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Wake up with SOS Radio and see if it helps your attitude at work!

Our work and our stress and our schedules make us race. So we’re challenging you to start your day with SOS Radio this week!
Be caller number 10 at 6:05 pacific (7:05 mountain) and you’ll qualify for special "Love Ran Red" Nike’s and a Garmin GPS Watch. (The shoes were created exclusively for Chris Tomlin!)
When you qualify, you automatically win a copy of Chris Tomlin’s brand new Love Ran Red CD before you can even buy it! (It releases Monday)
The number to call is 702-732-9102!




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I’m blessed to have a view of a mountain from my bedroom window.

I was filled with awe and excitement the first time I saw it… but as I became accustomed to my new home, novelty turned to familiarity. What was once a mighty, majestic mountain had quietly turned into something else.

Phillip Dell Blog








phillip dell

Chef Phillip Dell lost over 90 pounds by changing his diet & adding in exercise. He's also off a ton of meds that he used to be on that were related to his weight. He shares some inspiration & ideas for how you can get to a place where you may eventually be able to get off some meds too.




About Chef Phillip Dell:

Joel Smallbone from For King & Country talks about learning from marriage, illness and family challenges. #Wisdom

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Joel Smallbone from For King & Country talks about learning from marriage, illness and family challenges. #Wisdom

Event Date: 
11/07/2014 - 7:00pm

Touch Records” and Local Idaho Group “Black and White Praise Band” are filming a live music video to kick off a national tour. Come and be in the audience and be part of the video and be a part of history. Admission is free, simply bring your support. Touch Records Inc. recently singed artist Caleb Cross & his band, the “Black And White Praise Band”, will be performing live in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The latest collaboration CD release from Caleb Cross and UCAS Touch will be available in limited CD copies at the event, downloadable digital release copies will be available online as well. These incredible performers and band will be performing live, for free, in front of an audience of 600 + people, simply as a gesture of good will and blessing to the local community.

Organizer Information
What Is A Christ Centered Worldview? | Our true foundation has to be Jesus to stand in the chaos | SOS Radio







As we live through a lot of challenging stories and politics in the news, making an intentional effort to live with a Christ centered world view is so important! It's a lot different than just adding Jesus into what we're already doing. Making God's Word our moral & Spiritual foundation is key. Our morning show talked about how this all works. (This is deep!)




This week, you've got the opportunity to win tickets to see For King & Country LIVE in concert in the Las Vegas area on October 23rd!

If you live outside of Las Vegas, you could win an autographed For King & Country vinyl record and full-length CDs, plus lots of other prizes!

Click HERE and sign up for the music board!  

We'll email you song clips to rate every few weeks. We give away a lot of great prizes to our music board members who share feedback on the new music!

Your opinions really do shape the music mix when you rate the songs over time on SOS Radio!

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