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Mothers Day Super Moms

With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, May 8th, we want to hear about your super mom! 
All moms seem to have super special abilities. Some moms remember where everything is while others make the best soup. Some moms have the gift of being awesome at finances and others can multitask better than a room full of computers! 
Be caller 10 at 8:05am and 5:05pm Pacific Time, and you'll with the latest CD from Phil Wickham, "Children of God."
And if you're the Grand Prize Winner, Phil Wickham wants to send your family a special dinner experience with one of his hometown favorites: Sushi from Catalina Offshore Products!

Rachet & Clank - Movie Review 4.5 out of 5! | Rachet & Clank | SOS Radio

Ww have a ton of movie reviews that we update each week! You can find them here and see what is family friendly (and what is NOT!)  


Here's one Scott & Bob really liked! Rachet & Clank! 4.5 out of 5!


Karen Diers







Karen Diers is City Director for Refuge for Women. She talks about how to protect our kids from exploitation and human trafficking. She talks about how to identify when something sketchy is going on in your neighborhood. She talks about the after care that Refuge for Women does for the ladies who have been rescued from the bondage of the sex industry. You can reach out to Karen at [email protected]

Phil Wickham almost lost his singing voice forever







After the doctors found a polyp on his vocal cords, SOS artist Phil Wickham needed surgery that would save his speaking voice, but could destroy his singing voice forever. Phil shares his powerful story with Dan Young from SOS Radio!


Nevada State Governor's Prayer Breakfast is May 5th at Main Street Station at the Social Club from 7am-9am. Breakfast is $20 at the door. Many local business leaders, politicians & pastors will lead the prayer session. Click here for more info!

In addition, there is a prayer gathering at noon outside the Grant Sawyer State Building in Las Vegas. (555 E. Washington Ave) Pastors & business leaders will untie to lead the community in prayer for an awakening in Las Vegas. This gathering is free. For more info click here!

Thre's a prayer gathering at the Henderson Amphiteater (next to City Hall) at noon on May 5th. (200 S Water Street) For more info click here!

Harvest Bible Church in Fort Mohave, AZ will host an evening prayer gathering at 6pm to bring the community together. (6870 Highway 95) For more info click here!

There's a prayer gathering at the Missoula County Courthouse lawn on May 5th at noon. (200 W Broadway) For more info click here!

There's National Day of Prayer gatherings on May 5th in most cities! Click here to search for yours!

SOS Radio







Joey Velasquez from the Create LV young adult community shares about what real unity and revival could look like in Las Vegas. He shared what young people are already doing to make a transformation in the city!

NeedToBreathe Tour 2016

SOS Radio Artists NEEDTOBREATHE and Mat Kearney are on tour with John Mark McMillan and Welshly Arms!
Experience some of your favorites from NeedToBreathe like: Brother, Multiplied, Washed By The Water, and Lay 'Em Down! And ones from Mat Kearney too such as: Air I Breathe and Closer To Love.
Click the dates below to find the concert nearest to you!

David Dunn

David Dunn







Here's our podcast with David Dunn! He played 3 live songs and shared stories about exploring Israel. He also played a game called "Blank Space" with us.



Event Date: 
05/14/2016 - 3:00pm

Audiences will be charmed by the classic tale of PINOCCHIO, on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at First Lutheran Church Missoula at 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. when the Missoula Children's Theatre and students from First Lutheran Classical School and the community bring to life the story of the wooden puppet who longed to become a real live boy. This original musical adaptation is sure to please audiences of all ages. This production is part of the Missoula Children's Theatre's unique international touring project and is presented locally by First Lutheran Classical School. Tickets are $10.00 for single; $15.00 for family and are available at First Lutheran Church, 2808 South Ave W. For more information, call Sylvia Moody at 249-8449.


Recently Shari Childress won the opportunity to jam with Kutless!

They did "Free Fallin" from Tom Petty on kid's instruments!


You can click here to watch other videos on our SOS Radio Youtube Channel too!

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