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  • My poor nose :(   2 years 33 weeks ago

    Thanks...but it wasn't a sinus infection. But I blew out my sinus with the neti pot. Best to just pray than to nudge ;). They just turn off your immune system.

  • My poor nose :(   2 years 34 weeks ago

    Dear Emily,

    I will definitely pray for you, as I know how miserable sinus infections are. However, I also have a practical solution for you; it has been a downright miracle for me. I don't know if you have ever used a neti pot, but if you haven't, run, don't walk to the store & buy one!

    I used to have sinus infections at least a couple of times a year. I am allergic to the desert & I was on allergy shots for 10 years. They did nothing to prevent the sinus infections, though. I also used to get sick every 2-3 months.

    I saw the neti pot on a t.v. show, bought it, & have used it every day since. This was about 2 1/2 years ago, & after about 6 months, I noticed I wasn't getting sick as much. I have not been sick since! Maybe 1 day once a year or every 6 months I'll feel a little "blah," but THAT'S IT.

    I use the neti pot that looks like a little genie pot, or little teapot. (Don't use the squeeze bottle one; I don't think it's as easy to control as the genie-pot one. Also, my dad used a squeeze bottle one, & squeezed the solution so hard up his nose that he gave himself a sinus infection!) I don't know if I can say a store name here, but if I can, go to Walgreens, because I haven't seen the genie pot ones at Walmart. They have the starter kit with the neti pot & some saline packets. After you have your pot, then you just buy a box of 100 packets. You take a pre-mixed saline packet & stir it into the pot with really warm water. The directions in the box tell you how to use it, but you are pouring the water in 1 nostril & it comes out the other side. I PROMISE you it does NOT hurt - I know it sounds weird, but I promise you it doesn't hurt or feel weird at all. As long as you follow the directions, you won't actually feel a thing. I know you wonder how that could be, but I promise you, it just is! :)

    So it's just a sinus/nasal wash, but it turned my life around. My doctor assured me it can be used every night, since it's just a saline wash, & I do, as part of my regular nighttime ritual. Since you obviously have sinus problems, you will want to do the same thing. The 1st time you use it, it will help relieve your symptoms immediately, but you want to keep using it every night like I do, so that over a little bit of time, you don't have any more sinus issues.

    And you will probably receive the same bonus that I did; in that I haven't been sick in 2 years! I believe that is simply because I am washing out any viruses or germs every night, so they are not able to take hold & fester in my nose, making me sick. Every day that goes by that I don't get sick when everyone around me has the flu or is just coughing or sneezing away just amazes me, but I just keep smiling & counting the days. 2 years, & counting. I know it will be a lifesaver for you, too! :)

    Take care, Emily & God bless you! Dawn :)

  • Feels like I'm falling apart all over again...   2 years 34 weeks ago

    I want to encourage you in your time of low spirits. I am a psychologist and would like to encourage you to keep around other people and stay social. People need people. The other thing I would suggest is seeing a counselor to talk about what you are going through. What you are going through is too big for your mind to handle on your own. Our minds aren't meant to be able to handle experiences of that magnitude. We see evidence of this when our minds start having a hard time. It is unrealistic to expect yourself to be able to handle all of the emotions you are experiencing by yourself. If you find yourself having suicidal thoughts or feelings call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911.

    Above all.... keep your prayer life active. God is faithful. He does care about you and your mental health. You are so precious to him. Hang in there, sister. You are loved.

  • IT gonna take a Miracle   2 years 34 weeks ago

    I pray for you and your husband. I pray that you find peace with him and that you are able to work things out. I would recommend checking out I subscribe to their emails and they have alot of practical, easy to digest information for marriages in all stages and statuses. Best of luck to you. You are in my prayers.

  • Conceving Problems   2 years 34 weeks ago

    I pray for a miraculous baby to bless your lives, just like God did for Sarah and Abraham. (and she was around 90 when she conceived!!) Be encouraged. God knows what he's doing. He has your family in the palm of his hand.

  • My family   2 years 35 weeks ago

    LOrd Jesus we ask in your name to heal this family. Lord let her Mom and Sister feel the love for her and want to have a relationship. Amen

  • Feels like I'm falling apart all over again...   2 years 35 weeks ago


    I LORD is ALWAYS with us, even when we don't realize it.

  • Prayers Please   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Thank you, Anonymous! Your wonderful testimonal is very inspiring. We take pride in our work here at DWK Tax Group wishes others the same positive outcome. Every case file is truly unique. For future reference our contact information is as follows; Call 1 - 8 6 6 - 2 2 6 - 6 1 0 2 or click on for an in dept tax analysis of your scenario. We'll get it done right the first time around...Be well and may the Lord be with You !

