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SOS Radio Work Selfies

Thank you for listening to SOS while you work! Let's have some fun! You've got the opportunity to win tickets to Big Daddy Weave's "The Beautiful Offering Tour" (or if you're outside of Las Vegas, their latest CD)!

All this week (April 27-May 1), listen to J.D. and Robert at 11am and 2pm PT, as they issue a variet of Work Selfie Challenges. 

Work from home or raise a family? No worries! You can do the challenges too!

Remember to tag SOS Radio's facebook page each time you take the Work Selfie Challenge, as that will be your entry to win!

Matthew West & Scott Herrold








Matthew West talks about when our kids are actually smarter than us, refilling your creativity, teaching/challenging our kids & the theme of his new album Live Forever.

SOS Radio







Scott Herrold talked with Luke from For King & Country about taking our thoughts captive and using the platform that God gave you - regardless of how little it may feel.

John Waller on Crazy Faith! | John Waller on Crazy Faith | SOS Radio







John Waller talks about how Truett Cathy from Chic Fil A helped rescue him. He talks about mentors, having 9 kids and how God stretches our faith.

This year we've broken up our typical 2-3 day Friendraiser into two different mini events. THE GOAL FOR Day 1 Project back in MARCH WAS MET!! 

If you believe that God still wants you to go ahead & make that gift, we’ve started keeping track and will continue to take pledges toward the remaining 250 new support team members we’ll be asking for in our May fundraiser. It's Day One: Phase Two!

That means you can make you pledge & it counts toward the remaining 250 we’ll need to keep SOS funded this spring and through the summer.  

Who knows what God might have in store to see that part of the need met as well!

Call 800.804.5452 to be part of the Day One: Phase Two Jumpstart!

CLICK HERE if you want your gift to count early!!!

Derek Beauchamp & Joey Velasquez from Create LV |  | SOS Radio









Derek Beauchamp & Joey Velasquez from Create LV talk about the state of our generation and how we as Christians can plug in.

Enter To Win a Weber Grill Filled with Music! | Enter To Win a Weber Grill Filled with Music! | SOS Radio

Sunshine is here! Spring is quickly turning into Summer. And what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than to spend time with family and friends while grilling up your favorite foods and listening to your favorite music?

So here's your opportunity to enter to win a Brand New Weber Grill packed with the latest music from SOS Artists like Lincoln Brewster, Jason Gray, Tenth Avenue North, Chris Tomlin and more!

All you have to do is email me at:  -- and put in the subject line "I Want That Weber Grill!"

That's it! I hope this helps put a smile on your face today! 


Be Intentional with Your Kids. God is not only a God of intent, He has the power to make whatever He intends become reality. We are also intentional beings. That is one of the great gifts God has given us when He made us in his image. But unlike God, we do not have the power to always make our intention become perfect reality. Sometimes we don’t even manage to make our intention reality at all, and sometimes we get a reality that we didn’t intend. As it pertains to our kids, we can be intentional about investing into their walk with God. While you may have already done that today, you can share your intentions and show others how they can invest into their kids spiritually when you visit my Facebook page.

Oliver North talks about family, his faith story, the significance of America's alliance with Israel, how we can better support American military families. If you want more info on the Women's Resource Medical Centers Shareholders in Life Banquet at the Rio on Friday 4/24, click here!

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