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  • Hallelujah Party Festival   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I've sent an email asking for the info

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   3 years 4 weeks ago

    Where is it located there's no address for the hallelujah party

  • Hallelujah Party Festival   3 years 4 weeks ago

    sounds great! Would help if we could see WHERE its at!

  • Prayer Request for Healing   3 years 4 weeks ago

    You are both in my prayers. God bless and keep you both.

  • Lost my job   3 years 4 weeks ago

    God will provide,just remember Philippians 4:19,He will meet all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus,that is His promise to any believer,to meet your needs,not make you rich.Also,think about each day and see if you have provision for that day,He will take care of you,it seems scary,but He will come through for you!

  • Praise - Staff of SOS Radio   3 years 4 weeks ago

    Please pray that I can go to calif. with my family. My feelings of guilt of living my mother
    Alone. She is 86yrs old. But spry as a young chicken. My husband has to gone home to be
    With Jesus, 9yrs ago. I live in a town where there isn't a lot going on. I have the chance to
    Make a difference in my grandchild end lives. Thank you for your consistent love
    For the hurting.

  • Baby Giraffe Pics Here! CUTE.   3 years 4 weeks ago


  • A Praise and Worship Event   3 years 4 weeks ago

    Great, I will definitely be in attendance. Thanks for posting SOS! We need more of this in Las Vegas.

  • Knowing How To Pray for Our Husbands   3 years 4 weeks ago

    CC made a comment this week about going into stores and seeing Halloween and Christmas. Working in this business, We do receive Christmas early and our stockrooms are full so NO choice but to put out on floor. That doesn't mean YOU have to shop now for Christmas! My wife and I enjoy very much listening to SOS and as time gets closer to Jesus return its easy to compromise our standards as a Follower of Jesus! So i guess what im saying is we dont need to hear about little things that have no bearing on our walk with Jesus! Sounds to much like the worldly talk shows! Like Keith Green titled one of his albums "No Compromise"

  • Praise - Staff of SOS Radio   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I would like to PRAISE GOD with Susan for all of you at SOS Radio. You are uplifting when the world is dragging us down. God is using SOS in a very powerful way and I am so blessed and proud to be part of the SOS Christian family. Thank you again!

  • Ashamed   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I'll intercede for you in prayer. But you need to repent of your depression. Jesus gave himself up for more than what you think you are living for. Stand up! Look to Christ and what he did and stop looking at your own folly. The more you will look at Him in faith, the more you will look like Him in life.
    Jesus is the bread of life, praying to God should always fill us up spiritually. If your not satisfied in prayer, might I suggest that you should seek out a deeper forgiveness and mercy from God rather than asking of God to make a situation to go a certain way in life. God controls everything that happens in our life so that we will be driven more and more on our knees to Him.
    Remember when the Israelites were trapped by the Red sea and Pharaoh, and there was no way out? God put them there so that He could show them His Love and mercy. As children of God, we all must come to this place in our walk with Christ. It is here we realize that unless God dose something, there will be no hope. But God has promised! Call out to Him and confess your weakness and utter inability to do anything. But settle this in your mind, You can't, He can. Ask and you shall receive.

    Luke 11:13"So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him."

  • Please help me stop drinking   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I will pray for you and if ever I feel tempted to do something that I shouldn't be then I try and read the bible or listen to SOS radio. A song I love listening to is, "You Love Never Fails" by Newsboys. Stay strong!

  • Dave From Sidewalk Prophets Interview   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi everyone at SOS radio. I was wondering where the movie reviews can be seen. I'm curious about a movie I want to see and don't know if its been reviewed or not. Ive looked all over the site. Anyways, God Bless you all, I enjoy listening Thanks. Nina

  • Please help me stop drinking   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I am a recovering alcoholic,and know how crooked that path is,BUT I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior;and now (9 months since not even a drop) All because of the love that Christ has for us!!!!!!!!! Remember this" wine is a mocker,and strong drink is a fool" God bless you and I know how you feel and I know you will have the obsession for that drink removed! Ask and you will receive!!!!!!!!

  • My job   3 years 5 weeks ago

    We your brothers and sisters stand by you in trusting God to lead you through this hard time of not knowing about your job.

    Thank goodness for His everlasting arms are that beneath you.

