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  • Please pray for healing for Emily   3 years 49 weeks ago

    I know it is always difficult when a child is ill, and it is also difficult not know why or what or how, but HE kows. We may eventually know, we may not, and as difficult as it is we need to contiue praying and giving the glory to HIM. I hope this kind of helps.

  • Please pray for healing for Emily   3 years 49 weeks ago


    If it is your will, please display your mightiness in young Emily and let this be her final surgery. Allow her a full recovery so all can witness your miracles. I pray not only for healing, but patience and strength in Emily and her family and friends.

    In your name I pray!


  • MIRACLE & HEALING FOR PAM COOPER MY WIFE   3 years 49 weeks ago


  • healing   3 years 49 weeks ago

    I'm praying that u see or others see with Jesus's eyes, jot them down to remind others how the Lord was there when someone becomes down and negitive. We pray for healing. I'm also praying that the Lord sees how Michael can impact others and give him a second chance on life, as my fiance did in 1993 when he was hit he'd on by a drunk driver.
    Keep the faith and hope in him.

  • Scott's Most Powerful Moment At Passion 2012   3 years 50 weeks ago

    They spend 2 weeks at Chris Tomlin's house writing back in April, and then they came back in November and finished them up. carton sealing machine
    Robotic palletizing

  • AMY'S MOMSAVER - ONLINE SAFETY   3 years 50 weeks ago

    will you have vudeo from the 2012 rock and road show?

  • 31 Ways to Pray for your Children.   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Nicol Sponberg-Resurrection--she sounds just like Annie Lennox--I was hoping she had turned her life over to God--maybe one day--thank you

  • Where to Find the Cheapest Gas...   3 years 50 weeks ago

    did I hear Annie Lennox singing on Thursday??

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I'm so excited , I'd love to go to the concert , but have no one to go with , looking for new friends or a group of people to go with.

  • Suicide   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Sweet girl, you are so brave for sharing your prayer request. Yes Jesus loves you and I understand the need to feel loved by someone here on earth. I pray that the Lord will give you the strength and peace to carry on and grow in His love. I pray for your mom that she too will come to know the Lord as you do. Please don't give up and always remember that there are people around you who love you and want you in their lives. God Bless you Sweetie.

  • Marriage   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I wrote this post last week and this week, God has completely restored our marriage. Through the Love Dare and God speaking to me through songs and many other avenues, I have grown in my walk with Him!
    God truly can do ALL things!!

  • Suicide   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Suicide is not the answer. I thought about it earlier in life, and I am so glad I didn't do it. God will never send you more than you can handle, even if you don't think you can. He has something in store for you. I pray for you that you find someone who can make you see that life is definetly worth living.

  • My little girl is moving to Utah with her father   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I am praying as I writing this for you and your family. I am praying that everything will go the way the lord wants it to. Please be sure that God has his hands in this situation.

  • I am so tired of trying to stay clean and failing...So tired of trying   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Om Goodness. Your story about the controlling man your were infatuated with, who bought isolation and fear to your life, teaching you not to trust sounds JUST LIKE MY life! I have since left him-Several years ago in fact. But the scars are so deep. So very deep. Thank you for responding and for "seeing me". It was a Heaven sent message and I hope to hear from you again.
    Keep praying for me, okay? I am still trying but its like one step forward and three back at this point. Thanks again-

  • Please pray for healing for Emily   3 years 50 weeks ago

    My prayers go out to Emily and her family!!!

  • My little girl is moving to Utah with her father   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I have sent a prayer to God's ears for you. I could not imagine the pain of being without my child. I hope that he can give you the strength you need to get through.

  • Marriage restoration   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Be strong Liz. I have asked God to help you through your pain and to guide your husband down the right path for you and your child.

  • Power of Prayer   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Awh- Thanks for commenting-- i have assumed there are other people experiencing something similar(not just me) even though, sometimes you feel all alone- thanks so much and it is very strange- have had so many tests and ultra sounds- but who knows- it comes and goes.... i do feel a hard bump (like a ball) under my belly button, which i have always thought was a fibroid but no one seems to be able to find- oh well..... i hope you are feeling better- and my prayers are there for you- what is your name??
    yes, GOD is the ONLY one who can HEAL us!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER ~
    Thanks, and God Bless.

  • pregnant woman gets beat by husband   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Praying for her, and the baby, praying that God will protect them, and for husbands eyes to be opened, that God will being salvation to him and realize that what he is doing is wrong

  • home finance and help   3 years 50 weeks ago

    for all in my hart i work with youth and just be calm and very open with your child be as well like a friend and keep praying my prayers will also be with you in Jesus Name AMEN

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Starts at 4pm

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I agree! there are alot of upbeat Lecrae songs that aren't like hardcore hood stuff. Sos plays Tobymac and he raps. How about trying Lecrae

  • Sister's Fiancee diagnosed with Lukemia   3 years 50 weeks ago

    You guys are in my prayers, that sounds like a difficult situation, and I know it is hard to do, but the only cure that I know of is the mercy and love of our father in heaven. Try to remember that doctors are wrong sometimes, and if you all read the word of God and take those promises as the doctor's report, it can fill you guys with joy, peace, love and confidence. And I believe those things are ingredients for healing. When you put God first the rules change.

  • Prayer for willingness to be directed   3 years 50 weeks ago

    God Help... cause He knows what your thinking and what you need.
    from a single mom.
    Jesus Loves You TOO!!!
    Keep turning to HIM!!!
    We Live we love we forgive and never give up!! Scott just played that!!!
    I don't know your whole sit rep... But i heard on focus on the family one night that we have to be willing to forgive the other person, set guidelines for reconciliation and let God handle it...
    Mine would be he pays his child support (has to be working)for 2 years while dating me only and showing He has really changed...
    Maybe you could talk to he and see what she needs!
    Praying for YOU BOTH!!

  • I am so tired of trying to stay clean and failing...So tired of trying   3 years 51 weeks ago

    God Knows exactly why you don't trust people... for me it was a controlling man who destroyed my ability to trust even my closest mom friend who led me to the lord 11 years before i even met him thru his lies and isolation but i was so infactuated with him that i couldn't see it. it has been a long road back and i am still learning but God has brought many people back into my life for rebuilding my trust. Sometimes people still are so caught up in what they are doing (like i can be sometimes) that they walk right past me when i'm waiting for the next cashier right around me like i'm not there or the not holding the door thing and it can be frustrating... Cause God says all of us fall short... not just christians, poor, young, old, sick, well... ALL
    Jesus Loves You and He will Heal You!!! He Knows... The When, Where, and Who You Need!!!
    I SEE YOU!!!