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  • Growing Faith & Relationship With God   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Standing with you in prayer.. continue to model so lovingly and on purpose as you have. God will do the rest. <3

  • A friend in need   3 years 50 weeks ago

    The LORD says in His Word that 'every person has a 'day' of salvation. It's kind of like a seed when it is planted in the ground and has been watered and tended with care by GOD. The 'day' comes when the person must respond to all that GOD has done to let them know that He is there.. but GOD lets us all choose to come to Him or not. The WONDERFUL thing about GOD is that His Word also says that HE STRIVES with us.. 120 years.. that means that HE Continues as HE says in Revelation to KNOCK on the DOOR Of our hearts. GOD NEVER gives up until we take our last breath.. and HE certainly does not lose patience with us in that. Continue to pray for your ex-boyfriend and leave him in the Hands of GOD. GOD knows each of us and HOW to get through to us. All best! Be at peace.

  • Forgiving oneself   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I can completely relate to you on this. I have experienced in the past condemnation and unworthy of why am I happy. Yet, the words of God give me comfort. He loves you so much that sent His son that knew no sin become sin..for us. So that He can have you, delight in you and give you a new life. Not a life of remembering the past.Don't let the enemy remind you of the past and if you are already in those thoughts, start sining, praising God. If He forgave us, why shouldnt we forgive ourselves? You keep on hanging in there. I'll be praying for you. I know it can be overwhelming at times. Remember, God knew you even before you were born, therefore..He loves you no matter what. Praise God everytime you remember how great is His faithfulness :)

  • health and money   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Standing with you for your friends.. and knowing that GOD will make a way for you.. in fact... He already has. Love in Christ!

  • All I want for Christmas is my Home.   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Dear Steve and Theresa.

    in 2008 both my husband and I lost our jobs within 2 months of one another. we are in the same age bracket as you are. We also had good jobs and had a home we loved. Two things I learned that GOD had in mind for us.

    1. He wanted to move us from the East coast to the west coast.
    2. He began to wean us off the world's system.. and He began to teach us about living by faith..and used Elijah's Story about when the Ravens fed him by the brook.

    GOD moved us with NO money in our own pockets.. but used others.. and just so we knew it was HIM.. my car broke down and our money ran out in New Mexico where we were stuck and used up the rest of the money..all but 40.00 in the four days we were there.

    GOD came through with the rest of the money to get 4 dogs, a uhaul, and an SUV the rest of the way.. but I was mad... instead of thankful.

    I sat alone with the LORD and said: "How come You only give us what we NEED to the penny? Why can you not give us a little extra?"

    He replied... " As Long as I give you ONE STONE to step on after the other.. what is that to you?"

    As I thought about that.. I began to praise HIM and be thankful. We have lived like that now.. having Him place one stone after before our steps everyday now for the last year and a half. Sometimes it includes jobs.. sometimes it includes pure faith and a stranger handing you a bag of food or a one hundred dollar bill saying.. "We felt to give you this." It has made us VERY humble. But now? I don't worry anymore.. GOD WILL PROVIDE.. HE PROMISED. We just ask HIM alone and HE makes a way in HIS own time.. according to HIM plan. ALL best!

  • NEED A BLESSING WITH MY FINANCES   3 years 50 weeks ago

    GOD sometimes KEEPS us in that place so we can walk and depend on Him for our needs one day at a time. The same has happened with us. One time we had 'extra' we thought.. and the car broke down. But .. we were glad to have the money to pay for that. GOD always makes our money run short... but then HE supplies the week we are in VERY interesting ways.. and different all of the time. HE PROMISED.. gave an OATH that HE WILL take care of HIS OWN.. HE WILL.. just watch!!! Praying with you!

  • Overwhelmed   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I just want to encourage you through Psalm 23 and Psalm 139. GOD has known your WHOLE life and path since before you and your kids were born and HE has the PATH for you.. so don't fear. I CAN say this because I have been without a job for 4 years now... my husband has lost a few because if illness and has not been able to keep any job because of his heart. Although our kids are grown .. we have 3 furry kids whom GOD brought our way to adopt. I have actually 'settled down' in my faith now.. because I have watched GOD MOVE to PROVIDE for our EVERY NEED. And I have learned what NEED means. HE has ALWAYS comes through in HIS way and in HIS TIMING, by HIS Means. It's actually getting fun to watch and always leaves me with my mouth hanging open... which in itself is a sight.
    The KEY I have been taught is never to ask someone else for help... only tell GOD our needs.
    There are times your faith will be tested until the end of it.. but then.. HE WILL COME. If HE does not supply something it means HE is going to make a change in your life somehow.. so be patient. He moved me from NC to NV and paid for the trip when I had no money. There will be times He will use those closest to us and then complete strangers. HE WILL.. that's all you need to know.. and ask for help when there is unbelief in your heart.. I had to for me.. because I was not sure He would want to help me.. But now.. the world can fall apart around me.. but HE will take care of me and I even have the faith to GIVE to others which is the BEST CHRISTMAS! GOD is building a NOAH type faith in HIS people.. just BELIEVE and "DO whatever HE tells you" Love in Christ!

