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  • Strength to survive infidelity   4 years 25 weeks ago

    First off id like to say im very sorry your man strayed. Im a man i have never strayed but my first wife did :( i know what it takes to forgive, Sweetie if you are still crying because it hurts you have not given it to GOD you may feel like you have forgiven him but deep down inside you haven't totally surrendered it. I encourage you to take that leap and trust god. Its very difficult i been there im a man but im a sensitive man. I found some great info in a book called Love and Respect you should check it out. also if you go to have you and your husband do it ut will show you what is right about you and will open your eyes to whats me i did it with my current fiance.....we were all set to be married last march but the train jumped the tracks, she started actin irrational and getting crazy, so here it is dec and still not married. i thought she was just being selfish and she was fishing me for compliments and always acting insecure and i couldnt figure it out, but after the flag page i discovered that her number one motivater in life was encouragement...i was not lifting her up like i should have been and i see now how it was me not giving her what she needs to be herself, and she was reacting in a negative way. guess what now i always text her sweet things and tell her as well and she is like a different woman... you may say all women need that but in her case its the number one motivator for her.... flagpage is 15$ each but very valuble tool, and Mark Gingor is a pastor in Wisconsin and he has a dvd series called Laugh Your Way to a better marriage,on ebay for 34$ worth every penny. so thats my encouragment....Give it to God....if you really love this man show him respect even tho he trampled your love, and you will see him treating you with love. its in the bible as you will see..Ephesians 5:33 it says each one of you must love his wife as he loves himself and the wife must respect her husband. Hard to do but lean on God he will give you the strength.

  • My dad is extremely sick   4 years 25 weeks ago

    My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cacer. It can be rough but God has been with us every step of the way and makes life that much brighter. I will be praying for him and your family.

  • Rebecca St. James Going on Tour   4 years 25 weeks ago

    hey good to hear that im happy for u nd remember that i love u nd your songs nd thanks for bein a great example

  • Scoliosis   4 years 25 weeks ago

    thank u brought tears to my eyes i am hayley dnt know if this was ment for me or not but thanks for the encouragement

  • Scoliosis   4 years 25 weeks ago

    I just found out that there is someone out there my name is Hayley... I am not sure if this was for me but the response brought tears to my eyes <3 Thank you for the inspiration..

  • Strength to survive infidelity   4 years 25 weeks ago

    Thank you for your prayers. I never knew what unconditional love was until I met him. I see through the pain, because I know there is so much joy on the other side. I think more than everything, I don't necessary want him to feel my pain, just to understand it. Bless you for your kind words.

  • Are Your Kids Normal? Compare the Average Christmas List   4 years 25 weeks ago

    My # 702-204-3925. Email nearymartinez@ Anthony Angelica ..Izaiah n JOJO ...sorry not good on a Computer...I sent a Request Earlier..Thank you And God Bless

  • Are Your Kids Normal? Compare the Average Christmas List   4 years 25 weeks ago

    On my way Home I was listening too my Radio station SOS ...but are you still helping Families for Christmas..My Daughter Angelica and Her Husband Anthony are trying too make ends meet on his unemployment ..They have a Son 7yrs.and a Daughter 4 yrs old Izaiah n JOJO are there names..don't no where else. Too go...can you please call me or Email me and give me some Locations ..Thank you so Much


  • Thoughts on Christmas Music?   4 years 25 weeks ago

    CHRISTmas music.... 100%
    We only have a short amount of time to listen to it. The time goes bye so quickly.

    And, Yes, I think we need to have CHRISTmas music that is geared toward CHRIST. But, too we need some fun stuff for the kids. Music by GO FISH is awesome. They have a wonderful song - Christmas with a capital C - that would be wonderful.

    This isn't always a happy and fun time of year for everyone, but music can help make it so. It can remind them of why we have CHRISTmas and the joy that can come of it.

    CHRISTmas music.... 100% !!

  • Custody hearing   4 years 25 weeks ago

    Christ is real. Thank you.

  • Custody hearing   4 years 25 weeks ago

    You have no idea the strength and hope I draw from your encouragement. Christ is real because He lives in His people. You are an embodiment of His love. God bless you.

