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  • Daughter, seizures, depression   3 years 35 weeks ago

    The Lord is able to do anything. In Matthew chapter 8, it talks about multiple situations where the sick were healed by their faith. It is important that you speak love and kindness into her heart, to speak life into her. Try to stay away from negative motivation. Remember, God loves you and your daughter like crazy! Not even life or death can separate His love for His children :)
    God bless.

  • Pray for Jessica   3 years 35 weeks ago

    I pray that God will use you for His purpose, and that this will be a great testimony some day! Lord, strengthen Jessica with faith. God has the power to heal: "Because of your faith, it will happen" (Matthew 9:29) Remember one last thing, God loves you like crazy!

  • My son Jordan   3 years 35 weeks ago

    I will pray

  • National guard   3 years 35 weeks ago

    Speak to your heavily father, seek His direction, His plan for you and your family.
    If you just spend time alone with Him, he will share His plan, which is always better than what we imagine it to be.

  • Just me   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Oh thank you so much for pray for me! I feel alone, but I have my family with me! I want be happy and search a nice guy who loves me and God bless us!
    I will be praying for you too. God has a great live for us!

    Thanks again and God bless you more and more!

  • Just me   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Oh thanks so much for your pray! I want send this pain below. I don't want suffer for someone anymore! I want just people who loves me!

    Thanks again and God bless you!

  • Teaching position next fall   3 years 36 weeks ago

    God please if it be your will give Heidi a job again next year.

  • I want my children   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi Nicole. Back in 2010, my mom went throught the same thing you did. My dad kept us and wouldn't let us talk or see her either. Not to blame my dad though because personally I didn't want to see my mom. She was messed up I felt like she was the one tearing our family up. We couldn't have people over, couldn't go anywhere, when I was invited to a sleepover I couldn't go because I had to make sure my sisters wouldn't get hurt by my mom. She stopped us from doing a lot of things. I learned to forgive her for what she did. I hope that your family will be together again! I'll be praying for you. (:

  • Marriage   3 years 36 weeks ago

    I hope that things work out with your family. I'm only 16 but I understand what if feels like when parents don't really have time for you. I'll being praying for you!

  • Just me   3 years 36 weeks ago


    I will be praying for you and for God to bring special people into your life. I understand the pain of being alone, I am in the same situation also but I alway remind myself that I am not alone because God is with me.

  • Marc   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Thank you for your prayers. In the end he did not get the new position but was given some positive feedback that will help him in the future. He also is struggling to get out from under his past problems, but with God's help and people like you praying for him I know anything is possible. I believe there is no power stronger than the power of prayer - so thank you again and know that I will also say prayers for you!! Keep your faith strong.

  • I need my heart healed and my faith risen!   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Please call me at 702 250 2335....posting #912

  • Fighting for my Daughter   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Thank you so much, with the power of prayer, we were able to get our daughter back. Thank You Jesus! Just pray that we will do a good job and get through any financial trouble that we may encounter. Again thank you so much for your prayers.

  • Giulian Grasso   3 years 36 weeks ago

    I LOVE AND MISS YOU GIULIAN!!!!! Keep pushing through I know you can make it and we will discuss everything you have missed! I have so much to tell you and we will just go crazy when you get better! I know you can do this! <3

  • Health for our family   3 years 36 weeks ago

    Pls pray for my Uncle Evert in MO. He is going in for a procedure tomorrow to remove a blockage I. His artery, if they aren't able to do it non inversely he will have to have open heart surgery again. He is in his late 70s and is the care giver of my aunt that can't get around much anymore...

  • Fighting for my Daughter   3 years 37 weeks ago

    I will pray you and your wife will win this troubling time in your lives and hope god will touch the court and see there is nothing going on in your home and family life, other then nothing but good godly life.

  • Just me   3 years 37 weeks ago

    your not alone,god is always there,closest in the darkest nights delany.

  • Jennifer   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Praying for God to lay his healing hand on Jennifer and show her what he wants her to learn from this experience!

  • suicide worry   3 years 37 weeks ago

    I will keep your son in prayer. I understand how hard this is, my own son went through years of depression and thoughts of suicide. But God delivered and healed him. Prayer is powerful and effective!

    This verse is for him: Jeremiah 29:11 Please tell him that what he is going through is only temporary and to hold on to his hope.

  • I AM TRYING TO GRADUATE   3 years 37 weeks ago

    Dear Lord,
    I like to pray for this beautiful young lady, that she will glory you in everything that she does, that you will help her in every aspect of life. I would also like to pray that this young lady had past her proficiency. Help her make the right choices in life and that she will never feel alone because you are always right beside her. As she gets this job help her to shine your light within that work place. I pray that she grows into a wonderful woman and that you will ways shied her from danger. I pray this all in your mighty name, Amen.
    God Bless you in everything you do. <3

  • Family   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Eric Hunter, I have prayed for your family with confidence in our Lord that through His wisdom and mercy your family might know relief and peace again. I asked especially that your mother in law might be freed from her bondage to gambling and drinking and that the Holy Spirit would hold on tightly to your brother. You are not alone Eric. May God bring peace to your heart. Amen.

  • pray for Austin Ervin and his family   3 years 38 weeks ago

    I will keep them in my prayers

  • college   3 years 38 weeks ago

    I was going though the same thing as you till my dad and i had a talk about how i should do what i want to do. Yes harvard would be sorta far but look at it this way...look towards your future. If a lawyer is what you wanna be then go for it. Don't let a guy hold you back from going forward with your dream of being a lawyer. You may love your boyfriend very much but sometimes you have to love yourself more. And if y'all two really love each other after then great be together but again go towards your dream.

  • Jennifer   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Jennifer has been brought before our Lord.

  • Air force Pt test   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Just an update I passed thanks for all your prayers