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Mark Schultz shares encouragement on dealing with loss during the Christmas season. He also shares about some fun family traditions he has!

Students Giving Christmas Away - POWERFUL Video! | GREAT STORY! | SOS Radio








Here's how some of the students from Trinity Life Center in Las Vegas decided to step up to the challenge and GIVE THIS CHRISTMAS AWAY!



Jaime Jamgochian Talks About Family Christmas Traditions! | Chat with Jaime Jamgochian | SOS Radio








Jaime Jamgochian talks about family traditions in an Italian & Armenian family. She talks about learning about generosity and gifts that her parents tried to bait & switch!

Christmas Church Events

This is the time of year where people are more open to idea of going to church. It's such a great opportunity to invite friends and family to join you!

Feel free to post about any Christmas events or services that YOUR church is hosting this season. Remember to choose "HOLIDAY" as the event catagory. To get started, click here! 

And if you would like to browse what Christmas events have already been posted, click here!

Both Bob Waliczewski & I saw Exodus God & Kings at the movies this week. Here's each of our takes on the movie. - Scott

Election Sermon

Event Date: 
01/04/2015 - 2:00pm

Project Liberty Tree will bring an important message from God’s Word to the Montana State Capitol for many of our elected and appointed State Officers and citizen activists. This will mark our 14th year in working to bring God’s Word to bear on the subject of governance here in Montana. We are the only State in the nation that has revived the practice of Election Sermons that was so common in the days of the colonial Black Robed Regiment and our Founding Fathers. This year we will be bringing in Pastor Matt Trewhella from Milwaukee to preach a sermon on the subject of The Duties of The Lesser Magistrate.

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Our kids are told a lot of things at school about religion and practicing Christmas traditions that frankly are not true. There's a lot of scare tactics out there.

Legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom put this Christmas Myth Fact Sheet so you can educate your kids on their rights to express their faith at school!


Click HERE to download it and print it out! This is awesome!

Spotlight on the communityGiving back to awesome organizations in our community!

Watson Children's Shelter is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment or family crisis. 
Each year, over 100 kids — infant to age 14 — are brought to Watson Children’s Shelter. There are so many way to get involved!
Right now, the current needs are: toys for Christmas, winter coats, winter hats, winter boots, pajamas, band aids, and first aid kits. 
Learn more, click here!
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