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  • My dad   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Hello, my dad and mom divorced when i was 4 years old and re-married when i was 8 years old, she was the meanest step mom ever! She use to hit us and everything, but God heard our prayers and they are no longer together, but just try your best to be the best son or daughter. God is always there!:) maybe soon she will realize that shes hurting your feeling! Keep praying, ill pray for you as well:) and smile God loves you

  • I ask for your prayers   3 years 36 weeks ago

    I prayed God to send His ministering angels and waring angels on your behalf. To fill you with joy and you will sing and dance before Him like David danced. Dance the enemy is below your feet. Read Psalm 99

  • please help me   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Someone will come along and grant you friendship

  • PRAYERS NEEDED   3 years 36 weeks ago

    I prayed for the baby and i believe god will heal i love when the spirit rushes over me when i pray

  • 10% Chance a baby will live   3 years 36 weeks ago

    I love you Jessica i prayed for your baby..i believe she will make it healthy into the world.because god says if you ask anything in my name i will do and i asked that she be born healthy :-)

  • Dead Sea Scrolls on Display in the USA!   3 years 37 weeks ago

    The showcase has been ongoing for 3 months in Fort Worth alone? I wonder how long will this event last. This indeed is a chance of a lifetime, especially for history enthusiasts. But it would still make a huge difference if you go and visit Israel - the Holy Land.

  • Joe   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Hi, I just want Joe to know that he is not alone. I am a 24 year old girl who was born HIV positive and I have also had substance abuse issues in the past. By the grace of GOD I am clean/sober. September 29th will mark 2 years clean. I also struggle with dealing with the fact that I am HIV positive, and I've had my whole life to come to terms with it. Please let him know that what he is feeling is normal for folks like us. Take care. God be with you. PS: If he wants, this is my email. [email protected]. We can still remain anonymous, but this is if he'd like to talk to someone who knows what it's like. (or he can friend me on facebook.) God bless.

  • 27th Anniversary Race for Life 5K Run / 1 Mile Walk Fundraiser   3 years 37 weeks ago

    God has an awesome morning planned for all who attend! Our family is so excited to be with all the churches and hear great live music and the food trucks... all the really cool games and raffles.. millions of dollars well spent at our new Sunset Park. Beautiful!

  • Job   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Never be afraid to unknown future to a known GOD.

  • Perimenopause is making me crazy!!   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Sorry you are feeling frustrated and fearful, I understand.

  • Wisdom, Agape Love and The holy spirits eyes   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Hi Shelly, I pray for you to find that time and desire to have a closer relationship with God. I know how you feel when you say you feel insecure - we all feel that way sometimes, and some of us feel it MOST of the time!! :) You're not alone, and it feels good for me to type that because I often feel like it's just me! I'm a teacher and struggling with the usual doubts and fears revolving around the start of another school year. May God bless you (and me) with His presence and His hand in your life.

    In Him,

  • loving jesus   3 years 39 weeks ago

    I will sure pray for you during this hard time. Not sure the nature of your troubles now, but will pray a general prayer for peace, joy, and the ability to see God's hand in your life, even through the tough times. Loving you...

  • Surviving Nursing School   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Update: I only prayed for an exam grade of at least 80% on one of the courses I was close to failing BUT God intervened exceedingly and gave me a 99% on it!!! Thank you so much Lord, you are beyond great and truly, all things are possible if we trust in His word!

  • For a job and to have the courage to bring my roommate to Christ   3 years 39 weeks ago

    If you are in Las vegas, Nv apply at the Good Will on Tropicana and Pecos. We have a career connections that will help you find a job, build you a resume, give you bus passes or gas cards, and other stuff to help you.

  • daughter just bit by rattlesnake   3 years 40 weeks ago

    I'm praying that you can forgive the rattlesnake and that antivenom will be obtained.

  • My finances and life choices   3 years 40 weeks ago

    thank you so much Monica for your words of encouragement i know God will come through for me sometimes my faith is not so strong and it because i get discouraged and i know that's just the enemy i know i have something to do for God I have a couple of things that a fear and its holding me back from my destiny and i just wanna move on so i pray in Jesus name my father up above that i will not fail sometimes i don't know what to do and sometimes i just feel stuck but like you said God knows our every need and it will come in God perfect timing God bless u Monica and thank you again please continue to pray for me.

  • Career Options   3 years 40 weeks ago

    John, my husband and I found ourselves in the exact same situation as you. Don't compromise yourself and your marriage for the sake of having a job. Stand up for what is right and godly and the Lord will bless you for your faithfulness. The road will be rough but don't allow the enemy to get a foothold into your marriage. Recognize it is the enemy trying to break you down and pray everyday for God's guidance and protection. We went through two very tough years and it wears you down but you and your wife need to recognize you are united in this together and refuse to let it come between you. You and your wife will be in my prayers. God bless.

  • Strength and direction   3 years 40 weeks ago

    I know of a great church. I go there and its full of warmth and love. They have an awesome youth ministry, which my children also attend. My children never want to leave church. They always have a great time there. We don't really have small groups but we have ten life cell groups which are kind of like small groups. They have one for singles, married couples, older members, new Christians, people in Henderson, people in North Las Vegas and East Las Vegas. Its worth a visit. Although I'm not sure where you are. This church is located in Las Vegas Nevada. If you are in Las Vegas I say its worth a shot.Its called Victory Outreach Summerlin and I love it.... I will also be praying that the Lord will lead you and your family to a church fit for you. God Bless!

