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Mrs. Ferry's STEM Technology Project for Special Ed Students |  | SOS Radio







Here's today's project: Mrs. Ferry at New Bridge Elementary in Ogden, UT wants to build STEM technology into her special education classroom.

Ms Ursini Colorado River Water Project for Students







Ms. Jennier Ursini from Diamondback Elementary School in Bullhead City is doing a science project to teach her kids about the importance of the Colorado River. (It runs right through their community)

Ms Ursini's project will give a hands on opportunity to see the life cycle of water and how it affects the Bulhead City area directly.


Event Date: 
09/20/2017 - 6:30pm
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Event Date: 
11/16/2017 - 7:30am

The 2017 Mayors Prayer Breakfast, a community-building event, encourages unity, diversity and the development of leadership skills for Las Vegas youth, and will take place at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 at Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel. The event includes mayors reading ecumenical prayers, an interfaith candle lighting ceremony and a keynote speech. Following the breakfast, more than 400 students and representatives from 40 high schools across the city will have the opportunity to ask questions of local mayors.

Mrs. Zakem's Rube Goldberg Machines at Garside Middle School |  | SOS Radio








Mrs. Zakem has a big idea - she wants to build Rube Goldberg machines with her science students!

She says, "National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. They first need to explore simple machines and how they work. I want to allow them time to work with these hands-on materials so when they enter the contest they can use their knowledge, creativity, and hard work to build the most complex Rube Goldberg machines their minds can fathom."

You can actually help make Mrs. Robinson's project a reality by supporting her at!

Mrs. Robinson's Snap Circuits at Diskin Elementary |  | SOS Radio








Mrs. Robinson from Pat A. Diskin Elementary in Las Vegas shares an exciting way to teach her students electrical concepts... Snap Circuits!

You can actually help make Mrs. Robinson's project a reality by supporting her at!

Chef Phillip Dell - Ideas To Prep Lunches |  | SOS Radio







Chef Phillip Dell is a guy who's lost over 70 pounds by changing his diet and adding in exercise. He says the big key is prepping before hand. He shares tips about meal planning that will help you eat better! Here's the audio:



Ms. Perdok's Aviation Project at Pinecrest Academy - Cadence |  | SOS Radio







Here's today's project: Ms. Perdok leads the aviation program at Pinecrest Academy's Cadence Campus in Henderson! If you're interested in helping with any aviation supplies, donations or resources, you can email [email protected]. She's always looking for great speakers from the aviation industry to share in her class too!




Ms. Perdok has needs for a special project to teach her students about aviation communications this fall. You can donate toward the project by clicking here!

Ms Goslee's Hygiene Project For Students in Adelanto, CA |  | SOS Radio







Ms. Goslee is a special ed teacher in Adelanto, California. West Creek Elementary School in close to three different prisons, so there are a lot of students dealing with homlessness and foster care. It's a very transient area. 

Event Date: 
08/18/2017 - 8:00pm

Must RSVP for entry!! This event will be at capacity.

21+ Only
Wine & Beer Specials All Night

$5 Cover or FREE entry with proof of a FaceBook follow on The Legendary Fya Man's page

Featuring: Live DJ, Island Cuisine, Contests & Giveaways, and Celebrity Guest Performances

OMD Theater
953 E. Sahara Ave. B-30
Las Vegas, NV 89104

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