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Are you ready to make this summer a Summer of Purpose! Let's do this! 
There's a special 'Summer of Purpose' note created for you to help explain why you chose to make a difference this summer. Print it out and take it with you as you go about your day! It's just a little note to let them know you care.
Download the SOS Summer of Purpose Note
We would love to hear about your experiences!

Do Something Summer of Purpose with SOS Radio and Matthew West!

You can make this summer a Summer of Purpose! SOS Radio is teaming up with Matthew West for #DoSomethingSummer!

There are so many ways that God can use you to impact the community around you. Maybe it's volunteering at church or helping to feed the homeless. It could be as simple as cleaning the neighbor's yard or doing the Drive Thru Difference and paying for the car behind you. The #DoSomethingSummer is a challenge for YOU to choose which act of kindness God is putting on your heart to do. We would love to hear about your experience! 

Learn more and get involved, CLICK HERE!

Free To Be Free From Worry |  | SOS Radio
With Independence Day happening this week, it’s got me thinking about our freedoms. I’m sure you can come up with plenty of them off the top of your head: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of privacy. Those are all amazingly great things! I’ve been focused on the freedom I get in Jesus.
Jesus frees me from my own worry and anxiety.
How YOU can pray for Tobymac |  | SOS Radio








Dan Young chats with SOS artist Tobymac about caring for his dad in hospice, and how his kids have been a huge blessing in a difficult time.


Anxiety. What a waste.

Anxiety. What a waste. |  | SOS Radio
My three-year old son Joshua made it past the gate and tumbled down the stairs the other day, bumping his head on the way down.
He turned out okay (nothing a bag of frozen peas and a little ice cream couldn’t fix) – but as I was driving him to the hospital, I realized something. 
There had probably been a dozen things that I had been worried about over the course of the day. Mostly little stuff, and a couple of bigger things.

celebrate recovery

Event Date: 
07/04/2014 - 6:00pm

Celebrate recovery is a biblicaly based 12-step program based to help addicts come together in fellowship to support one another through the word of Christ to over come their hurts, hang ups & habits. we meet every Friday night at Christian assembly foursquare church 1001 Cleveland st., starting with dinner at 6:pm then large and small groups to follow. (dinner @ a suggested donation but not required)

25 Random Things About Dan Young! | Dan Young Bio | SOS Radio







Dan Young- Afternoons on SOS Radio (4pm-7pm Pacific Time/5pm-8pm Mountain Time)


1. I have not seen ‘Frozen.’ Every other member of my family has. I’m not avoiding it or anything, it just hasn’t happened.

2. I once sang the national anthem to open a Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

3. I’ve jumped out of an airplane 20 times in my life.

4. I use toothpaste that is flavored like licorice and contains blue-green algae.

5. I met my wife at a radio broadcast. I still have a photo of our very first conversation, which was an on-air interview.


new djs pic

Meet Robert Forbes! He's from Twin Falls, Idaho. Catch him from 1pm-4pm Pacific/2pm-5pm Mountain Time on SOS Radio! (


Meet Dan Young! He's from Prescott, Arizona. Catch him from 4pm-7pm Pacific/5pm-8pm Mountain Time on SOs Radio! (


If you'd like to call and connect during their shows, call 702-732-9102 and say HI!

Event Date: 
09/20/2014 - 1:00pm

Come and get blasted with color as you complete a 5k around between Frazier Mountain Park in Frazier Park, CA. ALL proceeds from this amazing family fun, alcohol free event go to the mountain communities youth leadership camp to promote a safe, healthy, and drug free community. There will tutus for sale, food, drinks, and youth program vendors to educate the community on activities to keep your youth busy! $25 for early registration fee from July 1st - 31st and $30 late registration fee from August 1st - August 31st. Go to to register now!

Organizer Information
25 Random Things About Robert Forbes! | Robert Forbes | SOS Radio







Being one of the newest members of the SOS Radio family, I thought it might be fun to share with you a few random things about me. Feel free to comment and share some random things about you too!

25 Random Things about Robert Forbes

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