  • Forgiving oneself   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I often find myself in this similar place when I think of how I raised my son. I have a lot of guilt. I made some terrible mistakes.. some ignorant and some out of sheer frustration. I know the LORD has also forgiven me.. but some days.. when I look at his picture and realize that I may never hear from him again.. I pray.

    I also know that I am not the same person and wish for the day that my son would know that it is not only he who has changed, but his mom also.
    But.. I cannot change or fix it. I pray.

    I know that I cannot unload this burden from my own shoulders... and that sometimes it is like a plant that needs to be re-potted in some areas of my life.. I hurt... and so I pray.

    I pray and I will keep on praying.. until I know.. that I will wake up.. and GOD will have healed those places in me. I will not allow those negative thoughts or the condemnation that comes from the enemy to take root in my mind anymore.. so I am like a security guard over my thought life. I pay attention to the thoughts that want to gain entrance and meet them with the Word of GOD. If they agree with Him.. they are welcome.. if not... I waste no time in kicking them out. what we don't feed in our plants.. don't grow and soon die.

    Just some food for thought.. praying with you. <3

  • newly single mon   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Praying with you! It is heart wrenching to hear this story, but comforting to KNOW that GOD ALREADY knew and has made a path for them to follow Him. I am so thankful that HE IS.. "I AM" for all of HIS OWN. Call SOS and see if it is not too late for her kids to be added to the Salvation Army's Christmas Angel program!

  • Forgiving oneself   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Hi, I have been where you are... whay I have learned through the years is if we keep ourselves in such a state, we are allowing satan into our lives!!! If JESUS has forgiven you, ask HIM to help you forgive yourself!!! It will not happen over takes work, and you have to WANT to do this.....STOP punishing yourself!!! Your past is just that.

  • what happens when???   3 years 50 weeks ago

    Just wanted to quickly update...they are still running tests. I think maybe I am going through a refining period.... I have always taken care of others...growing up I was taught asking for help was a sign of weakness.... now, I have to have assistance in ways I never would have imagined. Maybe the lesson for me here is that it is OK to accept is NOT a sign of weakness!!! Very difficult lesson..very humbling. I just turned 35!!!

  • Struggling with headaches for over a year   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I am kind of in the same boat. I have been struggling with debilitating back pain for about three months now..i pray as well, and I have a number of people praying too.We are still trying to find the source. It is difficult to function when you are in such pain I know. Don't stop leaning on JESUS!!! I will lift you and your family up...make sure you don't let the enemy use your pain to his advantage.

  • Car Accident, Mom & Son   3 years 50 weeks ago

    God is in control of that situation. I know how it is with money being far as being Christan goes Praise GOD you were ok for the most part, and keep praying for the other driver too. Your only option may be to see if he had insurance seeing as he/she was in the wrong. I would consider lifting that up.

  • Please Pray For Me   3 years 50 weeks ago

    take it day by day....or if need be moment by moment. and be PATIENT!!!! I have been a believer for almost ten years now, and i am constantly reminded GOD works on HIS time table, and HE really does hear you...sometimes things happen which leave us going OOOKKK!!! Remember we may not see what is happening or why at the time, but HE sees EVERYTHING!!! and he makes NO MSTAKES!!! Give it time you'll see.

  • being single   3 years 51 weeks ago

    When I was 23 God brought someone into my life. I did not fall in love with them.. but GOD made it clear this was the person for me and I was asked to choose to love them. We were married for 11 years and then he died. I asked the LORD in time if He had someone else for me and our kids? He took me to the story of Isaac and Rebecca. I did exactly what the servant did. I wrote in a secret place how I would know the ONE GOD CHOSE for me.
    It happened just as I wrote it. God desires to choose our mates for us. But He does it differently with each of us. Just follow His lead. I still had to choose to love this other person too.. but the love that comes is from deep within over time rather than just the mere outward attraction. We have had a stormy time at times.. but now we have been together for about 18 years and through this relationship GOD has changed ME so much. Just wait on the LORD you will not be disappointed for HE had made one just for YOU.

