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Plumb on SOS Radio







Plumb talks with Scott Herrold about why she hates packing lunches and how it's impossible to equally balance work/kids/marriage.

Hearts of Hope Montana

Event Date: 
09/21/2014 (All day)

Had an abortion? Stats show that 40%of women have had at least one abortion in their lifetime. There is Hope and His name is Jesus! He has come to wipe the slate clean. Whether it's been days, weeks, or years, we offer a safe and confidential place of healing led by women who have walked in your shoes. Don't waste another day. Step into the freedom Jesus has waiting for you.
Safe, free, confidential.

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25 Different Ways To Ask: How Was School? | Questions & kids | SOS Radio







Everytime I pick up my daughter Naomi from school, I ask, "HOW WAS SCHOOL TODAY?" and I usually get a basic answer like: "It was good." That's it.


I've been trying to think of better questions to ask her that might get her to share more about her day. I'm trying to get more specific in how I ask her questions.


I LOVE this article from Huffington Post about 25 Ways to ask your child "How was school?" that might actually get them to answer!

Share Your Story Or Give Early! #Sharathon | Sharathon Jumpstart 2014 | SOS Radio


Everyday people in our city call and talk about God uses the right song at the right time. Whether it's driving in the car or listening online in the office, we always have a source to plug into for hope and encouragement!

SOS Radio is a community of people plugging in to encoruage each other! This community is much deeper than radio. We hope you'll invest in Sharathon this week! Click HERE to join the support team!


Jud Wilhite of Central Christian Church says Christian radio played a huge role in his early faith journey!

Look Forward To Something! | scott herrolds blog | SOS Radio

As I was driving into work this morning, I was listening to the words in the songs we play on SOS Radio. I was hearing songs about faith, trust, love, grace and changed lives. There was just this theme of "encouragement" in the air.

God is in the life change business. Jesus said, "If you really knew me, you would know my father as well….. from now on you DO know him and have seen him. Anyone who has seen me has seen the father. I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these."

If you don’t look forward to anything in your life, you’re probably letting the past have too much control.

Weight Loss Results Start W/ Your Food

Changing our diet often shows quicker results that just working out extra times. A big part of weight loss & fatloss is attributed to the way we eat. Excercise is very important, but what we eat really sets a standard. 



Seth Ahlborn - How To Challenge Our Kids With School








Seth Ahlborn is Headmaster at Henderson International School. He shares some ideas on how we can help our kids really thrive in this new school year. He challenges us as parents to step up and play a stronger role in our child's education.

Pray With Our Family For Sharathon! | Please Pray With Our Team! | SOS Radio


Would you pray about all that goes into planning Sharathon?

Events like Sharathon don't happen without prayer! It's the most important thing that anyone can do and is essential to reaching the spiritual and financial goals.

We'd love it if you'd let us know that you're going to pray with us and for us. You can call us any time at 800-804-5452 and leave a message, or click here and respond saying, “Yes! I'll be praying.”

If you'd like to choose a particular time of day during Sharathon and tell us when you'll be praying, we'll keep track of that as an encouragement. And if you just want to pray, that's fine too. We're grateful for you!


Sharathon is coming up Sept. 23rd-25th and our goal will be $100,000 in monthly support to help cover operating expenses.

In order to meet that goal, we’re going to need a strong Jumpstart to kick the whole thing off. Right now, if you give a gift to the Sharathon Jumpstart fund, we’ll calculate it into the total and begin the 3 day fundraiser with the momentum we’ll need.

Call 800-804-5452 or click right here to give! 

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