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  • Depression   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Brother or Sister. Always remember who you are. You are the Lords child. His intention is for you to live in the fullness of His glory, love, peace, joy and righteousness. The road your on is now yours to fight. Take a moment and reflect on the the reasons that may bring you to feel lost, tired and weary. Depression is a symptom of things left in our heart that we haven't fully surrendered to the Father. You are so much more and so precious to the Lord. Remember the Lords promises and take victory over your life through Him. I understand that life seems like its spinning out of control. Be still and see with the eyes of His heart, listen to His voice which is the Holy Spirit that resides inside you. Let fear be as far from you as the east is from the west. May there be order and peace in your life, have discernment and remember God is on the Throne! We are of the same body and the Lord is the healing hand. He doesn't want to just help He wants to deliver you and reconcile you back to the Throne. With all of the Love through Christ Jesus, your sister in the Lord.

  • Potential promotion oppty   3 years 26 weeks ago

    I need prayer for my husband to find a good job and health. Prayer for my son's faith and love towards Jesus.

  • Unborn baby   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Update: She had made up her mind that she would have the baby and give it up for adoption. The next day she lost the baby. She is doing ok. Would just like to say thank you for all the prayers.

  • My marriage   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Thank you so much. And yes my husband and I got baptized June 3rd of this year and we were stronger than ever than the evil of this world broke that... My husband and I have been separated since June 19th... It has been a rough road but yet God is still growing me strong and showing me to never give up. Your response to me has been a huge help. And I thank you so much... God says to me to keep prayer and fellowship so I try to do my best to Give it all to him and pray as much as I can... Thank you again....

  • Job opportunities   3 years 26 weeks ago

    I can relate to your struggles. I have a school loan to pay off too. I am working a job that i don,t care for. I drive a delivery truck, making less than 8.50 an hour. I know that the way out of debt is giving back to the Lord in tithes and offering. I don,t believe it is scriptural in telling someone they are cursed if they don,t tithe. Jesus Christ redeemed us from the law. Tithing was done by Abraham 400 years before Moses wrote the law. If we give back to God, what we purposed in our hearts, with pure motives, God will bless us back. I pray that the Lord speaks to your heart, and gives you direction.

  • My marriage   3 years 26 weeks ago

    i will most definitely pray for the two of you. Stats show there as many breakups in church as in the world we definitely need to work diligently to preserve our marriages

  • Mercy Me's FUN Side!   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Did I just see a BABY?!

  • Demonic Spirits?   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Well she left SOS playing in the house and didn't really go home much since Tuesday. Last night when she came home the radio was broken. This morning her 2 year old had blood stained sheets and black pebbles up his nose. I'm really starting to worry about the safety of everyone. Please keep praying.

  • What are you KNOWN for?   3 years 26 weeks ago

    All the hoopalala in the media over Chic-Fil-A tells me we're not living in a Christ-friendly time. I hope people I come in contact with remember me as a "follower of Christ and doer of Gods Word" and not somebody that was shallow and lacking in substance.
    Lord help me to flesh out your words!!!

  • We Don't Have To Compromise Convictions to be Compassionate.   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Worth repeating...and repeat it shall be on my blog page with a link back here!!
    Love you all at KILA

  • My marriage   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Zetty dear sister you are not alone. My husband and I have been separated for 7 months. 3 counselors peacekeeping ministries . God is good !!!
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen. Our job is to act on that faith do everything with the holy spirit to glorify God.
    GRACE is what saves us all !
    Read Luke 19:1-10
    As the bible states we will battle for control with our husbands that is without Grace (Jesus Christ) Zetty you and I have the power to extend GRACE just as Jesus did with Zaccheus . It takes dying to your desires and girlfriend that has been a rough road but not impossible. As you see your desires being cast aside for what God desires and you see moments of peace in your storm it gets easier.
    Jesus gave no law to Zaccheus but showed his GRACE , it not only opened Zaccheus heart , it opened his wallet to.

    blessings to you and declare healing in your marriage no more murmuring . You give God the glory and you watch God take care of you. look at Abraham and Sarah . God protected her not once but twice when old Abe Didn't man up and call Sarah his wife.

    you have a Daddy that loves you.

  • Healing prayers   3 years 26 weeks ago

    My heart breaks for you. I am lifting you in the Spirit to the arms of God. May His embrace reassure you that He is your refuge and strength, and a very present help. I will be holding you in prayer.

  • Promotion Opportunity   3 years 26 weeks ago

    No the promotion does not require us to move, although that has been what we have been praying for. The majority of our family is in the midwest and we have recently vacationed with them. This vacation really opened our eyes to get closer to them, due to our kids loving the time they spent with their cousins and my sister-in-law has been diagnosed with MS and we would like to be closer to offer more support. This job opportunity although I am not 100% interested in the line of work, may open the doors to transfer within the company. You are right though change is scary, but I do know that God's plan is always the right plan. I will take your advice read the verses in Prov you recommended and then pray with the family. Thank You.

    Your Sister in Christ

  • Promotion Opportunity   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Does the promotion require the family to move? What were u praying 4 when the opportunity came? GOD wants What's best 4 us. But as HIS children, we don't c what HE sees! As children, we want comfort and sameness. Our GOD is awesome and this means change ( nothing stays the same, we are always learning). Read Prov 3:5-6, better yet read the whole chapter after verses 5-6. Talk with the family all at one time, and pray after.

  • Prayers Please   3 years 26 weeks ago

    From what i can tell in your prayer, you may very well be eligible to either settle your back tax debt or be declared to be Currently not Collectible. In either case your levy can be stopped in a matter of hours. You can call me for your free and confidential consultation. Call me at: 1-888-875-4506. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is guided by their Christian Values.

  • We Don't Have To Compromise Convictions to be Compassionate.   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Very well said, Scott!!

  • This is my first time here   3 years 26 weeks ago

    God is in control. good luck!! Never give up on the lord, no matter what kind of challenges he will put you through. Struggles will only make you stronger :)

  • Healing prayers   3 years 26 weeks ago

    God is in control. Your family is in my prayer to tonight.

  • Healing prayers   3 years 26 weeks ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. Our son would be 30 in a few weeks dying on an enlarged heart almost 2 years ago. I still miss him, I will pray for peace and healing.
    Emily :'-)

  • Diagnosed with breast cancer   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Dear Kim,

    I am a breast cancer survior - one year now. I will pray for you, but our Lord - Jesus Christ will be there for you, lean on him. Remember this is something you are just going through, you are not staying in it ok? I am here if you need someone to talk to about it, since I have been there and done that! I had someone there for me and it made it not so scary! God Bless you!


  • Demonic Spirits?   3 years 27 weeks ago

    I told her to put SOS Radio on in the room where most of the stuff happens and just leave it playing. So far so good. She didn't stay at home last night but nothing major has happened she's noticed. When she came home this morning the house seemed peaceful for the 1st time in weeks.

  • Mercy Me's FUN Side!   3 years 27 weeks ago


  • What are you KNOWN for?   3 years 27 weeks ago

    For my love of God's creations. Even snakes. Snakes are beautiful and symbolic of God to me. Their beauty, ability to swallow prey whole, and climbing ability have amazed me for the longest time. I don't know a day when I hated animals. I am also on the autism spectrum.

  • Amy's MomSaver - How To Get Green Banana's To Ripen Quickly - Listen   3 years 27 weeks ago

    can I request God's not dead?

  • Rebuilding my life.   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Stay Strong <3

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