  • My Son   3 years 51 weeks ago

    At 15 my son was out of control. He would take and not do anything to help himself. I prayed and took a very big risk after doing all that I could for him. I told him he had two weeks to move out. The next day he disappeared and showed up about 4 days later in a state we used to live in. This was GOD's plan for him because he finally stood on his own two feet. He still has not come to the LORD and we pray for him all of the time.. but sometimes tough love is the only way. My brother has had the same thing and he was thinking of giving his child one year's notice to get ready to be on her own. I don't know GOD's plan for you and what HE would have you to do.. but HE will tell you His Plan.. sometimes our kids can lack confidence even to stand on their own and that can be another reason for their not moving forward.. they are scared to leave the safety of home. Sometimes counseling can help. We did this as a family. Much love and prayers! This too.. shall pass.

  • Wife Healing & a Miracle of God   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Dear David.. as I read your request my heart aches in shared anguish.. please know prayers are being lifted up and that the LORD knows and IS working on Your's, Pam's and your families behalf.. from a lady whose husband has been in the hospital 9 times this year with heart and we have jobs and no jobs.. the LORD has been faithful to supply EVERY NEED. At times we thought HE was not coming through for some reason we soon found HE had another plan and way for us to take.. all I can say is Let GO and rest in His Arms HE WILL NOT EVER FAIL YOU or ABANDON you.. HE WILL lead and carry you all.. ALL the way! Praying!

  • All of thee above   3 years 51 weeks ago

    The time has passed since this request was made. but praying now and knowing that GOD is working! All best!

  • Freind in Hospital   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Praying! How is your friend now?

  • My relationship with my boyfriend   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Praying.. and finding a good, Christian counselor can help. Just pray and ask the LORD to order your steps in who to see. HE always provides if that is His will and the timing is right. Standing with you all!

  • Girlfriend trouble   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Modeling Christ's love is your gift from the LORD to your friend. Praying for her.. and letting GOD be GOD in her life in His way and time is the best approach. Just being there for her.. and letting GOD use you.. and work in her while you are a rock in her life... with wisdom and balance for your own good.. will show her who Christ really is. Blessings! ps. I have a friend whom is not a christian and we have been friends (with wisdom) for over 25 years. Slowly GOD has brought her closer. Now she is in REAL crisis and is receiving more from HIM than ever before. sometimes.. like watching a garden.. it's a matter of time. You will know from the LORD over time whether to stay or let go.

  • Prayer   3 years 51 weeks ago

    GOD.. I pray for my sister Brenda and for her children... and for their dad. LORD.. assure Brenda that YOU WILL without a DOUBT give her wisdom, direction, guidance, and that you will be her PROVIDER and her HUSBAND and the Children;s Father. I pray that you will give her little ones and internal insight, knowledge and understanding like you did with me with my mom when i was very small and it saved my heart from much pain. I pray YOU will make this family STRONG and BIND them TOGETHER with YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Manifest Yourself LORD until there is no more doubt that YOU are with them. Give Brenda that crucial time to spend with YOU each morning first thing to guide her day. Please work in the father.. to provide for his children and work in his heart to bring TRUTH and healing.. Release his mind from the thoughts the Enemy has held him captive with and give him YOUR MIND.. the Mind of Christ. Help Brenda to be patient as You work in and through all circumstances and give her and inner JOY.. knowing that IN THE END.. YOU will help her and her family PREVAIL! Thanks JESUS. AMEN!

  • Pray for Mike and his family   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Dear GOD... Thank You for being ever present with Mike and His family. Do YOUR work in this situation LORD.. among the doctors, nurses and all caregivers. Among the family and most of all for Mike. Thanks for providing every need from the greatest to the least and for manifesting your PRESENCE and WORD that gives us peace. Surround them with your Angels and assure them that YOU will in the end.. bring GOOD from all of this.. a GIFT. For what Satan means for harm.. LORD.. YOU mean for the best for ALL around Mike. Thank YOU for being GOD! In JESUS name.. AMen!

  • Soldier returning home   3 years 51 weeks ago


  • Employment and relocation to las vegas   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Remember that GOD is the lead in our Dance with Him through life.. just follow HIS lead one day at a time and abide intimately in HIM.. HE will reveal His plan and timing with you. Curves may come in the road.. but GOD knows what HE is up to. He has already finished your Stories. Blessings!

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