  • Thoughts on Christmas Music?   4 years 25 weeks ago

    I would really like to hear christmas music on this station that is less worldly. We choose to not get into Santa, but focus on Jesus the reason for the season.

  • Please pray for my daughter   4 years 25 weeks ago

    I am struggling with the same situation with my daughter. Please know that I will be praying for her and for you that
    God may intervene and the Holy Spirit speek to her.

  • Thoughts on Christmas Music?   4 years 25 weeks ago

    Songs about Santa Clause should not be on a Christian Radio station. Songs should be about our Saviour. Maybe a few others.

  • Harry and Donna Salamacha   4 years 25 weeks ago

    That's it. Thanks again. BB.

  • Harry and Donna Salamacha   4 years 25 weeks ago

    Very nice. "Where two or more shall agree on earth as touching anything we shall ask, it shall be done for us, by our Father in heaven." "Forever, oh Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven."

  • Family court life battles   4 years 25 weeks ago

    If this is Art Richie you are speaking of he is a very fair man.I know from experience. God bless you and your family. I will pray for you that God will be brought to light on Dec.5.

  • Strength to survive infidelity   4 years 25 weeks ago

    I could of wrote this myself. I have been through this exact same situation. Time does heal but search your heart if this is truly the person you love. When time passes we can see so much clearer. God bless you and keep praying.

  • Re-guarding my family   4 years 26 weeks ago

    Praying for your dad and family. Psalm 103:19 Please give this to your dad. GOD always has the LAST WORD and WILL take care of you ALL. Only LOOK to HIM.. and HE WILL come through. Both my spouse and I have been ill and out of work for a few years.. GOD has come THROUGH at EACH turn! It's a walk of child like faith. You WILL be okay in HIS HANDS. Rest Tina. breathe relief.. your Saviour and Deliverer knows and comes!

  • memorial service   4 years 26 weeks ago

    "GOD! HEAR OUR CRIES and COMFORT our ANGUISH of HEART! Thank you LORD for being I AM. Because we NEED .. YOU!"

  • Please pray for my daughter, Alicia   4 years 26 weeks ago

    For some odd reason as I was reading your prayer request I felt to tell you to see the movie 'Courageous', take your daughter. Then.. her heart may open.. she'll 'see' as GOD opens the door for a loving discussion and reveals your father's heart. Praying with you.

  • family health   4 years 26 weeks ago

    Praying with you for GOD's VERY best for your uncle and for your comfort and peace. Sending you love!

  • Please pray for my daughter   4 years 26 weeks ago

    As a mom whose son is far away from me and GOD .. I can identify with the cries of your heart. The Word of GOD says that each of us has a 'day' of salvation.. we are the fathers and mothers who wait with the porch light on for our prodigals to come home. Some do and some do not.. God gives each of us a free choice. But be comforted as I am with His Love..and know that HE will KEEP ON KNOCKING on the DOOR of our children's hearts every single day they live and breathe. We just have to love them and let go and let GOD be GOD. When the 'season' is right.. they may return and how great our Joy! But we have no control.. only love. Praying with you for our kids!

  • Custody hearing   4 years 26 weeks ago

    Praying and standing with you. The LORD is with you and will uphold you no matter the outcome. The pain however we cannot escape. But HE can and will hold you, uphold you, carry you through, see you through, redeem and transform this into something more wonderful than you can imagine! For the JOY set before HIM...(for what He saw in the future that was to come with us) He endured the cross. He has the scars still...although they pain Him no more. Because He has seen what WILL BE in your future as well...Trust God as Sovereign. What WILL BE is beyond this present cross as you follow HIM and is Glorious. Trust with all of your heart. Love in Christ. Pain has been my constant companion on this journey and my scars are many.. that is why I speak this way.. not as one who does not understand. Just keep your eyes FIXED on HIM.. He'll give you grace and beauty for ashes.

  • Family court life battles   4 years 26 weeks ago

    I pray Matthew 6:9-13 with you.. and that GOD will free you from the heavy load you bear. Coming under your burdens.. your cross with you and lifting it to the Father.

    "LORD.. take these things.. and help my sibling in you.. let go. You are Sovereign over all of the affairs of man and over your children's especially. Love on this child today LORD, and give Yourself.. our peace." Amen.

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