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Kay Arthur - Encouragement On American From An 83 Year Old! |  | SOS Radio

Author Kay Arthur talks to Scott Herrold about fresh vision for living in 2017. As an 83 year old woman, Kay shares how she sees God working in our world today. You will walk away encouraged after listening to this conversation! She talks about the way Christians have shared truth through the 1950's through now. She talks about breaking through with truth when culture doesn't want to hear it. 

Ravi Zacharias on Living In A Post Truth Culture |  | SOS Radio

Author Ravi Zacharis talks about living in a post truth culture. He shares ideas so you can make a more intentional impact in your office or school.


Ravi Zacharias is speaking at the Proclaim Conference at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas on Saturday 1/28. Kay Arthur, Brian Broderson & Derek Neider will speak as well. Scott Herrold will emcee the conference.

You can find more info at

Peter Engel - Creator of Saved By The Bell Shares His Faith Story |  | SOS Radio

Peter Engel was producer & creator of Saved by The Bell. He shared his story of addiction, faith and success in Hollywood. He has a book called; I Was Saved By The Bell.

Event Date: 
02/14/2017 - 6:30pm

It's being hosted by Calvary Chapel Of Salt Lake, 460 West Century Drive. Proceeds will help Judy Harris & Edna Drake participate in a Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Distribution in Africa. Purchase tickets online by clicking on the Event WebPage link.

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Aspire Womens Conference Kindness Challenge
Think of a relationship you want to strengthen. Perhaps a spouse, friend or coworker? Then choose to take The Kindness Challenge to strengthen your relationship with them!
Call in anytime this week and tell us who YOU have chosen the Kindness Challenge for and why and YOU could win a pair of tickets to Aspire Women's Conference, coming to Las Vegas on Friday, February 24th at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. PLUS you'll be entered to win a Grand Prize meet and greet with author and speaker, Shaunti Feldhahn! 
If you win, you can choose the location of Aspire Women's Conference nearest to you!  
Learn more about Aspire: Click Here!
3 Steps to the Kindness Challenge (Repeat for 30 days)
Step 1: Say nothing negative about that person; either to them or about them to others.
Step 2: Find one positive thing about them you can praise or affirm; then tell them AND others.
Step 3: Do one small act of kindness or generosity for your chosen person.

Zach Williams (Chain Breaker) is a changed man, and has a story to tell

Zach Williams knows about chains. Heavy burdened by drugs and alcohol, his life was a complete mess. He heard a song on the radio that changed his heart, and then God changed his life. Hear the amazing story behind 'Chain Breaker' with Dan Young on SOS Radio!


Event Date: 
01/21/2017 - 10:00am

The January Breakfast Meeting will be at God's Place in Ogden, 3717 Grant Ave. The Board will share their vision for 2017. RSVP by calling or texting (801) 648-3881.

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Technical Difficulties

Please pray with us as we seek to resolve the technical issues that have taken SOS Radio off the FM airwaves in the Southern Nevada area. We can still be heard online here at as well as the free SOS Radio app.

In all other locations outside of the Vegas Valley and closer surrounding areas, we are still on-the-air over FM. Thank you for your prayers!

Volunteer With The City of Las Vegas Homeless Count! 1/24 |  | SOS Radio

Volunteers are needed the count of the homeless in our community on January 24th and January 25th. The city is putting together volunteer teams to drive around to assigned areas on the overnight.

Last year volunteers coounted 6,208 people sleeping on the streets or in homeless shelters in Las Vegas.

To sign up to volunteer go to:

The Southern Nevada Homeless Census shows us how many people are on the streets and in shelters in our city. It gives us a snapshot of the challenges our community faces. The count is a requirement for federal grants that support housing, job training and other programs that can help move homeless individuals off the streets and back onto society. Last year, Southern Nevada received more than $13 million dollars from those grants that goes directly to those in need in our community.

Learn more: Click Here!

Event Date: 
03/10/2017 (All day)

Southeast Christian Church, 1881 East Vine Street, in the Murray/Holladay area, presents The Art Of Marriage Friday March 10 beginning at 7pm, and Saturday March 11 beginning at 9am. FMIC (801) 272-5256 or click on the WebPage link.

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