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Life and Choices

God is sending a warning Julie and Cody don't want to go on. Please ask to break this chain.
Life and Choices
My name is Andi, I am a Vegas resident and have been finding dating extremely difficult out here! I've often thought about moving my career...
Life and Choices
We lost my mother in law 1.5 years ago, and my sister in law has never been able to heal from her death. It was unexpected. She just has...
Life and Choices
I work at a new charter school in Las Vegas. We are going into our second year and we need your prayers. There is so much going on with our...
Life and Choices
God help
Family please pray for my daughter she is 22 and she is out of control smoking marijuana pills x be polar mix please family need you...
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

My daughter is responding on facebook with the rainbow screen, for gay rights. She made a comment a while back, that I would love her if...
Family and Relationships
my family
Hello my name is Juan and I would love if you guys help me in prayer for my family. We are a family of four my mother and my two brothers...
Family and Relationships
Please pray for my marriage. Please pray that God will pour his grace and mercy on my wife and I. We have been separated for 19 months...
Family and Relationships
Lifting up a dear family whose daughter barrel races. The daughter is 10. Her horse was found impaled today. She survived but the family...
Family and Relationships
Child support
I am back in court this morning, since the judge decided two weeks ago to move our date, so please keep me in your prayers, I need favor...
Family and Relationships

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