LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE. AMEN.

  • marriage failing and heading toward divorce   13 weeks 4 days ago

    I have this same problem. My husband and I were the perfect couple at first. We clicked right away and the chemistry was just crazy. But reality kicked in real soon and we started arguing a lot. Until now get into heavy arguments, where none of us is really listening and always out talk each other, until one day my husband left me it was like a dream, i beg and apologize for everything, he refuse for 1 year and 3 month, until i meet a man call doctor ebolo online who is a great spell caster he cast a spell for me and told me that my husband will come back in 48 hours to beg me to come home, to my greatest surprise my husband come after 2 days of the spell and told me he is sorry, am so happy that i meet doctor ebolo, if you need his help contact him on or

  • Thoughts on Christmas Music?   13 weeks 6 days ago

    Please start playing 100% Christmas music now. Please play a wide variety of both favorites and new songs. SOS tends to play the same songs over and over and over and over. It would be nice to have a wide variety for Christmas!

  • Kingdom Entrepreneur   15 weeks 18 hours ago

    I found it too helpful to hire a reputable company formation service while registering my business, as it helped completing the entire formalities quickly.


    I have just recently discovered SOS radio- modern Christain music. I just love listening to it. It is really quite uplifting and elating. Thanks so much for your continued work and loyalty to God.

  • cast the demon out of my husband   15 weeks 3 days ago

    I want to offer a bit of advice to anyone looking to find help on saving their marriage/relationship. Me and my husband had a torrid time for a whole decade; all our family & friends constantly advising us to get a divorce but we knew it would break our 3 children’s heart. We tried so many different things to save our marriage and from trial & error we came across a very helpful tool online that has worked extremely well for us: contact email

  • Prayers   15 weeks 3 days ago

    I'd like to ask for prayer as I have a inoperable brain tumor in the back of my neck I also have two torn rotator cuff osteoarthritis and the shoulders and and I had home health and they're recommending an electronic wheelchair as my legs continue to give out I would appreciate any prayers that I can get I talk to the Lord Jesus every day thank you so very much

  • First Baptist Church of Burley - HarvestFest   15 weeks 6 days ago

    The address for this event is 2262 Hiland Avenue in Burley, Idaho. There will also be balloons, spray tattoos & face painting! The link to correct the post was not working. Thanks!

  • Growing our Family   17 weeks 4 days ago

    With God all things are possible. Nothing is too hard for Him. The same God that divided the red sea, who walked on water, who rose Jesus from the dead, can surely make it possible for you to conceive. I will believe with you for this to happen. There is always hope in Jesus! Be encouraged!

  • Harvest festival and free concert   17 weeks 5 days ago

    Hello to our brother’s & sister’s in the valley, just a note to let you know Calvary Chapel Spring Valley will no longer be having a harvest festival

    This year we are selling all are carnival game at a bone suggested price.
    Yet we will take any offer since we what to free up our storage.

    All sale will be final, & it will be first come, first serve. All games are in good condition, & you won’t be disappointed, but blessed.

    There will be a Special discount for anyone who will take all items.

    This should be a blessing to those who need these games for their outreaches.

    In His Name

    My cell number is 714 925 6682 Church number 702 362 9000

  • Police Officers   18 weeks 3 days ago

    This is to ALL the officers:


    Ephesians 6:11 (KJV) Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    Don't allow "fear" to take over. When I intern with Metro couple of years ago, I had the privileged to work with many officers in different area commands. I came in prepared and ready. If there was going to be a shoot-out, I would be the first one to go after the suspect. These officers have "shield" for their protection, use it. Don't be afraid with anyone.

    Just remember ... Romans 8:31 (KJV) What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?


    God Bless!

  • Miracle in her life   18 weeks 4 days ago

    I requestING prayer for my son and his lady friend. They are on drugs homeless directionless. I need for the Lord to break those chains. So they will find salvation first as ND for most then health and become part of the family agaim.
    Then pray for me and the many family members that continue to pray for them.
    May or Lord bless an keep you all. Saints.

  • Beyond the Mask Movie   18 weeks 5 days ago

    Really nice stuff that you have shared with us. I have watched it, really entertaining movie. Actually movies are the best source of entertainment or to get rid from stress. I also used letmewatchthis ( especially at weekend for entertainment. Movies has lots of advantages like horror. Fear is a powerful emotion has an extremely high impact on the human psyche. The epithet "fearless" is often attributed to many as the literary and the real heroes. But more often this term substitute the word "brave". Feel fear - well, this is nothing shameful emotions. The main thing - do not let fear take possession of them, to control myself and not let your emotions dictate behavior. All this applies not only to fear, but to other emotions.

  • Sharing Jesus with Lego (it's all about the angle).   18 weeks 6 days ago

    What a great article. Thank you!

  • Wanting to give up   19 weeks 5 days ago

    My situation was similar to yours for many years. I began to do all as if I was doing it for Jesus-from the menial to the serious- and purpose filled my life. I could give glory to God by washing the dishes or seeing Him in every face to whom I spoke. You may be discouraged but you will not despair- for you know that Jesus loves you and you can share that love in all the things, big or small, that you do.

  • 7 year old Daisy   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Daisy I am going to pray for you lets all hope a miracle happens I am sorry you have to suffer this but may god be with you. Remember you are a survivor with god. God is always with you.

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