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  • stress   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Precious Lord, intervene in the midst of this family who needs Your Presence. We bind Satan, every strong man, every demon set on assignment against them to steal, kill and destroy. We command them to leave and we break every scheme, tactic and move of the enemy in the name of Jesus that would tear this family apart! We declare the enemies plans null and void! For when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the LORD will raise up a Standard against him! Your standard LORD is YOUR WORD and YOU have the FINAL WORD! Speak YOUR WORD to this husband and wife.. cause them to hear YOU alone! We LOOSE the Holy Spirit to move in Power and Might among this family to soothe, calm, comfort, and heal! Your Word says "you quiet us with Your love". You have not left this family nor will you let them down or let them drown, but you will see them to the other side Lord. Lord I pray that you bridge all divides with forgiveness and that you reignite love, unity and understanding. Open fresh paths of communication and link each heart to the other. Bind them together once more by Your Spirit! Let them seek YOU and your will for their lives together and open their eyes, ears and heart to hear Your will Lord for them and the direction they need to take. Nothing is too hard for you nor is Your Arm too short to save.. SAVE now LORD! Save now! In Jesus name! Amen!

  • Struggling   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Praying for you all that the Chief Cornerstone will rebuild you a "Beautiful House" like God did for King David. "Unless the LORD builds a house and a family, they labor in vein who build it". Psalm 127:1 Peace Lord, upon this home and upon this family, in Your great name! Amen!

  • my life choice   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Standing in agreement with you Nancy as the LORD brings you to mind and heart.

  • Marc   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Praying for Marc's healing from the inside out, for his family as well, and for a new day, a new way, and hope for a brighter future for them all. Nothing is too hard for our GOD! Heal Lord and set free with Your love and Truth. Make a new road for Marc to follow You and redeem the past so that others will be comforted and You will be glorified through it all! In Jesus name amen!

  • Prayer Request/ Job situation   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Lord we pray you will show Otis your plan and path. Only YOU can make a way where there is no way. We give you praise and thanks in advance for Your Mighty Hand and work in his life. Open doors that cannot be shut and shut doors that You do not want opened. Order his steps and give Him the desires of Your heart. Place them into his heart. Is anything too hard for YOU? Not whatsoever! For you are Sovereign over the affairs of Your people. thanks LORD, Sovereign King! Amen.

  • Praying for a job so we can pay our rent   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Jesus the Good Shepherd has already gone before you to make your way. That's what a Good Shepherd does. Just seek Him in all of your ways and trust. You will be surprised that HE HOLDS all of the answers you will need as you sit in His Presence with His Word seeking His guidance.

    "You will hear a Voice behind you saying: "This is the way, walk ye in it." Isaiah 30:21 Praying with you this day.

  • bank acquires back my house   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Dear Branden,

    Remember the story about how Elijah SAW what Jezebel said? It instilled great, great FEAR into this man of God. Do you know that the enemy is also trying to instill fear into you? As God's child He has made an oath.. great and precious promises sealed in His own blood. Hear is what He is saying to you:

    1. Fear not for I AM with you. Is.41:10
    2. I know the plans "I" have for you Jer. 33:3
    3. The steps of a man are established by the LORD, And He delights in his way. Ps. 37:23

    Branden there are so many 'great and precious promises' and although i know it is easy to just quote all of these things like quick fixes, I actually KNOW about the fear of losing your home because we lost ours. (not that this will be your situation), but the Lord brought me and my family all the way across the country and told us to leave all behind and we did. After HE paid our way, HE provided us with a small new home to rent and all the furniture we needed. I guess what I am trying to communicate is when we go to the LORD and not people for our needs and we wait in faith and patience HE WILL ACT on our behalf 'to show Himself STRONG' You and your family are not in the hands of MAN, but in the HANDS of GOD and are SAFER than you can ever fully know. Praying with you.

  • sick children   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Hope your children are better this Christmas Day and enjoying their family... much love and prayers.

  • My grandsons   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Lord you hear.

  • Family losing home   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Praying the Lord will quiet the wind and the waves and give peace to hear clear direction. I am reminded of the verse in Ecclesiastes that says "He changes times and seasons". Sometimes we try and hold on to what God may be wanting to change. Praying He will give guidance in both situations, but most of all bring His Sovereign Presence and Peace into view.

  • Please pray for my marriage   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Interestingly enough we seem to be on similar ground. The Lord said to me yesterday that the 'purest form of love' has no 'self' in it. That it is wholly 'other' focused and when we can give that kind of love (once we learn it) we will receive it in return, but many times not until.
    My own pride and concern for self got in the way in our marriage and now that I am dying to that things are changing. God always requires US to take the first step and prefer others before ourselves. Even if something my spouse deems important (but it is not to me) I am to make it as important as my own interests.)Humility and Sacrifice is the path I am on. praying for you both as you hear one another's hearts.

  • Sick mother   4 years 21 weeks ago


  • Drugs & teens   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Praying.. sent you a FB message! hugs!

