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  • Colorado is on Fire   2 years 24 weeks ago

    My prayers go out to all my family and friends in Colorado Springs. Here in NM we pray we at not following the same path.

    Dear Lord, please send rain.

  • Colorado is on Fire   2 years 24 weeks ago

    They seemed a bit encouraged and stated 15% contained on some news I saw today. I'm so sorry for all and praying. It is a special area to me personally. My brother and other family are in Denver area, and friends in Aurora and other areas. I lived there as a child and was saved at a camp in the foothills across the highway from the AFAC there in 1971. One of my favorite places of all.

  • Colorado is on Fire   2 years 24 weeks ago

    /I am wild land ff for Umatilla, OR if you have any idea how if a dept cn pay me to get there and activate me, PLEASE let e know or pass my name and email on. Thank you.

  • Phantom Fireworks @ Calvary Community   2 years 24 weeks ago

    where are u guys located?

  • My dad's having open heart surgery next week   2 years 24 weeks ago

    Yes you are right "nothing is impossible".
    God always take care of their child.
    So not to worry. All is well.
    God will help your father.
    Regards : cardiac surgery india

  • Colorado is on Fire   2 years 24 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing this story & the photos. It is all so terrifying and almost unreal. But, unfortunately, it IS real. It's one of those things one cannot imagine, unless they've been through it. I shared this story/photos on my facebook and am encouraging my friends to read it and to pray. Please keep us posted as you can.
    God's Blessings!

  • It's Just Really Hard   2 years 24 weeks ago

    Don't feel discouraged, I've been saved for 6 years and the first 2 years I spent in loneliness but I now realize was teaching and preparing me for greater things. Allow GOD to do what HE has to do in you, trust in HIS ways remember HE never leaves us or forsakes. I will be praying for you

  • Mercy Me - Eye Of The Tiger   2 years 25 weeks ago

    I love it! :)

  • Breakthrough In My Life and Spiritual Life, and Direction to the right path!   2 years 25 weeks ago

    You are in my prayers. Sweetheart, I need you to understand that lonliness is not just a feeling that single people feel. I have been married for over 22 years and I have been lonely for the last 8 years. See that is when my husband and I began to travel down the wrong paths. We both thought that we could be happier doing things that would get us our happiness sooner than what we felt GOD had planned for us. We are just coming out of that season of darkness and I can only say that it was the worst decisions we both made and we are trying to find our way back to the path that GOD had us on. It has been long suffering and lonely, but I can only tell you that following GOD's path is always best. Don't end up where we did and go through the season that we just came from...lack, heartache, suffering, pain, destruction, and loneliness. One thing you have to understand is that GOD is enough right now and the guy who don't like you back, will not like you back if it is not GODs will. You will only be setting yourself up for failure...possibly a little time of smiles but in the end pure heartache. Let him move on and if it is meant to be, GOD will give the young man what he needs to seek you and you won't have to seek him. Be blessed and stay in the spirit especially when times get hard because that simply means you are closer than ever to what GOD wants to give you!

  • Loss of a child/Family Tragedy   2 years 25 weeks ago

    There are no words that can express my sorrow for your family. Please know that through the hurt, god is with you and your family and will carry you through. Just take it one day at a time, one second if you have too. Communicate with your family often. Talking about it really does help. My prayers are with you.

  • Please pray for adult step daughter   2 years 25 weeks ago

    Sheri, how scary to go through what you and your family are going through. Please know that I will pray for you and Lynsey as well as the rest of your family. I pray that you have patience, peace and healing, God is amazing and you are not alone in your struggles. God bless you and your family.

  • Marriage   2 years 25 weeks ago

    thank you so much.
    God bless your heart!!!

  • Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free!   2 years 25 weeks ago

    I knew about Fazoli's, it was my son's fave place to eat until they closed down in our town. As for Denny's I now know when we'll eat there next. I hope their fries are the same as they were years ago. Thanks.

  • Healing   2 years 25 weeks ago

    Pray for Doreen. M while going through her battle with cancer. Ask god to heal her completely.

  • Stage 4 cancer   2 years 25 weeks ago

    Thank for your prayers. Ruth went to be with the Lord Wednesday morning. But her son was able to get here and say good bye.

  • Courageous... Movie Night at the Clark County Amphitheater   2 years 25 weeks ago

    The movie is free. Make sure you come by the SOS table if check out the movie.

  • Courageous... Movie Night at the Clark County Amphitheater   2 years 25 weeks ago

    Just wanted to know do the Movie cost? i have been wanting my family to see this movie for a very long time.. thank you Shanesha

  • Daughter, deliverance, demons, healing   2 years 25 weeks ago

    I pray the blood of Jesus over her.I pray a hedge of protection over her.That no witchcraft,hexes,vexes,spell,potions or alike will reach her,may she be delivered in Christ Jesus name. amen

  • destination   2 years 25 weeks ago

    Thank-you jesus

  • Disappointment   2 years 25 weeks ago

    The Lord is close to the Broken hearted and He is there for you with healing, Grace and love.

  • Live is to short   2 years 25 weeks ago

    I just suffer a lot also and I came to realize that nothing belongs to us but to Him. I pray for your pain to end and for your hart to find peace. " Blessed are those who mourn , for they shall be comforted " Matthew 5.4

  • Stage 4 cancer   2 years 25 weeks ago

    My prayers are with Ruth and her family. I pray for God's love and support to comfort them through this diagnosis and to enable Ruth and her family to spend much needed quality time together, remembering all the special times they have shared and making new memories that will last a lifetime.

    God Bless You.

  • Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free!   2 years 25 weeks ago

    Baja Fresh - kids eat free on Sundays

  • Prayer request   2 years 26 weeks ago

    Please pray for my son he has a Spanish exam in college today Monday at 2 eastern time. He is autistic and has a lot of trouble with another language. Please pray GOD give him the knowledge he needs to pass this exam and class

  • Survival   2 years 26 weeks ago

    I pray through Jesus Christ that your provisions are met and that you are blessed. Almighty God, please bless and help Daniel and keep him from harm.