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SOS Radio: Right Song, Right Time
SOS Radio: Right Song, Right Time


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  • In desperate need of prayer   4 years 3 days ago

    I'm Praying for you... your not alone cause when you think you are... Ta da!!! That's when God is carrying you and He will carry you through this. and one day you will be on the other side of all of this... Like when you were having your baby the pain was great and then it was over and you saw what beauty God had drawn from that pain. You will get through this, Keep turning to Jesus, and when you can't tell Him you can't that's why He died for us and He loves us right where we are. Hang in there!!!

  • March 450 walk-a-thon   4 years 4 days ago

    I know this man.. he's my brother I love you very much . it takes a committed man of selfless generocity and love for his fellow man to commit to what is doing now. I love you brian and I'm gonna do everything I can to get to the support that you deserve for this journey it's a worthy cause and people need to be made aware of the needed community consciousness around this planet and I hope that you get your message out...

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   4 years 4 days ago

    So I am confused. On this page it says the concert starts at 5 but on the radio I keep hearing that it starts at 4? Which is which.

  • I need prayer for anger, depression, and more   4 years 4 days ago

    Praise God for your honesty! I am a single mom and i lived with a man who treated me and my son like that for 3 years and when i left it was me who acted like that for too long, I had a friend who told me that i was doing the best i could and that's what i want to tell you "Especially" with your honesty... You are doing the best you can, with what you have!!! Keep turning to God and He will get you thru this Now just so you understand I left that guy 11 years ago this july 14th (my birthday) and i noticed this week that i have started to be able to hug my kids when the are hurt... Healing can be a long process and
    Only God can get you there!!!
    Don't Be So Hard On Yourself,
    God Help!!! sent to heaven FOR YOU!!!

  • Uncle Gary's Lungs   4 years 4 days ago

    Don't lose hope!!! Gods plan is His and we can sometimes only be blessed by it!!! I have a friend lynnette, her husband john was in the hospital years ago and they didn't think he was gonna make it. See he had quit smoking and this actually put him in the hospital... when he came around his own dr said i don't know why but i think you better keep smoking if you want to live... this was back in 85-86... i talked with john in 07 before miss ernie died... God's Plan Is His and Not what we think it should be... I wish I could get that through my own head!
    Keeping Gary in prayer!!! Jesus Loves Us Right Where we Are!!!

  • Betty   4 years 4 days ago

    I pray for your son to not give up, to realize in the darkest situation that there is hope. I pray for God to remove all the guilt, shame and morbid reflection that your son may suffer from. I pray for your son to realize that he doesn't have to get sober alone. I pray for your son to realize he is not unique that there are many of us alcoholics out there that understand him, understand the torment going on in his mind, struggling to stay sober one day at a time. I pray that today God today weakens your son enough emotional so that your son comes to his knees and surrenders and that he asks for help in the name of Jesus Christ our son and Savior. amen. god bless you.

  • Bacon Explosion Recipe for the Big Game   4 years 4 days ago

    I check you recipe out because you were giving out 5th ave north cd's. My brothers are big on bar-b-queing. I am ok but they are really good. I am going to try this and who knows...I might get some respect from them. Thanks.

  • Bacon Explosion Recipe for the Big Game   4 years 4 days ago

    Too much Bacon for me :/:/
    There should be a limit!

  • Bacon Explosion Recipe for the Big Game   4 years 4 days ago

    One for our Pastor...will have to share at our next get together

  • In need of wisdom   4 years 4 days ago

    I went thru this feel free to contact me I will give u all the resources I wish I would have had when I left. 7022056542. I'm praying for you!!!!

  • Bacon Explosion Recipe for the Big Game   4 years 4 days ago

    Yum. Cant wait to try it!!

  • I Think We Miss The Point of Marriage   4 years 4 days ago

    This is wonderful post i like this very much
    it is great information for me thanks......

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   4 years 5 days ago

    I love Tenth Avenue North but... you should play some of Anthem Lights' music!!!

  • In need of wisdom   4 years 1 week ago

    Get out while your still alive my x-husband fractured my skull I have brain damage now. Take your kids pets get the heck out for your own salty go to safe nest don't wait! GO!

  • Paige A. Lymphoma   4 years 1 week ago

    I'm praying! My mom had lymphoma I'm 17 yrs old and my mom is 40 and she fought through it once I believe ur daughter will to she's strong and she's young god has her in his hands!

  • Backwards   4 years 1 week ago

    Ask God for his peace through your difficult times. He will never hand you something that is too much to bear. Spend more time in His word and honestly ask for His grace. Sometimes the only way we listen to the Holy Spirit is when God places a bump in our path. I will pray that your Christian life remains strong through the rough patches. Christianity is a battlefield!

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   4 years 2 weeks ago

    How early do you think we should arrive to ensure that we get in???

  • Pray for Aaron Shust's Baby Michael!   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Your family is in my prayers- may He give you strength and comfort and God's mighty hand heal your son and carry you through this time in your lives.

  • Financial Overload   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Financial stress is very difficult especially in marriage, I would highly recommend you and your fiance taking a crown financial course together. My husband and I went through the course and helped us both to get a biblical perspective on money. it all belongs to God, we are just stewards of what is His.

  • Husband had his right hip replaced yesterday and is in a lot of pain. Tell years ago he had his left hip replaced and got an infection, it took 5 surgeries and 2 years to heal. Please pray for healing.   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Keeping your spouse lifted in pray, that he will heal, and be pain free. God Bless You Both.

  • Financial Overload   4 years 2 weeks ago

    i would love to help you pray, for you and all your financial situations. As i myself also am 22 years old and married with a child. You will be on my prayers. Just have faith. feel free to e-mail me back hopefully everything works out for you. take care and don't lose your faith.

  • sleep paralyzis/demon visitation.   4 years 2 weeks ago


    I've had that happened to me before. In my culture, the elders say it happens because of going out to certain places and by that the unseen follows the person back home. There are many different circumstances but that's usually the main on if your friend goes out alot. Oh, It's usually the opposite gender thats holding her down. Tell your friend to fight it and rearrange her room. After that, she should be able to sleep again. I hope this work for your friend. Prayers indeed do help very much!

  • Brandon Heath is a Drudge Report addict   4 years 2 weeks ago

    You guys changed my life sooo much? why? Because i only listen Christian music now.. thank you so much

  • Rock & Worship Roadshow   4 years 2 weeks ago

    IloveYour Music:) I Wish You Would Play More Lecrea Though.

  • Confused in faith,   4 years 2 weeks ago

    Definitely praying for you. I wish you luck in your walk with Christ and luck on your search for the right path.