  • Prayer for Fransisco Gonzalez   2 years 35 weeks ago

    In Jesus name Francisco you are healed. My His Stripes you were healed and you are healed in His name! You are whole as Jesus is whole. He had no sickness in his body and neither do you. Sickness has no power over you. You are healthy whole and are healed! It is Finished! In Jesus Name! Amen!

  • Unloved   2 years 36 weeks ago

    P.R.A.Y.I.N.G! God is a relentless God, constantly pursuing his children. If you are constantly feeling unloved, unwanted, and in an all around chaos, read Hosea in the bible. It talks about how while his country turned there back on theme, he still goes after them and pursues them. Also by my senior pastor Jud Wilhite's book Pursued. It goes over Hosea in a way our society will understand how much God truly does love us.

  • A parent's prayer   2 years 36 weeks ago

    Praying for you! But the thing is he still is her father. If you can talk to her about treating him as an equal to you and not idolizing him. She is only doing this because of the empty feeling (I'm guessing) of not having a father. Talk to her about finding the appropriate way to poke at this, or even go to a counselor at your church.

  • I'm not that strong   2 years 36 weeks ago

    I'm praying that you find your footing again. This season that your in is tantalizingly painful, correct? My family and I (for I'm only 15) go through money problems also. But the best way to stay on the road of God is to attend church and make a budget. Find a way to budget groceries (store brand/ generic), clothes (goodwill/fallas), and offering at church. Please come to Central Christian Church as we will be going over how God's love is UNSTOPPABLE. This service will be on Easter and I hope you can attend.

  • Kicks for Christ   2 years 36 weeks ago

    Is this event still available and where is it located?

  • The DEEP side of the Donkey And Jesus (This might Rock you)   2 years 36 weeks ago

    Thnx for publishing these details on your site.


    This is a great place to meet other women with the same focus you have as well as a wonderful lesson plan created spiritually from God to Shirley Costantino. She puts great effort in her lessons making sure she is spreading His word as well as fellowshipping others.

    Please join us you will not be disappointed.


    Love these women's prayer breakfasts. Shirley Costantino puts so much effort in providing such interesting topics and hosting this event it is a shame not to attend. Because of my first time event I now have friends in North Las Vegas as well a a church to attend.

    This is a wonderful chance to be with other spiritual women and share with them God's plans for us all. Please come and join.

  • Blended Family Conference   2 years 38 weeks ago

    I wish I had know about this specific blended family conference, as I am dealing with very difficult situations that involve my two step daughters and facing teenage difficulty challenges at this specific time today I went to seek counseling referral from urgent care in my city of residence, they prescribed me antidepressants because my esteem is hurt at the point of hard depression but I know the Lord has sought me through and keeping me although the situation is not fully embraced In a loving caring manner for everyone's benefit, I been worried sick that our marriage has been deeply hurt, scared and relationship with my step daughters teenagers is never going to be fully restored into a mOre loving relation. Please requesting prayer, and more emails on upcoming events

  • My prayer requests   2 years 38 weeks ago

    Prayer has been prayed, Ryan! Surround yourself with awesome Christian people! That is what has helped me grow.

  • The Bible Mini Series on TV from Mark Burnett   2 years 38 weeks ago

    My son (18) and I saw the first installment Sunday. Very well done indeed. I've never been one for Biblical period movies, whether bible based or not, but decided to check this one out since it was on the History Channel (which we watch a lot). Will definitely watch the rest of the series.

  • Listen To Switchfoot Live In Studio On SOS!   2 years 38 weeks ago

    Visit and click on "Careers" for job openings.

  • Listen To Switchfoot Live In Studio On SOS!   2 years 38 weeks ago

    I am looking for a job, I could no longer do what I was doing, I was a preschool teacher. But I had been very sick for months, and I could not get well or be around my granddaughters. If you are hiring or know of a job please let me know. I have a background of many things and I am in college to get my Associates Degree in Psychology. I want to help others and help them see that we are not alone and our father is always there for us. He has helped me find myself again and love myself again. So if you know of any job please let me know. thank you all for all of the wonderful things you do for us this station is the only one I will listen to. It makes me know I am not alone.

  • Give us strength   2 years 39 weeks ago


    God uses both light and dark times to teach us lessons - to evoke a path that may have not been available to you before - trust your heart. God loves you - forever and for always.

    In HIs Love,


  • family is in bad place!   2 years 39 weeks ago

    Lord, Please help tina and her husband through these rough times. They need you desperately God, so please give them comfort and strength through everything. And I pray that you work in the heart of her daughter to become a better parent and to live like Jesus. Dear Lord, please bless the grandchildren on Tina. I pray that they know that you love them and you will always be there for them.

    Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

  • Heather Sean   2 years 39 weeks ago

    I pray that the size of the cancer decreases and goes into remission. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  • Give us strength   2 years 39 weeks ago

    Lord I ask that You work in this couples relationship. I pray Lord that they both are able to step back and recognize the needs of the other. I pray Lord that You do what's best for them and strength to endure Your will for them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.