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  • Discernment in love and Gods Will   5 years 4 days ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head... It all goes back to being equally yolked! I struggled A LOT with this in my own personal life. I finally met someone who is my equal and it is SUCH a different relationship than any other I have ever had or ever imagined that I could have.
    Best of luck! Keep praying and keep your heart open!

  • Discernment in love and Gods Will   5 years 5 days ago

    her name is Liz

  • Discernment in love and Gods Will   5 years 5 days ago

    Daniel, you answered your own question by stating that you are not equally yoked in your faith. I take that to mean that she is not a Christian. If she is not it is not God's will for you to marry her. I know that's not what you want to hear but is is truth. Be patient, God has someone tailor made for you. Trust Him.

  • Losing my Will and Struggle is getting Harder   5 years 5 days ago

    Do not give up. There is no way to know Gods plan for you if you do. I will pray that God gives you strength to get through today and bring you blessings.

  • My dad's having open heart surgery next week   5 years 6 days ago

    I recently posted a comment updating his current status :)

    Thank you so much for the prayers! God bless you!

  • My dad's having open heart surgery next week   5 years 6 days ago

    Thank you soo much! God bless you!

  • My dad's having open heart surgery next week   5 years 6 days ago

    Thank you for the prayers!

    The surgery did not take place due to health risks. one of the doctors noted he had a cold and this could lead to major complications during the surgery. This happened four times when he was getting ready to go to the operating table! We just know it's got to be divine intervention!

    My dad is now recovering, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the cholesterol and blood pressure down to a normal range by eating healthy and of course from the grace of God! I'm so thankful for everyone who prayed for my dad!

    even the doctors can't believe how fast he is recovering from the severity of his condition but God is good all the time and He truly is the BEST HEALER OF ALL!

  • My dad   5 years 6 days ago

    Hang in there I will pray for you and your family for if I had not been protected by God I would have left a beautiful nine year old daughter behind without a father to grow up with out a father with choices I was making. God will never leave you and I hope you and your family find all the strength you need through Him always

  • I'm praying for strength.   5 years 6 days ago

    I have lifted you before the LORD. Remember we can do nothing in our own strength but must depend upon the LORD and our christen sisters and brothers. I will pray for you and know that GOD will deliver but we must allow him to do so..

  • My dad's having open heart surgery next week   5 years 6 days ago

    Well I'll pray for your dad every night for his health and for you have faith.

  • TobyMac Performance on The View   5 years 6 days ago

    I thought it was way cool!

  • Marc   5 years 1 week ago

    I am definately praying for you and your family. That has to be so hard to go through. God will sustain you. Be strong. Love in Christ,

  • My baby girl   5 years 1 week ago

    Thank you all so much for praying for Megan and our family!!! God is truely working in our lives. You all have given me encouragement and hope. She has been doing well these last few days. I pray to God all the time and I keep telling Him that I have faith in Him and I will fear no evil. God is amazing! I know there will be good days and bad days but thats ok because I would rather have that than not have her at all. She is such a blessing. I also bought the book, The Power of a Praying Parent. It is really good. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you again. We love you all!

  • Zita   5 years 1 week ago

    I just found out that my cousin's step-siter is going through the same situation as Zita. Her name is Lois. Please add her to your prayer chain too.

  • I Think We Miss The Point of Marriage   5 years 1 week ago

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  • Divorce.   5 years 1 week ago

    Praying you guys endure thru this, and avoid divorce, I've seen it before, it can happen. God works miracles! Don't sign any papers if u feel called to not do so.

  • His will be done   5 years 1 week ago

    Praying for Him to open doors soon....

  • His will be done   5 years 1 week ago

    Wait for the LORD be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. Psalm 27 14. I tell myself this many times a day. He will provide. We love you bro. Hold on...

  • Pray for me...please help!   5 years 1 week ago

    I've been in a job like that. I'm praying for you. "All things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose." but you don't necesarily have to go it alone or stay where you are. I would pray for a change or for God to send you help but I am simply praying that God continues to help you according to His will. Hang in there!

  • My dad   5 years 1 week ago

    Dear Katrina,
    You are a very brave and strong girl! My dad is no longer with me either. He passed away 19 years ago, when I was 20. It has been very hard to go through life without him. So I am like you, God is my Father too! That makes us sisters!! I will be praying for you and your family. God has good things in store for you. He will never leave you. Pray to Him ALWAYS. Talk to Him through out your day and go to Him with all of lifes questions and problems. He loves you so much Katrina. Be strong and remember, God is the only Father we need to get us through life :)

  • Baby Ryker   5 years 1 week ago

    Praying for them! God will provide!



  • The Big Move   5 years 1 week ago

    Praying for all of you! God is watching as you follow the path He laid for you.



  • my trip mexico   5 years 1 week ago

    Praying for a safe trip!



  • Death of a loved one.   5 years 1 week ago

    God is there with you. I am praying for you and hat you will feel His presence and supernatural peace. Jesus died for you, He loves you unconditionally. Know that there is a plan for your life, surrender to Him completely and you will feel His love.



  • My baby girl   5 years 1 week ago

    Praying for her and your family. Keep strong in your faith and don't give up. God hears your pleas. Have you told her that you love her and your love is unconditional? I have a 16 yr old daughter and sometimes I just have to wrap my arms around her, not let her wriggle out and tell her how much I love her and I know she is hurting. She gently stops pushing me away and we cry together, her in my arms. It softens her heart to know how her happiness affects me. The next day is a different story, but deep down she knows I am here and praying her through life.

    God Bless,


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