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Life and Choices

A lot of things are going on in our lives lately, so I’m asking for your prayers: For my wife to end her affair with a married man w/a...
Life and Choices
Another storm!
Hi my brothers and sisters at SOS christian radio please say a prayer for me i slept last night in the subway in NYC and almost froze to...
Life and Choices
Jamie this is a girl named Anayha and I have 2brothers and 2sisters and I'm 11years old and I want somebody to pray that I will be a...
Life and Choices
Family struggles
Please pray for me and my family as i am struggling with a recent back surgery, and the struggles of my 11 yr old daughter is having with...
Life and Choices
Job Interview
I have a potential job opportunity today. Please pray that God will either open the door if he wants or close it if that is his will.
Life and Choices

Family and Relationships

abuse danger
Please pray: My abusive ex-husband has started up a relationship with a woman in the process of divorcing an abusive husband who has been...
Family and Relationships
My wife and I have been separated since September, after I committed a horrible sin of betrayal against her and my teenage stepdaughter. I’...
Family and Relationships


Asking for prayer to become a mother. My boyfriend and I were trying to consieve and were living together. I was having health problems and...
to my Ashley
family in Christ please pray for my daughter that the LORD heal her stomach problems and help her find a job thank you so much and GOD...
Mother's health
Our family is in need of some prayers for our mom. We're awaiting the diagnosis from doctors which believe it could possibly be sjogren...

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