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Family and Relationships

Please just asking for prayers and support. In this tuff dark time im losing my children we have court on jan 7 im homless and honstly no...
Family and Relationships
Ron needs pray to bring him back to Christ, Ron needs to feel the love of Christ and be reminded he is worthy of Christ's love and...
Family and Relationships
My husband needs salvation. He is an alcoholic who is depressed and angry. We have been separated for about a month and a half. We can't...
Family and Relationships
Pray for Ron
Please pray for Ron, that he may find the strength to leave the unhappy and unhealthy situation he is in. Please help him find his soul...
Family and Relationships
maybe people will think it odd to my prayer request, but I really need the support of prayer, if i may ask for the prayers, may God giving...
Family and Relationships
my dad
5 years ago my parents got divorced and now me and my dad are going through a really big fight and I may not see him any more
Family and Relationships
my uncle
my grandma and I are having a hard time beacouse my uncle is in jail please pray for us and his husky puppy he sits at the bedroom door and...
Family and Relationships

Life and Choices

Please pray for me. My husband is a compulsive gambler. We are separated and I'm struggling with wanting to rescue him. I need prayer for...
Life and Choices
for my work at Stewart check cashing and my boss Leon it has been a very hard time at work it has been really slow and he is even thinking...
Life and Choices
Feeling Helpless
I request prayer on my behalf of my addiction to alchohol, I was sober for sometime, but fell off. I have completely disappointed my family...
Life and Choices

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