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  • Divorce   1 year 26 weeks ago

    Lean not to your own understanding, in all ways acknowledge God and he will direct your path. Trust in The Lord with all your heart. God will bring you through.

  • Praying for my boyfriend   1 year 26 weeks ago

    Lord I pray revelation from you God to this person about this relationship. I pray the word of God that you love God above all. Thank you for answered prayer in Jesus Name Amen!

  • Sick Baby   1 year 26 weeks ago

    Thank you Lord you are our strength in weakness. Our healer , our protector our healer.

    God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

  • HELP!!!!!!   1 year 27 weeks ago

    Jonathan forgiveness comes from God. If you love God ask him to forgive you then receive your forgiveness . Go to your family with the peace of Gods forgiveness and watch how God will change the situation.

    If you forgive men when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will forgive you. Matthew 6:14

  • Good job needed!   1 year 27 weeks ago

    My company just posted an add for Office Manager
    Therapy Management Group fax # 702-425-2787

  • HELP!!!!!!   1 year 27 weeks ago

    I am sorry to hear that the choice you made was a dishonor to your family. First, we will pray together for your next step to recover your honor to yourself and your family. Then you must listen to the answer, it may not be the answer you want to hear, but listen to what the Lord guides you. It may be a hard choice that the Lord leads you, just make sure it is He that gives it to you. Ask for forgiveness to yourself also.I know this sounds general, that is all I can do without knowing what was done. I jus know the things I have done and what my children have done. I have never given up on family, even when I did the wrong thing or they did. Trust in Gods leadership in guiding you. AMEN!

  • Daily Stuggles   1 year 27 weeks ago

    God has an amazing plan for you. Follow the signs and direction that God places into your heart. You've been put on this earth for a reason and God is there for you every step of the way. Believe in him and know that he would never give you anything you couldn't handle. The helplessness and hopelessness will go away. Believe in yourself. Trust in God. Everything will be OK. :)

  • Need ideas for the Do Something Summer of Purpose?   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Do you know what/where a 13 year old girl could do for service this summer? Pretty much everything I know of she needs to have an adult with her because she is too young. Also, we live in Lolo 8 miles south of Missoula and at her age she doesn't drive. I hate that she is spending her summer being bored. =-(

  • Forgiveness and forgetting   1 year 28 weeks ago

    Veronica the way we let go is to let God. Is it easy no. Staying playful is the key to overcoming any situation you face. read all the scriptures on forgiveness that you can . Thank God for easing the pain, forgiveness is the first step.

    Colossians 3:13
    Matthew 6:14
    Luke 6:37
    Matthew 18:21-22

  • addiction   1 year 28 weeks ago

    God in the Name of Jesus. We thank you for saving us. Thank you for cleansing our body of addiction and by the blood of Jesus forgiving our sins. Thank you Father for healing.

    Psalm 30:2 O Lord my God! I called to you for help and you healed me. In Jesus Name Amen!

  • In DIRE need of prayer   1 year 28 weeks ago

    And he said unto me! My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9.

    We don't have all the answers, we serve a God who does. Be encouraged God is with you. I ask God to give the family a peace that surpasses all things. God speaks in whispers when the noise is gone you will hear the voice of God!

  • How YOU can pray for Tobymac   1 year 29 weeks ago

    I will pray for toby and dad and family. My folks are sick and old 76 as well. Sad to see. Toby Mac is my favorite artist. I still listen to Jesus Freak almost weekly. Its my favorite song. The words of his songs really meet me with Jesus and help me. thanks

  • God's wisdom and plan   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Dads too?


  • Keith's trip to Alabama for basic training   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Done. I totally will. Let him always recall Gods word to give him comfort and show his flightmates how Christ gives you stregnth.

  • NCLEX test   1 year 29 weeks ago

    I have a similar request. Know you have studied and I'll ask God to help you recall and pass! Even give you a few Freebees !

    Love Alex

  • Request prayers for my son to come back to Jesus   1 year 29 weeks ago

    Maybe he is her way to Jesus and Salvation. Be nice to her just because she doesn't know HIM yet does not mean she never will. Be an example of Christ's love. Be her guide to Christ.


  • Financial   1 year 40 weeks ago

    My family & I will pray for you! We have a bit of advice for you...there is a course called Financial Peace University, taught by a Christian man named Dave Ramsey. His class made a HUGE impact on our families financial situation! The classes are hosted through local churches and you can go online to find one that is starting one near you. If you can do the class, I urge you to do it & if you need assistance to sign up, I would be proud to sponsor you. We believe in it that much! Best wishes & we will keep you in our prayers!
    Belinda C

  • Broken Marriage   1 year 40 weeks ago

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I want to talk to my husband, but he does not want to discuss any type of resolution at all. I see a counselor and it is helping. I have decided to move on with my life without him and started attending church again. It has been over 20 years since I have been to one. I love it and am making new friends.

    I am learning to talk to God and telling him my feelings and desires. But most of all, I have told God that I put my marriage in his hands and asked that he bring it to a resolution.

    I still love my husband, but that trust I had with him is broken and I don't know if I could take him back after what he did to our relationship. Therefore, I am focusing on me. Healing me. And getting closer to God.

    Again, thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate it - more than my words can say right now.

    May God bless you.

  • Salvation for Shawn   1 year 40 weeks ago

    I pray that Shawn will be able to forgive for whatever happened so that he may be truly set free and see the Lord's love for him.

  • God's wisdom and plan   1 year 40 weeks ago

    If you're at a public school, I would pray that a new opportunity will be available at a Christian and godly centered school. Praying for you and all teachers

  • God's wisdom and plan   1 year 40 weeks ago

    If you're at a public school, I would pray that a new opportunity will be available at a Christian and godly centered school. Praying for you and all teachers

  • GriefShare at Victorville first Assembly of God Church Victorville, CA   1 year 40 weeks ago

    I am in great need of prayer. I am in a custody battle for my children, they are with the “ex” at present and she is into witchcraft and tarot cards. My children say they no longer believe in God. My present wife left and my finances are in discord.
    I usually have God’s guidance and hear his voice but like a faucet his presence has been shut off and HE speaks not to me. I fast and pray, but it is as I am dead. I examine my life and have cut anything considered secular, TV, music, but still HE is silent at a time I need him most. If there is anything that keeps HIM from speaking to me I pray it be made known to me. I covet your prayers. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much. God Bless … Marcus

  • God's wisdom and plan   1 year 41 weeks ago

    Hi Michelle, I'm a parent of a middle school student. First, I WILL be praying for you. Second, I belong to an organization call MIPI (Moms in Prayer International) we are all about interceding in prayer for our children, they're schools and teachers. I would suggest you go to and find your city and see if there are moms that are covering your school. Then you could connect with them to cover you and your needs in prayer! You can email me if you have any questions. Good Bless!

  • Ceci's World. Blog. Facebook. Email. Morse Code.   1 year 41 weeks ago

    We listen to SOS in Las Vegas, Nv. We are in Japan right now and listening to SOS via the internet. All the way in Japan we get some of home. God is good.

  • Strawberries & Springtime! By Chef Phillip Dell   1 year 43 weeks ago

    one LG strawberry 1 3/8 " (18)g has 1 gram of sugar

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