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  • Health   2 years 14 weeks ago

    How is your wife? Praying with you both!

  • Critical care: brother-in-law   2 years 14 weeks ago


  • Wifes   2 years 14 weeks ago

    How is your wife? Praying!

  • seek better paying job   2 years 14 weeks ago

    The LORD can open doors that no one can shut and shut ones that no one can open. He has a plan and a way for you.. serve Him while you wait. His answer is in the works.. it always is. Praying with you!

  • family being evicted   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Praying with you Alice!

  • Prayer request   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Praying with you!

  • Baby Jayden, *Please prayer for this one year old little girl.*   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Praying with you Rod!

  • Marriage in Ruins   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Praying with you.

  • Ron is in dire eed ofa job. & shleter   2 years 14 weeks ago


  • Prayer for my sister in Montana   2 years 14 weeks ago


  • Prayer for my sister in Montana   2 years 14 weeks ago


  • Parents to be Born Again Christinas!   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Standing in prayer with you Steve!

  • Holly San Jose   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Cindy.. how is your friend? I know the LORD had intercessors praying.. please inform. Thanks!

  • Autism   2 years 14 weeks ago


  • Christian Teen Shares Final Thoughts Before His Death   2 years 14 weeks ago

    Great video. That's an inspiration to everyone that there is a better place after death and something to look forward to. Before I watched this I worried about dying but now, not so much.

  • My girl   2 years 15 weeks ago

    God bless

  • Autism   2 years 15 weeks ago

    All I can say is thank you! My youngest bot has ASD and we cannot get very much help any where. Everyday is a struggle. I pray for others whos friends, children, brothers, sisters ect. that have autism because I know how rough it can be sometimes. But I also know that He made them this way for a reason and that they are closer to him than anyone for the simple fact that they are not as easily corrupted by the evil around them.

  • my choices or God's divine intervention?   2 years 15 weeks ago

    Knowing isn’t enough… Thank God!!! Cause I don’t know much and i understand even less. But this i know, God is Holding me. I posted a prayer request on SOS the other day, hasn’t been posted yet but that’s OK cause you know how sometimes i get confused and go all over the place 90 MPH because i don’t understand… well that night knowing I’m in a hotel… weekly again, down to 70 bucks in the bank, no job, almost no hope and confused by the situation and thinking for three weeks i’m gonna get in my car and run all the while hearing your not going anywhere marti. i hear marti what are you gonna do (i know i’ve told you i can hear my thoughts) immediately i think i’m gonna choose Jesus no matter what cause he is gonna take care of us. So the next day my friend calls to take me to lunch, God Is Amazing, faithful, and He Knows everything i don’t. She takes me to a Realtor and we look at an apartment and she and her daughters are willing to commit to six months of helping us, all i can do is cry (you know i’m a crier too). I don’t know much but i know God is holding me.
    Thank You Jesus!!!
    I hope they post the before prayer so people can see where i was and i can use this to give hope to others but its ok if they don’t
    Jesus Loves Me No Matter What!!!

  • Islam & Christianity In Bible Prophecy   2 years 15 weeks ago


  • My son....   2 years 15 weeks ago

    I would recommend battlefield of the mind for teenage I have not read it but I have the one for adults and if its the same then the message is powerful. Also begin to speak life over the situation. Say out loud I thank you God that my son is deliver from drug, I thank you God for his salvation and when you don't see change thank God that he works little by little and glory to glory and never speak death like he will never change just know God is working and the prayers of the righteous availeth much and it's already done. Jesus finish it when he die on the cross.

  • Smoking   2 years 15 weeks ago

    Praying for you! keep it up. I was a smoker for 16 years and quit almost 10 months ago. With God all things are possible :)

  • A Different Perspective on Why Students Are Leaving The Church   2 years 15 weeks ago

    It's an interesting thought, but still, why are the next generation of Christians placing their faith into a "lock-box"? And is it really only happening once they leave for college? I'm reading another book right now that dwells on such questions. "Already Gone" by Ken Ham and Britt Breemer, really makes you look at what our churchs are teaching.

  • A Different Perspective on Why Students Are Leaving The Church   2 years 15 weeks ago

    The segregation of age groups is partially responsible for the split off you young adults... but there are other factors...

    The lack of inclusion for Young Adults (YA) and other sub groups happens just about everywhere...

    Worship music that doesn't include the ranges folks can sing comfortably is a continual irritation. But that's easily overcome by including a few songs in registers that young (and old) men can reach... (we're not all tenors)

    Family activities that don't include the young or single church members are awkward... Family folks will find something to do or just chat, the younger folks need more active planning for things they can do to burn off energy.

    Recruiting a "Youth Pastor" FROM the young adults NOT to hold separate services, but to conduct services once a month (or more) focused more on the issues that YAs are facing.

    Bringing the youth and YA groups into more contact with the mainstream of the congregation is something like mixing vinegar and oil...

    You have to shake things up to get them blended... but the results are delicious!!!

  • Autism   2 years 15 weeks ago

    Standing with you in this burden of your heart.

  • Pray for my son   2 years 15 weeks ago

    Praying with you that as you look only to the Lord.. you will see Him provide for every need in His way and timing! Blessings.. hold on!

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