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  • My Wife   3 years 4 days ago

    Dear Jason,

    I am also a woman who left her husband and children when they were in their early teens, a tumultuous time! I came back after two years, but that is my own story. Here is what happened:

    1. GOD told my husband (my kids adopted dad) to 'be a ROCK for me and to WAIT for me!' My leaving woke him up to the things I had been trying so hard to get through to him about our marriage and family issues. BUT.. I was WRONG to leave in the first place and it caused a lot of pain to us all!

    2. GOD worked in my heart for those 2 years and in my husband's heart... and we comforted our kids while we worked through things.. but they still struggled because my kids.. lost their dad to illness when they were small.

    I think the 'good' that came out of it all was that this and GOD brought us BOTH to our knees in our intense pain where we needed to be to learn to die to self for the other and our family. I wish I could say that everything worked magically fine after our reunion, but in fact it has taken many years of GOD working still in us to sacrifice for one another like Jesus does. Our kids learned over time that no marriage or family is perfect and LOVING and Cherishing one another is worth FIGHTING for!It's hard to see our kids suffer most of all when they don't understand. But they are resilient when they are assured we love them!

    Let GOD lead you.. share your grief with HIM, encourage and love your kids with all of your heart.. GOD will comfort them and you as well. HE will lead you in how to handle all of this and what to say and do. My husband listened to GOD.. that's all it takes to do all you can do. Praying and standing with you. hugging you with tears..

  • Feel so lonely, need guidance in what to do with my life.   3 years 4 days ago

    Extending a hug to you.. I DO understand... truly.. been there. I will pray for you right now.. and ask the LORD to Love on you.. minister His guidance to you.. and to bring peace and comfort. In my own times like these.. I have just snuggled in deeply to the LORD.. our time and focus when it is on HIM alone gives Jesus the chance to help us SEE and HEAR more clearly.. take some time and even though your feelings want to distract you.. share all of them with HIM.. He WILL give you comfort and hope you need and direct your path. Love in Christ!

  • Prayer for Healing   3 years 6 days ago

    Hi Gary,
    I will be praying for you...:) Migraines are not fun I suffer debilitating pain from them at 17 years old and have scoliosis which caused a curvature in my neck your walk with God he uses these things as lessons gotta just make yourself feel better and always keep your head high and focus on the God above that loves us forever

  • My Christmas Prayer Request   3 years 6 days ago

    Dear karen, I also have had a bad couple of years. Your request has touched my heart. Dear father I ask that you bless my sister with employment, that is made for her. You know all of karens needs. I ask that you shower her with blessings, in her fiances. I also ask that you return her husband to her. In jesu name Amen. Please pray for me also, I am an ex convict, and I am seeking a better paying job. God Bless you Karen

  • Forgiving oneself   3 years 1 week ago

    Wow...reading this was like looking in a mirror. But I remind myself that I am a child of God and that no weapon formed against me will prosper. Satan know that you are happy and living under God's grace and love. And that ticks him off. So he will do whatever he can to make you think that you are not worthy to be happy. But God takes you sin, forgives them and throws them away. I remind myself everyday that My Father loves me and wants the best for me. So I tell satan that he does not win. That Christ is victorious and since He lives in me, I am victorious. Tell yourself that everyday. repeat as often as you need to during the day. Satan can't stand to be in the mind that is constantly thinking on Christ. It shuts him up. Hope this helps. God Bless!!

  • Overwhelmed   3 years 1 week ago

    God is faithful to those who love Him. I know that God has you where you are for a reason. And your children will grow closer to Him because they see you faithfullness. I pray that God keeps you, your family and your friend's family in perfect peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding. And that whatever was taken from you will be returned to you 10 folds.
    I am a single mom and understand having to go without for a season. God bless you abundantly!!!

  • please pray for healing for my mom.   3 years 1 week ago

    Praying with you and for your mom and family.

  • Learn how to overcome the pain.   3 years 1 week ago

    Forgiveness is tough! It is an act of our will, not a feeling, moment by moment... even sometimes. Not allowing any thoughts that are not of GOD enter in and take hold in our minds.. we boot them out and think on 'lovely' and good things. It is no easy task.. especially when we hurt so deeply inside. I pray for the LORD to heal your heart, to bind up your wounds and to minister to all of your needs. I ask Him to give you wisdom what to do about the illness you have going on presently and to heal every part of your being in His way and timing.. Keep choosing to forgive.. and one day.. you will find perhaps your 'feelings' line up with your choice... it takes a lot of time and prayer. Much Love in Christ.

  • Mission trip to Africa   3 years 1 week ago

    Standing with you in prayer!

  • need guidance, strength   3 years 1 week ago

    Praying GOD will order your steps one day at a time and fill your spirit, heart and mind with all you need as a balm to quiet and heal your heart and soul and guide your way. HUGS!