  • Young heart broken   3 years 40 weeks ago

    Hi April. I too have faced a situation like this. I felt in my heart that the Lord had placed this "brother" on my heart. My feelings towards him were unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was like I was really in love and we barely spoke to each other. Over time we got to know each other and my feelings for him just continued to grow. Still I never said anything. I just held it in. One day it came out that he was interested in our Pastor's daughter. I was crushed but I continued to pray. He eventually asked for this girl and she rejected him. She told him that God hadn't revealed to her that he was the one for her. In turn, this crushed him and he began a downward spiral in his Christian walk. He eventually left church and God. I had continued to pray for him and still do. My prayers are focused on him renewing his relationship with Christ. I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would remove the feelings that I was still having for him even though he had back slid. Eventually the feelings went away, but I often think of what could have been. Just pray sweetheart. Your friends are right. God will bring you the one He has been saving for you, but in His timing. Pray that this guy will walk the path that God has chosen, not the one that he has chosen for himself. You never know he may be the one God has for you, but it seems as though you may be more focused on the blessing than you are on the one who gives the blessing. Try to redirect your thoughts, time and heart to Jesus. When you start thinking of him replace the thought with a short prayer like "Lord I wish nothing but the best for him. Help him to do all that you have called him to" and move on. Don't give place to the enemy! He will play with your mind as long as you let him. Detach yourself from thoughts of this guy and reattach to the Lord. Be Blessed

  • Praying for a Baby   3 years 40 weeks ago

    Praying that your house will overflow with the laughter of happy, healthy children. May your womb be opened and bring forth our future earth shakers and soul winners. May they be born to glorify Him who has given them life. In Jesus name.... Be Blessed!

  • Depression   3 years 40 weeks ago

    I have been battling the same issue. Years ago I was suicidal, but the only thing that kept me living was my three children. I got saved in 2002 and life was good. Depression was no where to be found. After dealing with a hurtful situation in my life a few years ago the depression found its way back into my life. I would often think about dying. I know suicide is wrong but I found myself begging God to just let me die..... until recently. One night, heart broken and crying uncontrollably I asked God why would He just let me stay here and be miserable and live an unproductive life. Then something happened.... The Lord allowed me to see my mother telling my two sons, who were grieving my death, that she was only going to keep my daughter because she couldn't handle them. In this vision my boys were crying and begging her to let them stay, yet she continued to say "No". Now Ive known that my mother has never really had patience to deal with my two boys, but I never would have dreamed that she would give them to someone who cant even take care of himself, their dad. But the vision didn't stop there. The Lord went on to show me my boys with their dad, crying and telling him that they missed me and wanted me back. Their dad went on to say "Stop crying. She is gone and she isn't coming back. You two are acting like babies. Get over it!" I was crushed. Needless to say, I have not asked God to take my life since. I know that I need to be here for my kids. God has a greater purpose for our lives than we can ever think or imagine. Just know that God is our comforter. Its still hard for me to cope sometimes, but when I find myself in that place I go and try to make someone else happy. I send a sister in church a random text to encourage her or I tell someone about how great my God is. Soon after I find myself excited and happy that God has me here and that I'm healthy and able to speak of His greatness. There is purpose for your life. Ask the Lord to show you what that purpose is and put action to it. God Bless!

  • surgery but no insurance   3 years 40 weeks ago

    We had just went through the same with our son had no Ins. or job. We just ask for the private pay discount. And they will work with you and your family. The hospital took of 86% off the bill. Put him on a payment plan. Just ask. God Bless and pray it works out for you. Be strong in the Lord.

  • being a single christain   3 years 40 weeks ago

    I totally understand where you are right now. I am a 34 year old single mother who has been waiting about nine years for the Lord to send me "The One". I made a vow to not be sexually involved with anyone until marriage back in 2002. I was faithful to my vow until I faced some huge hurts in my life. At that point I gave up on everything. I was upset with God because the hurt came from within my church. I couldn't believe that He would allow me to go through such hurt. I left that church and my life was a downward spiral from that point. I returned to the mess that God had rescued me from years before. For 2 years I wandered here and there,just searching for peace and happiness, all the while knowing that what I was looking for was that joy that only God could give me. I replanted myself back in a church and I am close to my Pastor's wife, but the past hurts are always in the back of my mind. I get very angry with myself for going back to the muck and mire of my past life. I hate that I cant tell my future husband that I made a vow and kept it for 10 years because I ruined it when I made dumb decisions, but I have been able to encourage other women to keep their purity no matter what. The satisfaction that worldy activity brings is only temporary. The joy of the Lord is eternal..... Don't worry! God is molding and shaping that special someone for you. Just don't lose focus on God.IT'S HARD!!! I'm not saying it isn't but just know that whoever God has for you will definitely be worth the wait. Be Blessed!

  • My finances and life choices   3 years 40 weeks ago

    In Jesus name I pray for finances, direction and strength. I too am a single mother of three. I wont say that it is not a hard road, it is. But what I will say is that the Lord is an awesome provider. He is the father to the fatherless and all of you and the baby's needs will be met. It may not always be what we want, but it will always be what we need and it will ALWAYS be on time. Just continue to seek the face of God. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your crooked path straight... God bless you!

  • Death of 2 yr old little boy   3 years 40 weeks ago

    Oh Jesus we plead the blood and mercy over John Lungu we just pray that you will remove this pain that he has. Oh everlasting god I know your great so if this is suppose to happen then you will remove the pain and suffering from John Lungu oh Jesus I just praise your name In gods powerful and glorious name, Amen

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