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Technical Difficulties

We've been having major tech issues on our 90.5 frequency in Las Vegas, Kingman & Pahrump over the lat few weeks. We're operating at lower power than usual, so you might notice static from time to time. Please keep checking in with SOS! We've ordered parts and we pray they get here soon! 

Today our backup antenna suffered some damage, so our engineer is working to get the radio station back on the air. 

If you have trouble hearing SOS Radio, try downloading the SOS Radio app in iTunes, Stitcher or in the Kindle Fire store. You can also stream our music by clicking HERE!

Thank you for your prayers!

Here's how you can pray for Friendraiser! |  | SOS Radio


Events like FriendRaiser don't happen without prayer! It's the most important thing that anyone can do and is essential to reaching the spiritual and financial goals.

We'd love it if you'd let us know that you're going to pray with us and for us.

You can call us any time at 800-804-5452 and leave a message, or click here and respond saying, “Yes! I'll be praying.”

If you'd like to choose a particular time of day during FriendRaiser and tell us when you'll be praying, we'll keep track of that as an encouragement. And if you just want to pray, that's fine too. We're grateful for you!

fr1Friendraiser is an opportunity to help SOS Radio grow!

"I feel like I am part of a huge team that comes together to make things happen. A community of believers! - Bill from Las Vegas

Our support team has invested in this ministry over 45 years and kept every day commercial free!

We're looking for 500 new friends to step up and join the support team at $40 per month this month! Call 800.804.5452 or click here to join!

We're Looking For 500 New Friends To Step Up! |  | SOS Radio


Friendraiser is our spring pledge drive at SOS Radio. We're looking for 500 new friends to step up and join the support team at $40 per month. 

Call 800.804.5452 or click here to join!

Celebrate EasterEaster is a great time to invite friends and neighbors out to enjoy a special experience. Whether that be at your church or an outdoor event, we'd love to hear about! Our events page is also a great place to begin your search to find family activities this Easter! 

April 1 - Hope Is Here, Family Fun Day!

April 8 - Christian Hope Project's Easter Festival 2017 (Vegas' Largest Egg Hunt)

April 15 - Salvation Army Easter Festival

Find More or Post an Event: Click Here!

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drive thru

It's RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS! We're encouraging you to pay for a complete stranger in the drive thru this week! Buy them a coffee or a meal!

It's a great way to share love of Christ in our city. It's simple, just print our our Drive Thru Difference note here and hand it to the cashier to give to the person behind you. It explains everything!

You can call and leave us a message about how it affected you by calling 702.732.9102 anytime 24/7! We'd love to hear your story!

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