  • it is for my nephew mathew one yers olde he have varose plese pray for him   3 years 1 week ago


  • Lift Me Up In Prayer   3 years 1 week ago

    Hi Ray;
    I got 'sacked' this year myself with neck, back and spine issues so I full well understand similarly where you are at. I also had a what seemed a 'cruel' taste of Sciatica pain that left me sleepless for the most part for 5 weeks. The need to work and the home duties too seem almost overwhelming at times when I am hurting or stiff.
    I am going to pray with you and also ask GOD to give you wisdom about your path ahead, how to care for yourself at this time and to let go what you can, for Him to bring along others to aid you in your time of need,and for healing... just KNOW that GOD WILL PROVIDE for you.. HE never fails.

  • Cancer   3 years 1 week ago

    Standing in prayers with you for them all!

  • 20 Year old nephew with cancer   3 years 1 week ago

    Praying with you for him!!!

  • This Might Be The Most Powerful Christmas Video I've Ever Seen   3 years 1 week ago

    Powerful Christmas story video indeed!

  • This Might Be The Most Powerful Christmas Video I've Ever Seen   3 years 1 week ago

    Leave it to children to tell the story the BEST!!

  • Please pray   3 years 1 week ago

    Dear father I am asking for your intervention for these folks. I ask that you step in and take care of their fiances, I ask that you extend your mercy to these people, and show them that their is light at the end of the tunnel. In Jesus name Amen

  • This Might Be The Most Powerful Christmas Video I've Ever Seen   3 years 1 week ago

    That was the most adorable version of the Christmas story on Earth. Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • NEED A BLESSING WITH MY FINANCES   3 years 1 week ago

    Dear Father I lift up Kimberley,s request to you. I ask that you show her direction, and keep the enemy out of her finances. I ask in Jesus name Amen

  • We Crave Your Feedback on Christmas Music!   3 years 1 week ago

    Great Christmas music especially the one played b/e focus on the family and the speaker(insight for living) It was a medley of songs sung by a big orchestra and voices. I would love to know who and the name so i could get it on itunes and play along with my horn. You r all doing a great job on your selection of Christmas songs this year as always. hugs and love to all you guys. Marco Here

  • Hi   3 years 1 week ago


  • My Son   3 years 1 week ago

    Standing with you as a mom who had to do a similar thing. The thing I have and still am learning is that our kids are God's kids first. We are given them as a trust by God to love and raise.. then comes the 'letting go' part for us. I think that it is harder often times for us than it is for our kids. But when we do.. God takes over. Our kids will live as we do.. going through ups and downs and trials.. but that is how they will learn to look for God.. especially when we cannot fix it for them. They will grow, mature, and b e c o m e .. as we have and are still. God can handle our kids and their lives and will do as He thinks best to bring them around and to minister to them. I will pray with you about his depression.. as I pray for my own son with his anxiety. My son did see a doctor but then refused that help. My son does not want or think he needs God.. but he is learning through life that he cannot control things as he once thought. Although I hate to see him struggle with fear.. it may just be the thing my own son needs to look to God when he becomes too overwhelmed. Praying for both.

  • I'm not as close with Christ as everyone else seems to be...   3 years 1 week ago

    Dear lost girl.. you are NOT lost! You are touching GOD's heart! Let me share a story with you.
    When I was in my 20's I used to stay up ALL night on PURPOSE trying to KEEP AWAKE to MEET with God. I used to sit outside on my our front porch and talk and listen.. and talk and listen.. only to meet with silence! I did this for some time. I got mad!

    I felt like you.

    I came inside one morning and pitched a fit at my kitchen table! I saidl "God! I love you.. but I can't do this on my own! I want to follow You and be with You but I QUIT! I give up! If you want me I'm here! I just can't make anything happen!"

    and.. I did.

    It was at THAT moment.. my life changed. GOD BEGAN to INITIATE our relationship. In other words.. HE led the DANCE.. and asked me to follow.

    I think that GOD might.. be telling you the same thing. He Loves you and you are not lost by any means. The thing is is that you NEVER compare OTHER people's relationship with GOD's to your own. There IS NO comparison because everyone is UNIQUE. GOd speaks to people differently as well. Not all the same.

    At first.. GOD used the Daily Bread to speak to me. Then.. He led me to His Word.. then.. other people.. then one day as I was reading the Psalms I said: "God, I'd like to have the same type of relationship with You that Kind David did.. and that I do with my own earthly dad.. just listening and talking intimately so.

    He granted that.

    But here is a gift I will give you.

    Sing to HIM.. on your own.

    Spend time with HIM in a place where it is quiet and it is just you and HE. Ask HIM what HE wants to say to you and wait.. have child like faith.. You learned to hear the voice of those who love you.. you will learn to hear Him too.. He is listening to you.. He's on the way.. Have faith.

  • Hoping for a house approvel and closing.   3 years 1 week ago

    Standing with you! Any updates to share for prayers?

  • My Pops and also a friend at work   3 years 1 week ago

    Jesus... my heart aches hearing the needs here.. I know it is Your heart LORD feeling their pain and anguish, the grief.. and knowing the needs of this child and these that are ill and hurting. DO Your work LORD.. let them feel Your Presence.. and SEE YOU are NEAR in ALL. Thank YOU for being I AM. They need all of YOU and YOU are there being GOD.. I AM.