  • My friend needs HELP!!   4 years 22 weeks ago

    One of my really good friends just came to me in tears she has 3 kids one older son and a little girl and another little boy she has had a very hard few weeks car broke in shop twice in a month maxed out credit cards hardly money for gas let alone all her bills she has not even one gift for her babies christmas morning. i feel so bad im praying she can get through this and keep faith i know its four days before christmas but if anyone has any information on how i can help her please email me [email protected] thank you, danielle

  • prayer for my marriage   4 years 22 weeks ago

    My heart is praying along with yours today for the LORD to work in mighty way in all of your lives. I love the song by Warren.. but I also think that anything worth fighting for truly is.. a fight! This is something I have been learning from the LORD in all of my relationships. They are work.. a lot of work and on purpose. It's like having been given a plot of ground in God's Garden. Each moment of the day we are preparing heart's ground of those who are put into our lives. In some way we are given seeds to sow, and have to be faithful and in a balance to water them or they will drown with too much or dry up from lack of care. We have to be QUICK to pull up the weeds and not let them remain and watch and pray to keep the pests out. Genuine relationships are not for the faint of heart or for those who are satisfied with the superficial or lack of intimacy. While we are not called to put this much work into all of our relationships.. we are those closest to us. I pray God will give you wisdom and clarity in what to plant and how to work the ground you have been given. Big hugs sent your way! Hold on!

  • Loss of direction   4 years 22 weeks ago

    The late Christian comedian and singer Danny Ganns wrote a song: "Go as far as you can see." It was about a boy lost in the fog on a farm. The only thing the boy could see was an old tractor and the only thing he could hear was his Daddy's voice. I believe Jason that our lives are already known and completed in Christ. We, like you said, all take some wrong turns. But they are not without being foreknown and having purpose in our our lives and our families if we believe that Jesus will redeem it all in His way and time. It is very painful and God will be your comfort and theirs until He works things out. Only God knows what exactly will happen in your story, but the only Way is to call out to God in this fog.. and to hear and to go as far as He shows you one day at a time. When I was in a difficult situation in my own time of Fog.. God gave me this acronym: F=Focus O=On G-GOD.. and that is what is getting me where He wants me to be one day at a time in both joy and tears. Praying with you in your time of decision making.

  • Employment and choices   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Hi Tina;

    Standing with you in prayer for God's guidance and direction. His word says that if we desire to know His will.. we will know it. We just have to be faithful to wait on Him to reveal it when He is ready. As far as your present dilemma. God often places us where we are for a few reasons. One so that He can SHINE through you in a dark place. I know it is not easy to work in a secular environment, boy do I.. but at the same time that God can manifest His love in and through us, He changes us in those difficult places. Though it is painful and sometimes we want to run, the best thing is to just hold on tighter and let God work. Like sowing, watering and reaping over time.. you might be surprised the impact your life has made upon many of them in some way. Blessings!

  • voice for worship   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Hi Jesse, Worship is a wonderful ministry! Praying GOD gives you the desires of your heart as you continue to DELIGHT in HIM! Standing with you!

  • wieght loss need to have needed surgery   4 years 22 weeks ago

    LORD, I pray that You will carry Victor to his goal so that he can have the needed surgery. I ask that you change the desires within him in all that he partakes of, so that it will be easier for him during this difficult time and give both him and his family Your peace. Give each caregiver in the hospital wisdom from You in how to help and to care for Victor the very best possible way. Or LORD.. bring healing to Victor by Your own Hand. In Jesus name.. amen!

  • healing for my son   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Praying Karla and wondering how your son is doing at this time?!

  • My right someone   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Praying with you my sister.. much love in Christ!

  • Need of Prayer   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Lord, we thank YOU for being our Peace, our Provision, our Comfort, our ALL in all at all times.. Thank YOU for meeting the needs that Vicky and her granddaughter are waiting on YOU for.. we know that you will take care of them both in Your way and time. We give you all the praise! In Your GREAT Name.. amen!

  • Operation Christmas Child Collection   4 years 22 weeks ago

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  • Crossroads   4 years 22 weeks ago

    My spouse and I have been in the same boat believe it or not for 15 years. It is very hard for our kids and very unpleasant and painful for us. I will admit.. I gave my spouse pretty much the same ultimatum. But I soon learned I had to compromise. My parents have always treated my spouse as a child of their own along with our children. My spouses parents have been 'dictators and my spouse has had the choice of towing their line or being cast out.' After this past summer, I made my own decision after prayer that I felt was fair to my spouse, his family, and to myself,.. since I have been 'at fault' for whenever my spouse has not met with their approval. I refuse to be used or mistreated, and disrespected any longer and my spouse admitted to using me as a 'scapegoat' a times for our family issues with them. Sometimes there are not perfect endings.. or ways that we would desire for things to work out. BUT GOD has the right answer for each HOUR we are in with them all. Right now.. my husband and kids are free to fly and go to see and do whatever they like with his family. I choose to forgive, but will not take part in anymore hurt to my own self by their words or actions. They can go to them, but my home is my safe place. I don't know what GOD's answer is for you and your wife... I do know how painful it all can be.. but the place i have found that is best with GOD is to honor each one's feelings and to compromise so that although it is not perfect.. no one is cast off or exiled... and in time.. GOD can heal if we all are willing. Praying.

  • My Aunt   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Samantha you have a BEAUTIFUL HEART.. standing and praying with you!

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