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Life and Choices

my struggles
I would like prayer for my kids and myself. I want to give myself completely to god. Prayer to get my baby back. Right now I have no money...
Life and Choices
Please pray for my marriage, my family and our finances. Our finances are in such turmoil right now that it's causing major strain in our...
Life and Choices
Please pray for the youth because they need to find God more than I thought. I also ask for your help to pray for my family and my friends...
Life and Choices
Falling Apart
I'm a single mother of two energetic boys and this morning the tears wont stop falling and the reason wont come as to way I am crying I am...
Life and Choices

Money and Opportunity

Please pray for me to recieve thsi long awaited job ive been wanting this week! In jesus name amen
Money and Opportunity
Finances and Job
I hate to have others pray for financial issues for me but I just don't know what else to do. I know without a doubt that God will resolve...
Money and Opportunity
Please pray for a family of three who are trying to get a building permit in southern California, where they are very hard to come by....
Money and Opportunity
prayer request
Lord, I ask You to help me become faithful and dependable. I want to be the kind of person others can rely on. I ask You to forgive me for...
Money and Opportunity
I am seventeen and I am writing a book this month for National Novel Writing Month. It is a Christian theme and story about teens. I pray...
Money and Opportunity

Family and Relationships

My husband is in prison. He's been there the last 2 years. He has a lot more time to serve. He is sorry and I know his repentance is real...
Family and Relationships

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