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  • Prayer for wisdom and that he can return the vacuum and get our money back.   1 year 38 weeks ago

    The key property of a vacuum is it’s pressure or how “hard” it is. We often measure that with Torr units. One Torr is exactly 1/760th of a standard atmosphere (1.3 x 10-3 atm), or approximately 1 mm of mercury. With a very hard vacuum, more of the air molecules are sucked out, resulting a greater negative pressure.

  • Separation, pending divorce   1 year 38 weeks ago

    My heart goes out to you. Remember, God is FOR marriages! He is bigger than any created being (satan). I am praying for you my sister. You are covered in prayer.

  • Broken Marriage   1 year 40 weeks ago

    I would communicate your true heart to him ( be as positive as you can)

    Say, we have had ups and downs in marriage (as most ) however we have been together through it all and maybe we don't know how to support each other; but I feel Gods has a plan for us both " God is a God of Broken Marriages"

    Tell him,

    Is there anything i can do for you today, (most times they are lost for words) say i can cook dinner or lunch and we can sit and just spend time together talk and maybe we can come up with a solution.

    Tell Him,
    I prayed for you, i realized that your to are struggling and hurt or ____ ___ and i asked God to show himself in your day today, help you and to help us. God is a God of covenant and his desire is for Marriage. ( and really do it, tell God i put it in your hands restore my marriage and make us know and trust you more through this trial, help me be sensitive to the Holly spirit and see the work that you are doing. )

    if it all falls apart and you say things you regret, say God i'm sorry , forgive me, (immediately after or once you think about it and are upset with yourself.

    Tell God, i turn to you, i need you to change me and need you to fill my husband and myself with love, hope and a new beginning.

    Plug in to a church and if possible go together.

    and always in Jesus Name, amen.

  • Scott Herrold In The New Mercy Me Video   1 year 40 weeks ago

    WOW the band Looks GREAT Bart looks AWESOME way to go on w.loss
    JUst Love Love Love

  • Really need a miracle now!!!!!   1 year 40 weeks ago

    I have prayed for you and know that God is willing and able to help you. Here are some Scriptures that may help you:
    Psalm 40
    Luke 6:27-36

    The only way to bring manifestation of the Scriptures into your life is to apply the Biblical principles into your life and to walk by faith, standing on what God has promised. God is surely providing for those who are diligent to Him! He is such a good God! Praise Him even through the toughest times.
    Be blessed.

  • Death of Uncle   1 year 40 weeks ago

    I am so sorry about your uncle. I have prayed for you and believe that Jesus will bring you comfort and is able to use you for His purposes despite your hard times. There is one vital thing you need to understand, and that is the people of this Earth belong to God and have never belonged to us. The Devil will try to turn your mindset against God and will try to make you angry at Jesus, but stand fast against him and he will flee.
    Here are some Scriptures that might be able to help you:
    Ecclesiastes 3:4
    Philippians 4:4 (despite the hard times)
    Romans 8:28

    Be blessed. We serve a good God.

  • mom remy   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Prayed for her healing!

  • Prayers for my daughter, Allison   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Prayed for Allison

  • Really need a miracle now!!!!!   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Prayed you find a new job

  • Marriage in suffering   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Prayed for you and your family

  • Need your prayers   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Praise for answered prayer. I just signed lease for house to move to Las Vegas. I am interviewing on Tuesday for a job in Las Vegas. Please pray I get the job. My sister is healing well from surgery. Thank your your prayers and support. I look forward to meeting my new Las Vegas Christian family and praying and supporting you.

  • Prevent Divorce   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Jeremy, I pray that your marriage is restored. Please seek guidance through counseling. I am going through this too (my husband left me after 14 years of marriage just a few weeks ago). I found help through a confidential service at 800-280-3782. They work with most insurances. I pray for strength and courage for you and that God speaks to your wife's heart and opens the line of communication. Amen.

  • Gender disappointment   1 year 40 weeks ago

    A child is a gift that is given unconditionally. Once you see your child and discover his/her personality, you will fall in love with him/her. Remember you are raising our future adults and your morals and values will follow them all their lives. Keep the faith that God knows what he is doing. Love this child unconditionally.

  • restoration and healing   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Michelle, I understand where you are coming from. I am in Paul's same circumstance and I find it hard to trust someone with my heart. I pray God hears your prayer and Paul's heart can heal.

  • My family. (Guzman family)   1 year 41 weeks ago

    My prayers out to you and your family. Try not to get discouraged! May our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus bless you and your family.

  • My family. (Guzman family)   1 year 41 weeks ago

    Perla it's Carlos from church I will have you in my prayers always ,love you ok ,it's going to be alright

  • 6 Yr Old Samantha Wants An Astronaut To Come To Her School...   1 year 42 weeks ago

    How is Samantha's quest for getting an astronaut to visit her school coming along? I hope she makes her dream come true! I graduated high school with a kid that always talked about outer space, NASA etc...he grew up to be THE Michael Anderson, Astronaut. Just wondering if Samantha is making headway on her endeavor?

  • In Need of Guidance   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Father please bring this Christian believer, the peace that passes all understanding. I pray for that promotion, or a job that pays more than the current one. I bind the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Brother or sister. I am an ex convict, I do know the struggles many people are facing right now. At one point in time I thought the Lord was angry at me, no, it was the enemy satan playing with my mind. Your a child of the King, Jesus Christ has got your back. I believe the Lord has your break through coming soon. God Bless

  • My daughter   1 year 42 weeks ago

    I will be praying for your daughter safety, and her coming back home. I will also pray for God's peace of mind for you. Dear Father, I lift this family up to you. I ask protection for the young lady. I ask that your Sprit guide her in the decision to come home. Please bring peace to this family. God Bless

  • Super Bowl Velveeta Shortage? Never Fear - Homemade Velveeta!!!   1 year 42 weeks ago

    God Shows NO favoritism. So why should he like the Broncos Better than the Seahawks?

  • Mandisa Shares What It Really Means To Be A Christian   1 year 43 weeks ago

    Listening to Mandisa this morning really helped me feel better about myself. I tend to stay home a lot because Ive gained a lot of weight and ppl stare and make comments and it makes me feel really bad. I hope one day to be as close to God as she is. I love her songs they are uplifting and make my day easier to deal with so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Natalie Grant Walks Out Of The Grammy's - Read More   1 year 43 weeks ago

    I appreciate the positive answer Natalie gave. And I so very much appreciate that she & her husband had the courage to leave when they did.

  • The Roadshow 2014 - Vegas   1 year 43 weeks ago


  • Gender disappointment   1 year 43 weeks ago

    God has given you this precious gift, where others are wanting, trying and fighting for a child of their own. May God grant you a beautiful, healthy, strong child. You will embrace and love your child more than you ever thought you could love anyone in this world. Congratulations and many many blessings to you and your family!

  • Aveda Institute's Masquerade Ball   1 year 44 weeks ago

    Sounds like a great event and all for a good cause.

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