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Two deaths in the family in one week.

Please pray regarding my sister-in-law, Kim Brooks's, loss of her ninety-year-old father,Bob Morse, in Arizona last week. Additionally, Kim's older brother, Steve Morse,died of multiple complications in a Idaho Falls hospital.
They were both Christian and loving and giving.Please pray for their souls and for God's grace and sustenance for Dan and Kim Brooks, Sue Morse, and Nick Morse, Steve's son, as well as all family members.

I felt devastated when my beloved mother died in 2005. I prayed for her and felt the best thing I could do would be to prepare a true eulogy for her and sing "Crossing The Bar", which she loved. When I spoke about how wonderfully she and my father had parented and inspired us as they tried to live "The Sermon on the Mount" and all of Paul's epistles, I burst into acapello "Whispering Hope" she had taught my sister and me to sing as four and five year-olds. That greatly affected my understanding of Biblical symbology and critical thinking skills and helped me meet tha challenges of life. I still pray for Dorothy and Howard Brooks every day -- wherever they are

God is with us and in us. My favorite scriptures are Psalm 27 and Philippians 4, and they have never failed me. Please pray for the souls of Bob and Steve Morse and condolence of family members. In Christ, Linda Brooks-Curtis

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Linda Brooks-Curtis
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