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  • Financial guidance...   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I think the Lord is already speaking to your heart. I have lifted you up in prayer.

  • Need Employment   3 years 4 weeks ago

    You and your situation have been lifted up in prayer

  • 10yr year old granddaughter of friends   3 years 4 weeks ago

    Prayers said for Kylie and her family

  • Gary Caught Someone Gossiping About Him - Listen   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I've done it too. And this is why I felt so bad for them. Because I knew that could have been ME!!!!

    Thanks for the word! =)

  • Gary Caught Someone Gossiping About Him - Listen   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I'm not recommending pride... but I do think you can feel good that you #1 felt compassion for someone who was hurting you and #2 took the opportunity not to get the speck out of their eye, but to get the log out of your own.

    (Although it sounded a little like THEY had the log and YOU had a speck... whatever. Your heart was in the right place.) :)

    Thanks for reminding us:

    "Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, & what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops." -- Luke 12:3

  • life and choices   3 years 4 weeks ago

    I think it's time for you to go to a meeting. Are you in Vegas? Do it tonight, please.

    We're here for you.


  • Need some prayers   3 years 5 weeks ago

    many are praying for you do not crumble. God makes good of everything. Be strong in the Lord read the Bible and keep your head up. He is guiding you and with you. Your His child and He loves you. Know this and do what you need to do. Believe me God will provide make the decisions you are waivering on and you will see Him work in your life.

  • Left Behind   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Thank you all.

    I am SO involved in not only my youth group but multiple areas of my church as well. I love being at my church, in the House of Our Lord. And sometimes I feel that it may be the church itself, rather than God HIMself, that is actually holding me together.

  • end of time   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Fear not for I have over come the world Jesus said. Do not fear he has not given you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind matt 24;14"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. You can do something though Get in the battle the ten forty window need missionaries and King's supporting missionaries. I currently in India doing just that making a difference fear not brother Love James

  • end of time   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Jesus tells us in the Bible that nobody knows when these times will be. He also tells us that we should not worry about tomorrow and trust that God will provide (Matthew 6).

  • Waiting on the Lord, and Not being Angry or Frustated   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I am a woman, but I watched my husband lose 3 jobs in 3 years. One he worked at for 5 years at first and worked right up the ladder with the Lord's blessing. One day.. after becoming a regional manager.. and making the most profit.. they fired him outright.. along with some others. New middle management.. got rid of the ones that were not 'yes' men in the company. My husband was one of them and broken so badly by it. All he kept saying was that he was the provider and he let us down.

    But God came along and let me know one morning to tell him. (because it was hard for him to hear at the time) that HE was the Provider for us.. and that since HE was also the provider of my husband's employments that HE would take the responsibility for US. My husband's job WAS to head his family, lead us, and provide.. but UNDER GOD.

    Come to find out.. GOD had OTHER plans for us.. because I lost my job too at the same time. We did not know what His plans were for many months after that.. but HE DID take care of us as we learned to JUST look to HIM for our needs. It meant learning the difference between needs and wants.. losing things like our home and most all of our belongings, and having to move across country.. which GOD led and paid for and GAVE us new belongings when we got here.. and we STILL learn to live by His Hand for everything. My husband has been in the hospital 7 times in the last year and the LORD will not let me work at all. He KEEPS us LEANING on HIM for EVERY SINGLE THING.

    Sometimes even when we feel like we are ahead.. HE allows something to come that makes us SHORT and praying again for help. I believe that GOD is teaching us ALL a NOAH kind of FAITH because in the days ahead we WILL need it.

    Secondly.. I was a restaurant manager, security Guard, house keeper, private duty aid, yard worker, painter, preacher, prison minister and the list goes on and on.. I even got my degree going for psychology and GOD made me change it.. the whole Identity lesson for me and my husband and us all is this;

    We are NOT what we DO.. we are GOD's kids sent to DO something where HE needs us and when. I know you are a teacher.. I get that everything and everyone has a 'Name and a purpose'.. but sometimes when we get locked into something.. GOD will decide to send us into something else.. or just allow us to understand that our 'do is not our who' as Joyce Meyer says.. necessarily.

    God loves you and your wife and kids.. and they need to see YOU lead them through this time.. honestly, yes.. with integrity .. yes.. as their strength.. yes.. because GOD is YOURS.

    You can and WILL do this.. just get with DAD.. and know He loves you and them.. and WILL NOT let you down. Just let HIM show you HIS path. Praying.

  • really tough times.   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi Amanda;

    I hear the heartache in your request. Financial stress is something most everyone is experiencing right now and it wants to rob us of our peace.

    Do your mother and dad know the LORD?

    4 years ago my husband and I lost our jobs within 2 months of each other. The LORD gave us favor with our mortgage company and we remained in our home almost a year and a half before we had to leave. Times never got better for us with our home. But God had a plan. He told us to just do ministry at a homeless place and we did that. The my husband and I took some time to rest in the winter months after Christmas. In February he flew to Las vegas to spend some time with a sister he did not know well. I remained at home with our dogs. One day my husband called and said: "I think we are supposed to move out here". I laughed because we were fortunate to have 20.00 to our name.. period and the LORD had not said it to me as yet.

    Well, all of the doors began to close on the east coast where we lived.. we prayed and put our house on the market.. and the LORD paid our whole trip out to Las vegas and gave us all we needed to live... BUT.. EVERY week... we are SHORT and we have to LEAN on HIS PROVISION. He makes it come when HE desires from where He desires and we try to follow His lead in all we do. It's pretty amazing.

    Thing is we are just like you.. we have needs.. we have NO assets.. and we just TRUST GOD to take care of us as HE said he would. But we ONLY ask HIM for help.. no one else and we wait in faith and patience. We SWEAT BIG TIME when we first began trusting and learning this.. but now.. we are comfortable in it and peaceful. We DO have what we NEED.

