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  • Smoking   4 years 5 weeks ago

    When I was first saved the Lord delivered me completely. I had no withdrawl symptoms at all! But.. a few years later when I was under a lot of pressure and pain I bought a pack of cigarettes and said to myself.. "I can control this now."

    Within a few days I was hooked once more.

    I prayed for the Lord to deliver me again.. and I tried and tried to no avail.

    One night at a street evangelism meeting I asked for corporate prayer for my addiction. Not only was it a reproach to me as a believer, but I knew it was very unhealthy for me and my family.

    An older gentleman came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He said: "The LORD says HE is going to do a might work in you." and he said this 4 times and left me.

    I will admit that over the years my pain level has been so intense emotionally that addiction even to other substances has always been something I have had to stand far away from and guard myself from so not use to NUMB my pain.

    In the end.. the LORD began to show me that HE was doing a work. That addictions are like the manifestations of a cold or flu. THEY are NOT the PROBLEMS THEMSELVES. There is something going on on the INSIDE of us that keeps us going BACK to them.. and sure.. our physiological bodies get addicted too.. BUT once the ROOT within us has been taken care of.. we NO LONGER DESIRE the DRUG itself... and the BODY can also be Delivered from the effects.

    The LORD took 2 years to do this work in me.

    I DO believe that HE does deliver us instantly most times when we ask.. but.. we DO have to go and do the recovery work as well for it to remain!

    My prayer for you today will be for the LORD to deliver you and to show you WHY you are so held by this and WHAT the Root of it is.


  • Steve fell skateboarding   4 years 5 weeks ago

    GOD will provide as they look to Him! Praying!

  • Betty Graham Recovery from Mild Stroke   4 years 5 weeks ago


  • Healing for Alicia Foss   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Praying along with you!

  • Kennedy-Baysinger Family   4 years 5 weeks ago

    My prayers of strength, comfort, peace, and courage are with this family as they undergo this challenge. My heart truly goes out- I can't even imagine what they are going through. Father pls lay your loving hands on this family and embrace them with your blanket of security.

  • Vote for Your Favorite Christian Radio Station!   4 years 5 weeks ago

    I love the music.and all your programs

  • Marriage   4 years 5 weeks ago

    My prayers are with you and your wife to be lifted up and to glow in God's light again.

  • Kennedy-Baysinger Family   4 years 5 weeks ago

    My prayers are with you all to recover strong after this tragedy.. may God bless you all.

  • Smoking   4 years 5 weeks ago

    I will keep you in my prayers to beat your addiction and be smoke free.. may god bless you.

  • My girl   4 years 5 weeks ago

    To encourage your heart Tammy.. I had rage issues as a teen and into my adult years. God WILL do the work.. keep praying and trusting in His time and through the events and people he brings into her life. Praying with you for her response to HIM through all!

  • Baby being born in march 2012   4 years 5 weeks ago

    "God, do YOUR WORK! We seek you on behalf of this baby and of this marriage and family!"

  • Wayne   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Standing firm in prayer with you!

  • Financial help for friend   4 years 5 weeks ago

    :)... AMEN.. in agreement with you!!

  • Brett   4 years 5 weeks ago

    "GOD!YOU are I AM. BE that in Brett's life and situation! Provide for every need and do Your Wonders among those watching!' In Jesus name.. Amen!

  • A friend's son   4 years 5 weeks ago

    "LORD.. you are GOD alone and nothing is too hard for You! Your Hand is never too short to save and ALL WISDOM comes from YOU. Your Word says that YOUR EYES roam to and fro about the earth seeking to SHOW YOURSELF STRONG on behalf of those who heart is perfect toward You. You also said that because of the faith of the paralyzed man's friends he was healed! We come to YOU reminded of Your Word and that ALL of YOUR PROMISES are YES and AMEN! Give these doctors, specialists and nurses THE TOUCH, the BREATH of YOUR SPIRIT! BREATHE YOUR WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, SIGHT, and UNDERSTANDING INTO them.. although they, may not know WHERE it came from.. we beseech Your help on behalf of Caleb. Let YOUR Presence be made manifest GOD! Bring healing to HIM and let all involved know Your Salvation and that YOU ALONE can SAVE! In JESUS Name and Precious Blood we pray! Amen!"

