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09/03/2014 - 6:30pm

Calling all children ages 3 through 12th grade: Come join us as we learn God’s Word and how to apply it to our lives! Each week, we will play games, have a teaching time, and spend time memorizing and reciting Scripture. You’ll earn Awana bucks to spend in the Awana store. Most importantly, you will store up the treasure of God’s Word in your heart to guide you throughout your life. To print a registration form, please go to our website, or you may stop by the church office M-F, 9-3 to pick one up.
Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You.
Psalm 119:11

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#BibleChallenge - Scott Got Served! | Bible Challenge | SOS Radio








Joey Perez from Berean Baptist Church called me out in the . So here's my response.

Mom?  Whats for lunch?  Here are some great ideas! |  | SOS Radio

Do you stand at the refrigerator and ask the kids day after day, "what would you like for lunch?"  Here is a handy printable.  I'm going to tape it right on the fridge!

If all the back to school costs and higher grocery prices have been getting the best of you lately, maybe this new song from Chris August will make you smile :) 

Just Chris August and his friends being silly :)





This Video Will Change Your View Of Sunscreen! | Sunscreen | SOS Radio

We go outside and we think,

"I don't really need sunscreen."

"I want to tan!"

"I'm young, it's OK!"

"I don't burn easily. The sun won't really damage anything."

This video is fascinating about how our skin looks under UV light. Then it shows how our skin looks with sunscreen on part of our face. Whoa!


Want To Answer Phones During Sharathon? | Volunteer With SOS Radio!  | SOS Radio


It takes lots of volunteers to make a Sharathon happen. We couldn’t do our fundraiser events without the volunteers that take donations on the phone and enter them into our computers, people to help with serving the food and those who help keep everything organized during Sharathon.

Our 3 day fall fundraiser is coming up Tuesday thru Thursday, September 23rd – 25th, and we're going to need volunteers to get the job done!

You can sign up by clicking right here or call us at 702-731-5452.

When I Realized I Was NOT In Control!

Believe it or not, out of the first 18 years of our child’s life, almost 6 and a half years of that time will be spend in school! That’s over 1/3 of their journey will be outside of our personal care! That challenges me as a parent to brainstorm new ways to supplement my child’s education and do a better job living out my values. It challenges me to make time each day to read with my kids and carve out time for their homework this year.

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns talks about how to lead out kids even when we feel insecure about the way we've lived. We also talk about rules vs grace in parenting teens.

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