    As far as HEARING from GOD.. yourself.. COMMIT to a quiet time every day. Be faithful. I begin my mornings with singing to the LORD.. because He inhabits our praises.. but GOD is not legalistic.. In fact HE is ALWAYS closer to you than you can imagine.. closer than your next breath. It is our distractions that make him feel far away at times. I Confess whatever I know may be in the way of our fellowship immediately because I always want that 'open door' with the LORD. I sit with the LORD and I wait for HIM. He will come.

    When you first start out.. don't get discouraged. Just Show up.. and soon God will show up and manifest Himself to you. Intimacy with His kids is His heart.. however sometimes.. it takes time to Build any relationship.. but then it's beautiful! He loves you.. and He will be there for you.. just keep seeking Him.. that's HIS promise!!

  • My prayer   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Hi Tina;

    I know this will sound just too simple.. because as human beings we are more like 'human doings' instead.

    I have struggled with many of the same issues you have posted. I wish I could tell you that God came and waved a magic wand and everything was instantly well.. but that is not the case.

    What I will say is this and let it FILL you with Hope:

    On top of my own issues I had terrible debilitating fear and panic.. I asked for prayer from every place, even went to counseling which really helped me a lot. But the KEY was to fall on my knees in my heart of hearts and just POUR OUT ALL of my concerns, fears, hopes and dreams to GOD.

    The reply that I heard over and over again.. was: "Let GO" Psalm 139 and Psalm 127 and Psalm 23.

    The LORD told me that no matter how damaged I was and no matter how much fear I had about repeating the things that happened to me with my own kids that HE would be with me,help me, uphold me and transform me.. HE would BUILD ME and MY LIFE and who I would BECOME IF.. I just simply let HIM.

    Over the years.. God has healed my fear. He healed my thoughts of adultery gradually, He helped my own anger.. and YES.. He let me learn some hard lessons even with my own kids that made me sweat sometimes.. He gave me another verse which I never forgot during these struggles
    "You have made a wide path for my feet to keep them from slipping" Psalm 18:36

    Now I am almost 51 and HE helped me MAKE IT. As the Word says: "LINE UPON LINE.. here a little, there a little" He changes us. We will not be magically delivered most times from our History, but He holds us and helps us to change it over time. You and I have NO idea how to change our heal ourselves.. We are HIS workmanship and just CLAY. But GOD will do it in His own time.. enter His rest, be patient with yourself and just FOLLOW HIS LEAD. in time alone with HIM you will know the path. simply trust. HE WILL NOT fail you.. nor your family.<3 Praying for you.

  • Vote for Your Favorite Christian Radio Station!   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I casted my vote for SOS!!!

  • Don't lick the Chicken Pox Lolipops!!!!   3 years 5 weeks ago

    A great danger for immunocompromised people working in cargo or living at home which Lolipops posted ...
    Transfer of microbes with carried only cargo without any insulation, a very interesting condition...

    This header of "Don't lick the Chicken Pox Lolipops!!!" was very accurate and meaningful.


  • How Great Is Our World? Chris Tomlin changes the song.   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I love this song! When I went to the Winter Jam, the artists were talking about how many languages the Bible has not been translated into and how starved many people are for the Word of God. This song unites us with others who speak different languages and belong to other cultures through the love we all share for Christ! It's a powerful song, please continue playing it!

  • Sarah   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Father please pour your spirit out upon Sarah. Please guide her in her walk with you and honor her desires to be close to you.

  • My Dad   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Father one of your names is provider. I ask you to take care of the needs of this family today. I also ask you to provide this father with an opportunity to have a secure and stable occupation. OUr hope is in you. We trust you to answer these prayers to glorify your holy name.

  • Financial healing   3 years 5 weeks ago

    You are in my prayers, friend. My heart goes out to you.

  • The Story of Adoption #2   3 years 5 weeks ago

    The Cain family is one amazing and gracious family I know first hand . There love for not just the lord but everyone they encounter is just that pure love . They've inspired me so very much and the story about little Marc Cain is just the most beautiful let alone the video of daddy bringing home baby to meet family and friends they are a one of a kind family and mine ;-)

  • Need some prayers   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I left 13 yrs ago and did not have a job and yet Iwas awarded custody of 4 boys ages 4-9.the lord will provide for you but you must take a step of faith.I got a job and for the past 6 yrs I had no child support and was never on public assistance and yet the Lord never left me.I encrouge you to move to a shelter because it is not worth staying in an abusive relationship.My oldest 3 are in college while my youngest is a senior and will go next year.

  • The Story of Adoption #1   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Carly and John, you have been so inspiring in so many ways! I have known you two for a few years and I remember when life was so much more simplier for you both...but God knew He had wonderful plans for your family. The Souza family is a picture of hope, saving grace, and infinite love. I love you both! Continue to bless others and keep God always the center of your lives.

    Rose Cabulong

  • My prayer   3 years 5 weeks ago

    I am lifting you in prayer, my sister in Christ.
    My mother was an abuser too, but through Christian counseling at my church and much prayer, I have become a very good mother to my children. It's possible. God can heal and redeem all situations.
    I will keep you in prayer.

  • really tough times.   3 years 5 weeks ago

    God speaks to us in many ways. We must train ourselves to listen and recognize Him speaking. This isn't always easy in our culture today because of amazing technology we have at our fingertips. But God more often than not speaks in a still small voice. I encourage you to read and study your Bible, because God speaks through His Word more often than anything else.

  • Vote for Your Favorite Christian Radio Station!   3 years 5 weeks ago

    Defininately SOS Radio station in Las Vegas is my favorite station