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Back to school drive

Event Date: 
08/22/2015 - 11:00am

Back to school drive Aug. 22 11:00am-3:00pm

Aliante Discovery Nature Park
2600 Nature Dr. Las Vegas 89084

"What is Heaven like?"

My sister lost her friend yesterday, a young wife and Mom to two.  She wrote this and I thought it was so beautiful:

What is it Like?

(A poem for my friend Joanna Paidipamula)

Sharing Jesus with Lego (it's all about the angle). |  | SOS Radio








My 18-month old daughter was trying to stick two Lego blocks together.

Unfortunately, they weren’t lined up just right, so no matter how hard she pushed, they simply fell apart when she pulled her hands back.

Trying to truly connect with another human being can be a similar process.

As a Christian, if you want to share the hope you have in Jesus, you can’t do it with brute force. If you want to share hope in a way that somebody will embrace, you can’t just apply pressure and expect a connection to happen.

Instead, we have to find the right angle.

Event Date: 
10/09/2015 - 1:00pm

A conference on spiritual healing is being held October 9 and 10, 2015 at the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, 6670 W. Cheyenne Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89108. This conference is being presented by the Oasis of Healing which is the Las Vegas Chapter of the International Order of St. Luke the Physician. The main speaker is Rev. John Rice from Franklin, NC. He will speak on "Praying as Jesus Taught His Disciples" and "Praying for the Fire of the Spirit to Come." There will be a special time of prayer and music each day as well as 4 workshops offered. Contact for a brochure and registration information. The conference is being offered free to all first time Las Vegas resident attendees.

Prayer Strategy - Alex Kendrick







Movie director/screenwriter/actor Alex Kendrick shares about his new film War Room. He also talks about the power of crafting a prayer strategy!

John Waller Crazy Faith







This "CRAZY FAITH" video from John Waller was shot near Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas! This song is featured in the new movie WAR ROOM that releases on the 28th! It's a movie about the power of prayer. (Made by the people who did Fireproof & Courageous)

She always has Pinterest minimized on her Mac when she's doing her show. Follow along with Ceci's mom tips, recipe ideas and back to school thoughts here!

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Crescent Hardy








U.S. Congressman Crescent Hardy of Nevada talks about the importance & significance of Israel. (He's actually calling in from Israel in this podcast)

So, I have an 8th grader... |  | SOS Radio








So I have an 8th grader....and I don't know how you felt about Middle School, but me? It was your classic awkward season of life. I sat down with my daughter yesterday and we read through this article together. Honestly, she rolled her eyes at the suggestion of going through it together, and silently nodded through it, but she gave me a big hug last night and said "thanks for the talk today Mom." There is some good stuff in here!

NY Times Best Selling Author Perry Noble shares his story and explains what it takes to truely overcoming depression, anxiety & worry! This is encouraging!

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