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Family and Relationships

Please pray for my marriage. My husband is an alcoholic and has a problem with gambling. I went to Celebrate Recovery for the first time on...
Family and Relationships
My husband has a serious problem with being faithful in our marriage. He has cheated on me more than 10 times and each time I somehow had...
Family and Relationships
Please pray for my mind, heart and soul. I feel so angry towards Aaron for his behavior as of late. It makes me feel so hurt and rejected...
Family and Relationships
my family
can you please pray for my family my husband he drink a lot and my kids who are going on the wrong path instead the right path I want them...
Family and Relationships
Please pray for me Jesus to show me how to forgive. I have so many resentments built up in my heart. I want to give them all to God....
Family and Relationships

Life and Choices

Find Forgiveness
Please pray for my husband Mark, that he will forgive the people in his life that have hurt him, and that he can heal from all the hurt and...
Life and Choices
My life
Please lord help me be strong & keep faith. Please keep me my kids & joshua in you prayers.. Help him get clean. Help me get clean
Life and Choices
Bad choices
Please pray for me.. I've been making very bad choices.
Life and Choices


Prayer for DJ
Please pray for my nephew DJ, he is in ICU, was on life support for a week. He is now breathing on his own but still non-responsive. I...
My husband Richard has been suffering with really bad migraine headaches for 9 years now. He gets them so bad he gets sick and all. He can...

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