  • My nephew   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Praying for healing! Have Courage.

  • Close friend diagnosed with cancer   4 years 5 weeks ago


  • Please pray for my marriage   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Praying in the Spirit with you for your family!

  • Strugling with beleif   4 years 5 weeks ago

    I have 2 parents that are elderly and it is almost there time. I pray and cry because not only are they my parents, but my best friends.
    This is not an easy thing, but we cannot force others into God's Kingdom. Everyone before they die knows the Truth of God's existence and what He has done for them. God is not one to let someone go to their death bed without knowing the Truth.. I just don't believe that. And I am proof that God himself will even come to find one that is lost, because HE came to me when I was NOT looking for Him. It is up to each person that is invited whether to accept or decline God's amazing invitation and offer of grace. My dad.. can hear many things.. but he struggles with letting go of the control to God. My mom.. hear's nothing. She lives in a world of denial that I alone cannot get through and so, I have to KEEP praying for her while no matter WHAT keeping my own walk with God. what does it accomplish my friend if WE choose to walk away from God as well? We will not be with them anyhow. You and I must KEEP on with the LORD. I will tell you something though as one who works with those that are dying.. Love them... and you would be surprised how many people come to know Him just before their last breath. read Matthew 20: 1-16 and KEEP on walking with Christ. Also.. Have you ever read John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress? That will help your faith as well. Love in Christ. Praying with you for you and your dad!

  • Asking for Prayer because I cannot do this all over again..   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi Deb...

    First.. a HUGE HUG with tears.

    Second: Let me also put myself 'out there'.

    I live with what looks like a 3rd eye on my head, or at least that's what I call it.. because it's a bump and a big one. I am not sure this will apply to you, but it came to mind when I was reading your post.. so let me be honest about.. 'me.'

    I was led to Las Vegas. I actually did not expect it at ALL! and it is the LAST place I wanted to EVER be. But GOD had other plans than I.

    I wanted to live in my home on the other side of the country. Because we were also led to belive the lies of 'someone's word' we lost our home. There were reasons I did not want to come out here.. besides just not wanting to move to Las Vegas.. but.. the LORD said; "Go!" and so here I am.

    I have been one.. most of my walk with GOD.. to use GOD to get what and where I wanted to be in life. (Remember..i am talking about me).

    I would pray and ask for 'my will to be done' even though the words were "Your will be done"

    I spent a lot of time wrestling with GOD about a lot of stuff and running into my own dreams and finding the DOORS OPEN and then SLAM SHUT on me. (Hence the Bump in the middle of my forehead)

    It wasn't until I came to Las Vegas and experienced the BUMP over and over again... that after so many years, I finally said: "Okay GOD... what's Up with this?"

    HE then.. let me know that It was HIS will HE was wanting me to look to HIM.. that my dreams were not His and that I could not DO ONE THING without HIM.

    I finally SAW what HE was saying. All of my walk with Him I was TRYING instead of trusting.. Running instead of resting.. struggling instead of praying and asking Him for HIS will for me and for this life He paid for.

    I finally.. surrendered to resting and trusting in HIM for ALL things and dying to myself for His will.

    He stripped me clean from the inside out in the last year and a half and I am no longer the person I was.

    Now.. He leads the dance and I try and stay in step with Him. I find I have no worries at all no matter the circumstance because I am positioned within His will and HE makes my way.

    Like I said.. I am not sure if this has anything to do with your walk or not.. but know this too.. that NOT one thing is wasted with GOD.. inside all that you have been through there is a PURPOSE happening whether you see it or know it or not.. and GOD will make all of it work for your Goodd, the good of others and for His Glory. Isaiah 45:3 (felt to share that verse with you.) Praying with you!

  • For my son   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Praying your son's steps are ordered of the LORD because HE delights in his way.

  • Michael   4 years 5 weeks ago

    Praying with you and for my son as well!

  • The Kent Family   4 years 6 weeks ago

    Please keep our family in your prayers. for we are trying to keep faith and grow closer to GOD in the coming year and more to come. Thank you to the SOS family.

  • Marriage   4 years 6 weeks ago

    Watch the movie "Fireproof" together...

  • Stop the cycle   4 years 6 weeks ago

    Get the series "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggrichs. If you watch the whole series this should stop the crazy cycle for you, it did for us!