    In His love

  • idolatry   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Your prayer request shows your desire to love to serve and honor our Lord Jesus in all area's of your life.

    Something I'm teaching myself to cling to is a story about Lindberg when he was flying and heard the scratching of mice in the back of his plane that were eating at cables of the planes controls. Not being able to leave the cockpit he headed his plane to a higher altitude knowing that the lack oxygen to the mice would kill them.

    If I take my heart & mind (airplane) and look up and begin to praise & worship the one who released us from ALL chains that long to bind us, the enemy in the high altitude of praise & worship, the will flee.

    I pray with you that you can & will gain victory as you step by step see Him as your true prize.

    In His love!

  • Exam Please Pray 10/17/12   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Hello Sandra,

    I've just read your prayer request and I hope that this finds that you have passed.

    Praise God that your leaning on Him for your life's direction. Isn't it exciting how much He cares and give His children direction when we ask.

    God's Blessings to you!

  • Strength in thought,soul and spirit and body to live in faith   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I can so appreciate what your going through when those evil thoughts begin to overwhelm you.

    I have asked God to make His presence known to you and that you will feel His touch in the midst of those thoughts. He has done it for me and I know He will for you too. He is our Anchor in the stormy thoughts that can often plague our Bi-polarness.

    In His loving Care

  • Prayer request   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi my brothers and sisters at SOS asking special prayer for GODS strength and provision homeless in NYC at 66 for the last 4 years feeling so very weak and tired i am not sure i will survive the winter so that is why i desperately seek your prayers for GODS help.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 10/18/12

  • Hold my family up in Prayer   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I would like to Thank you for your prayers. This really meant a lot to me.

  • Lost and needs God   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I will pray for your brother this is a hard thing for a family to go thur, I was married to a drug addict, and it was tough but we had to show him tough love because he was hurting the kids emotionally. Pray for him yes but there comes a time when you have TO LET GO AND LET GOD! This means no helping at all if the anger has gotten that bad you and the family are putting your self's in danger. I fought this battle with my husband for about 7 years. He went away for awhile to a restoration home and it was a good program but he has to want it. After all that getting clean in 2001 my husband over dosed, so I feel God knew best and ever night when I prayed and my church pastor went looking for him in the drug house he said to me this is dangerous that you keep doing this and it was. So Yes love him but thought Love with make a addict get help or not. The crazy part about it is my husband worked everday and when things got tight he would take off and be gone for 3-4 days or longer getting high still in his suit and tie from work. I will be standing in the Gap for your brother but becareful, its a serious matter...sorry for and missed spelled words this just touched my heart as our youngest daughter is having her first child and i miss him so much.

  • Peace Of Mind   3 years 6 weeks ago

    Hi elizabeth. The time God reveals himself to you is when you take time out of your "busy time" and focus on Him alone. He desires your personal time with Him. Remember that our God is a jealous God. Go into your bathroom at a time in which you know you will not be disturbed, fall to your knees, and praise and adore God, here's an example: my Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son Jesus Christ to die for me. thank You for being a God who knows all, thank You for loving me when i do not deserve any of Your goodness, thank You for Your grace and your mercy upon me... Then you may ask God your requests: Father, you tell me to come before you with supplications and to pray in the Spirit. Holy Spirit, quicken me to my Heavenly Father. Father, fill me with Your Holy Spirit that i may feel Your presence. Make Yourself known to me, i need You my Lord, i feel so alone without You... i am praying for you elizabeth. God bless you my sister in Christ. -felisa

  • My wife and I are seperated   3 years 6 weeks ago

    ...oh yeah, there is this little book called, "saving your marriage on your own". i dont remember the author, but it is a short book you can read in one sitting. it may be very helpful. good luck on your journey in trusting in our Savior Jesus Christ ;)

  • My wife and I are seperated   3 years 6 weeks ago

    my husband and i are separated as well. he is completely detached, and emotionless. i understand his feelings. all i can do is be gentle and kind showing all of Christs love to him regardless his response to me. God hates divorce and he allowed it back in the days of moses because of their selfish cold hearts. i believe many end up in divorces due to anger: which is just where the enemy wants us. do not give in to him, God is greater in us than he who is in this world. keep your faith and God will answer your prayers. i will pray for your marriage ;0, God bless you

  • im so sad. :-( please pray for us   3 years 6 weeks ago


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